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  1. State predictions?

    The True Question is How many times Do we Hear TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. State predictions?

    I feel Like The Race for 1st will be between Brownsburg ,Columbus East, Portage and Cathedral. Some might say why Columbus East, if they come to Bankers Life Looking to Burn the place to the ground like at the Ford Center for the Evill Semi-State who knows what could happen Brownsburg was only 6 team points ahead of Columbus East at the end. Columbus East had3 Semi-State Champs , 1 runner up, 3 3rd's and a 4th. Brownsburg had 5 Semi State Champs, 2 Runners up and a 3rd.
  3. State Pick'em Contests are LIVE

    how does scoring work team point wise?
  4. Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    It's DA BOMB!!!
  5. Evansville SS - 1st Round Upsets?

    Also 126 Overton over Jones
  6. Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    Ticket Round Death Matches 106-Ross(Mater Dei) vs Dalton (Monrovia) 113- Boarman(Mater Dei) vs Spears (Madison) 113- Sutton (Boonville) vs Petro (Center Grove) 120- K.Egli (Mater Dei) vs Rioux (Avon) 120- Cash(Bloomington South) vs Boe (Danville) 126- Mills (Brownsburg) vs Willis(Castle) 126- Garcia (Avon) vs C.Egli (Mater Dei) 132- Craig (Jennings County) vs Tussey (Owen Valley) in 1st round 152- Blublaugh (Bloomington South) vs Parkinson (Mater Dei) 152- Pollitt (Columbus East) vs Miller (North Posey) 195- Goforth (Indian Creek) vs Koonce (Reitz) 285- York(Vinciness Lincoln) vs Hillenburg (Bloomington south) those are the ones i saw from glancing over the brackets
  7. Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    Logan Sutton (BV) vs Alex Petro (CG) in the Ticket Round at 113 should be a shootout
  8. In that case Castle should be 2A There's only 5-10 Stoplights in Paradise and Newburgh
  9. Casebolt Twice 8-4 and the pin in OT at Sectionals , and a Paul Perry 11-5 from Valley High School in Kentucky
  10. after seeing Sutton Hang with Casebolt all the way through the Sectional Finals match who knows how those 3 will fall in placements
  11. I Wouldn't Count Sutton out either from 1 or 2 even if he faces boarman in Semi's
  12. Dunn(PR) is out at 132 now Parker McNeely(VL) is in against Fulks(BV)
  13. Evansville Semi-State Pre-Preview

    Definitely can't wait to watch the whole tournament From bout 1 at 106 to the bout 224 Heavyweight 3rd/4th match.
  14. Evansville Semi-State Pre-Preview

    Eville Semi-State is a Stacked Semi-State
  15. Ev North Regional

    113 will be very interesting all around with Sutton(BV) vs Polen(GS) in the opening round as well as Casebolt(CA) vs Kendall(NP) and Winner of Sutton(BV)/Polen(GS) vs Boarman(MD) Also at 120 Tucker(RE) vs Heeke(HH) and Davis(BV) vs Amento(CE) shouldnt be that bad of a match either. 126 has the most Interesting opening round besides and 170, with Egli(MD) vs Graber(WA) who isn't a push over also Overton(BV) vs Spencer(NP) and Bell(HH) vs Nate Morgan(MV). 132 has a death match first round with Fulks(BV) and Dunn(PR) III, they have split their matches 1 each so round 3 is for all the marbles. 138 will see the Mayes(BV) vs Wellmeier(RE) rematch Mayes got the victory last time. 145- Frymire(NP) vs Rodriguez(HA) will be a good one i believe. 152 Like everyone has said is all about who doesnt get into the "Brayton Lee Semi-State Massacre Draw" my favorite first round match at 152 is Hust(BV) vs Defendoll(VL) both are Solid wrestlers who are looking to make it to Semi-State, Deters(CA) vs Miller(NP) is a rematch of last years Regional Finals where Miller(NP) got the narrow victory over Deters(CA) 3-2 in Ultimate.160 has 2 good opening round matches in Martin(RE) vs Parker(TE) and Hartz(CA) vs Miller(VL). 170 Johnson(WA) vs Chandler(MD), Parker(TE) vs McGennis(MV), Sitzman(HA) vs Reich(RE) both looking to continue their Senior Season also Gamblin(NP) and Green(HH) a very interesting weight class. 182 Coomer(VL) vs Moore(SS),and Nunn(CA) vs Schuler(MD), you also have Guerrier(CE) and Tasa(NO) looking to be a great day at 182.195 you have Koonce(RE) vs Williams(BO), Rolley(CA), Helfrich(MD) and Jake Barnett(ME). 220 gets to most likely see Alex Lichlyter(ME) vs Michael Boots(MD) III for all the marbles also Eli Buck(PR) vs Will Stewart(SS) and Wyatt Keller(HH) vs Macray Robinson(GS) who have split wins and losses this year. Heavyweight sees a few interesting opening round matches including a Big 8 championship rematch between York (VL) and Weeks (BV) if weeks comes to wrestle that could be anyones ball game, also Potentially Ohlsen (ME) vs Graves (MD) and York (VL) vs Rea (HH) in the semifinals. I give The Team Title to Mater Dei with Castle in Second. Over All Mater Dei Will take the most with 12-14 followed by Castle with 10-12