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  1. No updates on trackwrestling for this? Anyone have updates?
  2. @The Guru - Haha, that sounds like the majority of middle and high school coaches out there...
  3. Looking for coach for private lessons with individual or small group, northwest indiana, paid PM me with your interest, background, desired wage, availability
  4. mat 1 dead on video, i sent in ticket to track support, they got right back to me and know about it.
  5. send in 800+ waiver requests...
  6. dammit, I want the money back for the 2 tourney's I registered my kid for that he did not go to now!
  7. How many jr. & sr. wrestlers are there in the state? Anyone have a breakdown?
  8. I'm from up north, have been active in a few different clubs as well as have kids that currently attend a large local academy. I've heard from many parents over the years and the general attitude towards FS/GR is "what's the point? there's nowhere to compete". I think if there is actually going the be a requirement like this the ISWA should be sponsoring (contracting) local events in strategic geographic areas to promote it across the state. Instead of clubs paying ISWA to host a sanctioned event, the ISWA should fund them. It's hard enough to find help running a folkstyle event, I can't imagine finding a squad to ref, score, etc. a FS/GR event. I'd like to see ISWA sponsoring training events in these styles in the same manner. Club coaches working volunteer only have so many resources.
  9. Ha, I've been through this and from what a dermatologist told me the only way to identify a lesion is to biopsy it and there is no guarantee that it is non-contagious unless it's gone. Too many of these skin conditions present in a similar way. I've seen kids get mis-diagnosed by dermatologists, as well as general practitioners taking a casual 'let's treat it as X". Now if doctors are having trouble, should we trust anyone to make a decision? This weekend I had one kid with lesions that were visible and were documented on the correct form with a release date for returning to participate. There was long discussion by the refs and they almost didn't take the form. As is says right on the form, the intent is to "remove the referee from making a medical decision". Something else to think about: 3 mats, 100+ wrestlers, wrestling for 4-6 hours, public restrooms with wrestlers in their shoes in/out (ever look at the floor under a urinal?)
  10. This is taking place on Nov. 21/22, right?
  11. What teams will be at Hanover this weekend?
  12. What schools are in the crown point sectional this year? I heard there were some changes for this year. Last year was: Andrean, Boone Grove, Crown Point, Hanover Central, Hebron, Kankakee Valley, Lowell, Valparaiso, Wheeler.
  13. Anyone know if middle schoolers or iswa club kids are allowed to practice with High School teams while in season?
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