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Everything posted by Short Jay

  1. Elementary Dual

    Jay County wrestling club is looking for a 115 and 120 for a tournament this Sunday in Wauseon, Ohio. Anticipating quality matches with some strong area schools. Would prefer 5th or 6th graders. If interested please contact James Myers at jmyers@jayschools.k12.in.us
  2. Southern Scuffle--Indiana boys

    That was his Semi Final match. Impressive regardless when it happened.
  3. Casey Kenney

    Wade, if you have connections I am sure Casey would agree to it in a heartbeat.
  4. Sectional Brackets

    Seed meetings begin at 7 pm tonight
  5. Connersville

    9 am this Thursday.
  6. ECIC?

    Ben Logan, Blackford, Bluffton, Churubusco, Coldwater, Ft. Wayne Wayne, Frankton, Greenville, Heritage, Jay County, Marion, Monroe Central, Muncie Central, Norwell, Southern Wells, Union City, and Wes Del. Tournament will begin at 9 am on Friday and fans can follow the event on Trackwrestling.
  7. Free Style & Greco STATE

    Mason Winner is an 8th grader at East Jay Middle School in Portland, Indiana. The kid has had a good run the last couple of years.
  8. Can you give us some insight as to why 3 was the number selected? Teams with 3 have no chance to get into the current tournament the way it is formatted and no chance to win it.
  9. Maligned, Wade DuPont brings up an excellent point. Is this something the IHSWCA would consider for the 2016 event in December?
  10. Jay county regionals ?

    At ECIC, Hemmelgarn pinned Hayden 2:57.
  11. Team State Duals 2016-17 -- Date Survey

    East Central Indiana Classic (ECIC) will be held on December 23.
  12. Undefeated

    Andy Kohler 182 (Jay County) 32-0
  13. Connersville

    Jay County has 2 finalist. Andy Kohler at 182 and Levi Hummel at 170.
  14. Fort Wayne Semi State Top 4

    Knights50 Heavyweight results from Jay County Regional was; 1. Hemmelgarn JC 2. Connell MC 3. Hiestand Y 4. Bollenbacher AC
  15. Jay County Sectional & Regional

    No one has contacted Jay County about a change at 285. As far as we know Morningstar is wrestling on Saturday.
  16. Jay County Sectional & Regional

    Union City is having practice today. Confirmed this with their AD about 30 minutes ago. No allowance will be given unless a school contacts JCHS and they can't practice.
  17. 2014-15 IHSWCA Team State Duals -- Accept/Decline Roster

    Coach Skinner, Is it not ok to post concerns about this topic on this website for everyone to see? If sent in an email to you then you are the only person viewing the information. I feel that putting those concerns on this site allow for more to view the concerns and share thoughts and opinions.
  18. 7 teams have committed to this tournament. Spots are filling up so if your team is interested send a message.
  19. The announcers mentioned it but a tie is like kissing you sister.
  20. Jan. 8.2011 Duals/Tournaments

    Teams at AC Adam Central Bluffton Soutwood Ft Wayne Northrop Snider Bishop Dwenger Jay County Norwell 2 pools of 4 teams
  21. ECIC

    I believe finals are scheduled to start around 4 or 5. Of course this all depends on how the day progresses.
  22. ECIC

    I just sent them to Y2. Hopefully they will be up this evening.
  23. ECIC

    Head to Head is first criteria. Champion only comes into play when you are returning at weight.
  24. ECIC

    103 112 1. T. Phenis RS Fiechter SW 2. T. Rigney MS Cox WIN 3. Branson ALX Moser SA 4. Bishop WD Shaner UC 5. Fites SHN Naselroad ALX 6. Terriquez UC WIlson NOR 7. Rothenbush HER Bennett HER 8. Puterbaugh SA Cooper JC 119 125 Rascon WIN Blanton ALX Richman HER Batt SA Kyle ALX Gerber BLF Holsten BLK Ordonez MC Helm WD Gordon DEL Guard NE Phillips RS Higgins BLF Barnard SHN Pimental SA Wages NE 130 135 Wyatt UC Blanton ALX Spencer WD Bradley MS Hale SHN Handley NE Lanning ALX Watson SW Sitko HER Raugh BLF Pyle SA Walker SHN Rodriquez BLK Brown UC Rice JC Hirschy 140 145 Webster SHN Ehr SA Walker ALX Blanton ALX Sprunger SA Meska JC Jones SW Slivka SHN Davidson JC Walter UC Bicker NE Finney NE Baker MC Quinn WD Hosbrook RS Bonewit BLK 152 160 Smith NOR Simmons WIN Quinn WD Grogg SW Leonhard JC Hofstetter SA Boyd WIN Derrickson JC Lawrence UC Antonoglou UC Landers SA Richards WD Strahm HER Smith NOR Sellers ALX Reyna HER 171 189 Logan WD Crabtree MS Conrad HER Garringer JC Werst SA Short NOR Craft SHN Felton BLK Kirland ALX Lumpkin SHN Hartmann NE Jones WIN Wentz BLK McCullough HER Oswalt SW Tinsman MC 215 HWT Morris MC Mitchell HER Chalfant WIN Rogers BLK Crigler NE Schafer DEL Shoemaker UC Peckham MC Hemmelgarn JC Morningstar SA Carpenter BLK Barnes UC Potter SW Reyes MS Jones WD Trosper SW Top 8 seeds in order. Sorry if I mispelled anyones name. Wrestling begins at 9 am on December 23 at JCHS.
  25. ECIC

    I will start posting seeds. Just give me a few minutes.