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  1. BBW2009

    jarred brooks

    jarred fights may 14th at the century center in south bend! 10 pro fights and 9 ammys great card so dont miss your last chance too see brooks in action locally ,he will be sighning with 1fc in june fighting at 115, century center fight will be at 125. he had the option of going back to blackzillions or ATT and chose ATT in florida due too better and smaller workout partners
  2. great kid and a great wrestler! the whole family is top notch!
  3. BBW2009

    jarred brooks

    they cancelled the fighter idol show due too fighters backing out. also fighting on this weekends card is devon jackson,conner mullins ,mason berryman levi rose, all former indiana wrestling standouts! the fights are at the fairgrounds in muncie. doors open at 630 fights at 8
  4. dont know whats in that lake up around crown point but the boys from the region are setting an excellent example as to what indiana boys are about in this great sport and represent their schools and hometowns!hats off too all you guys and your families,Tsirtsis, Howe and Petrovs all classy kids and parents
  5. BBW2009

    jarred brooks

    jarred has taken a last minute fight in muncie on the 29th of march against former new castle wrestler levi rose, then has an offer with american top team in florida to live and train with the best in the business
  6. BBW2009


    one of the nicest guys in the sport of wrestling and has done a wonderful job at hanover and getting his boys too the next level! congrats pappy petrov
  7. Brooks and Wrightwrestling in the finals ttonight at8pm iIndiana time! Both are dominating
  8. brooks has had 13 falls in 15 matches all in the 1st period and beat #2 in the country 13-0 and also had a 30 second pinn in the finals of the east regional! total domination
  9. how does a 5a school hire a coach that never wrestled a varsity match ever in his career! all you have done is brought the program back down wher e it was at in 2001 , at the botom, their are so many kids that have the opportunity to wrestle in college and get a degree but its people like you that want that paycheck and the day seasons over the kids never see you till the start of next season and thats sad that my tax dollers are paying your salary and i see these kids left in limbo! your whole staff is a joke!!
  10. hey warsawwrestling, take jarreds picture off of your profile picture, you were down their as a spectator not a coach and jarred doesnt want it on their either! you dont deserve that photo! put kyle hatch on their he is the next warsaw prodigy!
  11. knapp over red and early wouldnt be an upset against davis he will beat him outright ! this kid is the real deal!
  12. pebbles at 113, darkhorse and my pick to upset cj is conner knapp at 120 and will be micic and Early in the finals at 126
  13. davis wont get past Early, i see stevan beating lee by at least 4 and stevan wrestling early in the finals!!!!! just my opinion and jarreds because jarred has wrestled and drilled with the three of them
  14. micic by 4 he is too physical and mature and lee really hasnt wrestled anyone at the junior level so i guess well have too see
  15. BBW2009

    jarred brooks

    jarred has been offered a spot on the MMA reality idol tv showon march 28th-29th in virginia beach on a california team sponsered by Uriah Faber. he will fight two fights in two days against other national teams and also getting a good look at all the sponsers and bellator and ufc scouts. this could be his shot at becoming one of the best in the world of mma. 115 pound weight class will be coming soon and he is very excited about that!!!
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