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Everything posted by dstruck

  1. Parkview Invitational - hosted at Jeffersonville High School wrestling 8am to 2pm 5 mats Need 3 more refs Text 812-786-2308 Danny Struck
  2. Brackets: http://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1544536710658&pageName= Teams: Eastern Pekin, Charlestown, New Washington, Oldham Co Ky, Jeffersonville, Jennings County, Madison, Seymour, Calumet, Moore KY, Providence, Tell City, Heritage Hills, Mooresville, Corydon, Crawford Co., Bloomington South, gibson southern Jeff Classic Time Schedule Saturday: - tourney will start as soon as changes are made – the less changes YOU HAVE the quicker we start. Weigh-ins 7:30 (we will follow IHSAA guidelines on weigh-ins!) Session 1 9:00 – 11:00 Championship-Matches (5 mats) Session 2 11:00 – 1:30 Consolation-Matches (5 mats) Championship- Matches 30 minute lunch break will be fit in as available Session 3 2:00-3:00 Consolation- Matches (5 mats) Session 4 3:00-3:30 Championships – Matches (5mats) Session 5 3:30-4:00 Championship- Matches (4 mats) Session 6 4:00-4:30 3+4, 5+6, 7+8 (3mats) Session 7 4:30 FINALS (1st and 2nd) (1 mat) Awards: 1. Individual plaque for the champion in each weight class 2. Medals for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. 3. Ribbons for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th. 4. Team trophy for 1st and 2nd place Outstanding wrestler plaque Plaque for most pins in the least time GPA Award for the highest GPA in each weight class
  3. Thu. Jan 10 Highland Hills 6:00 PM Parkview Home duals Sat. Jan 19 Parkview Invitational AM 8:00 wrestle until 1pm round robins Tue. Jan 22 Scribner 6:00 PM Parkview Home duals Wed. Jan 23 Hazelwood/New Wash 6:00 PM Parkview Home duals Wed. Feb. 6 River Valley 6:00 PM Parkview Home City Championship! Contact jnall@gccs.k12.in.us the Parkview AD - Parkview is in Jeffersonville Indiana
  4. 2018 - 17th Annual Jeff Duals - sometimes known as HHC Duals Date: Friday- Nov. 30 and Saturday Dec 1 Weigh-In Time: see attached sheet Coaches Meeting: 5:45 Friday; 8:45 am Saturday Team/Head Coaches: Columbus East- Chris Cooper Floyd Central – Brandon Sisson Jeffersonville - Danny Struck Jennings County – Howard Jones Madison – Tyson Skinner New Albany – JT Jenkins Bedford- Roy Bruce Jr. Charlestown - Adam Doherty 17th Annual JEFFERSONVILLE INVITE (Hoosier Hills Conference (HHC) Team Duals) November 30 and Dec 1 - 2018 November 30th Southern HHC @ Floyd Central Weigh-ins: 5:30 pm Wrestle: 6:30pm Round I Mat I – Floyd Central _________vs. Jeffersonville_________ Mat II –Jennings County _________vs. New Albany_________ Round II Mat I – Jeffersonville_________ vs. New Albany_________ Mat II – Floyd Central_________ vs. Jennings County_________ JV JV Matches will be paired up on mat III December 1st HHC @ Jeffersonville Weigh-ins: 8:00am Wrestle 9:00am - coaches meeting 8:45am JV JV matches will be wrestled in the auxiliary gym on 2 mats, JV matches will conclude at 1pm no matter what. Round I Mat I – Jeffersonville _________vs. Charlestown_________ Mat II – Bedford _________ vs. Jennings County_________ Mat III – Floyd Central _________ vs. Madison_________ Mat IV – Columbus East _________ vs. New Albany_________ Round II Mat I – Jeffersonville _________vs. Jennings County_________ Mat II – Floyd Central _________vs. New Albany_________ Mat III – Bedford_________ vs. Madison_________ Mat IV – Columbus East_________ vs. Charlestown _________ Round III Mat I – Jeffersonville ______ vs. Bedford ______ Mat II – Jennings County _________ vs. Charlestownl_________ Mat III – Columbus East _________ vs. Floyd Central_________ Mat IV – Madison ______ vs. New Albany ______ Round IV Mat I – Jeffersonville _________ vs. Madison_________ Mat II – Columbus East_________ vs. Jennings County_________ Mat III – Bedford_________ vs. Floyd Central_________ Mat IV – New Albany _________ vs. Charlestown_________ Round V Mat I – Jeffersonville _________ vs. Columbus East_________ Mat II – Madison _________ vs. Jennings County _________ Mat III – Floyd Central _________ vs. Charlestown_________ Mat IV – Bedford _________ vs. New Albany_________
  5. dstruck

    Boonville High School Needs a dual

    Just emailed you
  6. dstruck

    Weight Classes, just for discussion

    I get that its the most forfeits - but this is the one different weight class - turns into a safety issue, and the possibility of that 88lbs quitting and creating even more forfeits that weight - its about giving him an opportunity to wrestle that we have the weight class - to me the # of FF's there don't matter --- he gets to wrestle, he likes it, he keeps wrestling and becomes your 132 in a few years........or, he wrestles, hates it due to this, and quits creating more forfeits at 106, and in a few years more forfeits on a team cause he isn't there to wrestle an upper weight one day.
  7. dstruck

    Weight Classes, just for discussion

    my 106 weighs, 88 on a heavy day
  8. Double Dual (3 teams) - Jeffersonville, Corydon, and ? December 18- Tuesday - at JHS Most likely we will run this in a mixed format where 106 Team A wrestles 106 team B, 113 team C wrestles Team A, and so on - so that no team just sits out on two mats Can do JV as well!! Interested? - Danny Struck dstruck@gccschools.com
  9. Double Dual (3 teams) - Jeffersonville, Corydon, and ? Nov. 20th or Jan. 3 Most likely we will run this in a mixed format where 106 Team A wrestles 106 team B, 113 team C wrestles Team A, and so on - so that no team just sits out on two mats Can do JV as well!! We have two dates we are looking at - hosted at Jeffersonville. Interested? - Danny Struck dstruck@gccschools.com
  10. Meet will be on December 18 - Jeffersonville, Corydon and?
  11. Ref 5 varsity duals or a few hours of jv matches need 8 refs write: dstruck@gccschools.com tsatterly@gccschools.com
  12. dstruck

    Jeff classic Dec 15

    Need officials for Jeff classic December 15 16 team individual tourney Write both: tsatterly@gccschools.com Dstruck@gccschools.com
  13. Coaches: Below are 2 surveys - if you attended this years clinic, please fill out both! This is to better help serve, educate, and grow wrestling through our coaching ranks! Danny This survey is only for those that attended this year's clinic: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScqBkme4VbvRNjw2fLaMBiUVWlDzD9BLPN-ZjbZv-HbByzE2g/viewform?usp=sf_link THIS IS FOR ALL COACHES - ATTENDED CLINIC OR NOT! If you attended the clinic, please fill out this one as well: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdyV4rffxbAG2s569cfYtrJAngPd7obEgThi4js4MMSW3woXg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  14. Very exctied to have you all as this will be another good one! We are gonna try day 1 of the clinic a little different and see how it goes. Every year a group of Indiana coaches goes out to the Olympic Training center and takes classes and clinics. Each year at the OTC all technique sessions are ON THE MAT. This means that we all sit in a big circle around the clinician, he talks, then gives a momment to try the move once or twice for those that want to try. For those of us that don't want to try but just spectate, we will have some benches up there, and have the option to just sit around for a momment and discuss the move. We hope this just gives a change of pace in the clinic, a way to commit more to memory, and a beter way to hear the clinician. So, bring comfortable clothes, and even wrestling gear if you want to try the moves slowly with your partner. Wanna see this years clinic at the OTC or a presentation from it? Notes from each coach, and Coach Struck's presentation video - Click here. Leroy Vega (portage), Danny Struck + Nick Stewart (Jeffersonville), Greg Ratliff (Edgewood), Gary Myers (Hamilton Heights), Gralan Early (Indiana Tech) and Dan Mikesell (Mooresville) all spent 4 days out there. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10Qoe1BBc-nuJjInWaLHWXLwX4wuV_v0MkQXyIHchfag/edit?usp=sharing We will do a few sessions in the cafeteria to get us back up into a seat as well. IF ANYONE HAS A PROJECTOR/LAPTOP COMBO please bring it, as it would help greatly, we can discuss clinic compensation. The clinic social is TBA - but will be at 8pm - working on a special one! most up to date clinic flier with topics and speakers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KZ0ryGKf9UoWqYCzj9L4H9s96L-fK66_XJUcJv-Uc0/edit?usp=sharing Look forward to having you! Danny
  15. Rock bottom brewery downtown Indy will host our social thursday night 8pm
  16. Here is the flier for the IHSWCA Fall Clinic! Got newly named Head Coach for Tennesee Chat., Kyle Ruschell as one of our main speakers! Also got Corey Ruff from Lindsey Wilson, and all 9 Indiana Colleges on slate to speak, as well as presentations on womens wrestling from Katie Kriebs and and NWCA retention from Dave Cloud, and your IHSAA rules interpretation meeints........will also be doing a bronze clinic with this for those that need it Flier is here - link to registration in the flier https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KZ0ryGKf9UoWqYCzj9L4H9s96L-fK66_XJUcJv-Uc0/edit?usp=sharing flier could change times and such as we are still a ways out
  17. dstruck

    IHSWCA Fall Clinic October 18-19

    We have over 100 coaches pre-registered now, hope to see a few more of you there!!! if you plan on coming - please use the pre-registration link, helps us prepare numbers
  18. 16 team Jeff Classic needs one more team to be at 16! Guranteed 2 matches per team awards 1-8 places, and team award silent auction, t-shirts, spotlight for finals, etc.... text danny struck 812-786-2308
  19. dstruck

    December 15 - Jeff Classic 16 team tourney

    Jeffersonville High School
  20. dstruck

    December 15 - Jeff Classic 16 team tourney

    bump - had a change and looking for #16!
  21. dstruck

    IHSWCA Fall Clinic October 18-19

    bump FYI - social is likely to be at Beech Bank Brewing (owned by a former wrestler) that opened this week in Beech Grove

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