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    TripleB is my homeboy

    Didn't the Davidson's from Chesterton accomplish that feat?
  2. Escobedo is the New Head Coach of IU!!!

    lol if this actually Happened it would be crazy
  3. Not sure where to post this but this weekend at the Boonville Open there will be some potentially good matches the first of all being at Cadet 145 you have 2x-Greco State Champ and 1x Freestyle State Champ Jordan Fulks vs 1x State Qualifier Kane Egli also at Cadet 145 Semi-State Qualifier Pat Mayes. other Notables at Schoolboy/girl 84 Coy Hammack, Semi-State Qualifiers Evan Overton Junior 132 ,Clay Egli Junior 152 , Zach Martin Junior 170, and Andrew Koonce Junior 195. Also 1x State Qualifier Eli Dickens at Junior 160
  4. Dream Team Opener Duals

    I Like That Idea, Like you said it would get you those Non-Conference Duals, You could do like Team State and take the top 4 from each conference based on placements in conference and then Take a scramble where the 1-4 from each conferences are in different Pools and based on the placement of those for teams would determine your Conference's ranking
  5. Dream Team Opener Duals

    What about a Dirty South All Conference Duals. Big 8 vs The SIAC vs The PAC vs Hoosier Hills.
  6. Looking for a low cost dual team

    Can't wait to be back at Border Wars
  7. Looking for a low cost dual team

    is there any certain qualifications to be on this team
  8. State predictions?

    The True Question is How many times Do we Hear TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. State predictions?

    I feel Like The Race for 1st will be between Brownsburg ,Columbus East, Portage and Cathedral. Some might say why Columbus East, if they come to Bankers Life Looking to Burn the place to the ground like at the Ford Center for the Evill Semi-State who knows what could happen Brownsburg was only 6 team points ahead of Columbus East at the end. Columbus East had3 Semi-State Champs , 1 runner up, 3 3rd's and a 4th. Brownsburg had 5 Semi State Champs, 2 Runners up and a 3rd.
  10. State Pick'em Contests are LIVE

    how does scoring work team point wise?
  11. Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    It's DA BOMB!!!
  12. Evansville SS - 1st Round Upsets?

    Also 126 Overton over Jones
  13. Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    Ticket Round Death Matches 106-Ross(Mater Dei) vs Dalton (Monrovia) 113- Boarman(Mater Dei) vs Spears (Madison) 113- Sutton (Boonville) vs Petro (Center Grove) 120- K.Egli (Mater Dei) vs Rioux (Avon) 120- Cash(Bloomington South) vs Boe (Danville) 126- Mills (Brownsburg) vs Willis(Castle) 126- Garcia (Avon) vs C.Egli (Mater Dei) 132- Craig (Jennings County) vs Tussey (Owen Valley) in 1st round 152- Blublaugh (Bloomington South) vs Parkinson (Mater Dei) 152- Pollitt (Columbus East) vs Miller (North Posey) 195- Goforth (Indian Creek) vs Koonce (Reitz) 285- York(Vinciness Lincoln) vs Hillenburg (Bloomington south) those are the ones i saw from glancing over the brackets
  14. Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    Logan Sutton (BV) vs Alex Petro (CG) in the Ticket Round at 113 should be a shootout
  15. In that case Castle should be 2A There's only 5-10 Stoplights in Paradise and Newburgh