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  1. 125- Schroder 133- 141- Filius 149- Limmex 157- Parriot 165- Lydy 174- 184- 197- Woods 285- Streck Has some obvious holes but I like where this is going. There are a couple HS junior studs nearby that would fit nicely: Real Woods (Montini) 120 and Anthony Madrigal 126 (OPRF). Or get Woods and Lewan (138) as a package deal from Montini.
  2. Kendrick Maple... already paying off. http://www.montanasports.com/2016/09/13/havres-parker-filius-commits-to-purdue-wrestling/
  3. Double Fargo champ... That's a good sign http://www.inforum.com/sports/4080125-former-new-prague-standout-parriott-wins-junior-freestyle-championship
  4. So what's the Marian roster look like so far?
  5. Looking for an out of shape guy who's washed up but thinks he knows everything about the sport? I might know a guy.
  6. I saw improvement in all three positions. Particularly bottom. They were just horrible on bottom for a couple years. I can see the stranglers influence on top. More guys using that jam ride, hooking ankles and elevating etc. Another subtle improvement I noticed was in hand fighting, moving guys, creating action and getting angles. Again, they were just dismal at getting a corner on guys for a long time. Luke Sheridan for example, straight on pressure and couldn't get off the tracks to save his life.
  7. If Chad Red lived in Illinois, he'd be a god and they'd be taking credit for creating the next Burroughs.
  8. If you're truly this concerned, one would think you'd have put more thought in to crafting your message. A condescending smartass never changed any minds.
  9. Sorry, but this is BS. What exactly does Goldman need help with from the fans? Step 1, get a new coaching staff.
  10. Obviously the goal for IU wrestling is not to be competitive or changes would have been made by now. That doesn't sit well with me and it stinks of cowardice. I'd settle for stagnation in the 6-9 range. If this is the best you could do as a coach, and you cared at all about the program, you'd step down. This crap wouldn't fly at a real program for over a decade.
  11. I really don't see anything wrong with what Chad did or said post-match. He's been on a tear at the national level for years and won BIG matches, and he wrecked Indiana for the 4th time and won ANOTHER huge match to do it. If you can't publicly say "I'm the man" after doing what he did in high school, when can you? Down 4-0 off the bat? The kid was stone-faced the whole time and made it happen when he got an opportunity.
  12. If you start your celebration with time on the clock and you get cracked, you deserve it. Which is exactly what happened in the GODcalf/Caldwell match.
  13. Heard Gilman told Simmons they have 3 or 4 lightweights in their room who could beat him and he's probably right. LOL
  14. Honestly, both teams looked like crap. Neither team seemed up for the match. IU usually doesn't look up for anything but Purdue does. Purdue looks beat down which is really bad timing. Goldman should be fired or retire soon so that's a plus.
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