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  1. I can only speak from my own past here. My son came into high school weighing in at 96 pounds as a freshman, he could have stepped omn the scale with a big mac in his hand eating the entire way. he did not have to cut to get to 103. His soph. year was a bit harder, but he managed. I would say keep the 103, and add some to the upper weight classes to reduce the large weight seperations. I would rather see us go to 16-17 weight classes, and give more kids the chance to get on the mat.
  2. Warren Central 54-22 over Anderson Highland 130 wc WBF 135 wc L 2-13 140 wc WBF 145 wc WBF 152 wc LBF 160 wc W 13-8 171 wc WBF 189 wc WBF 215 wc W FF 285 wc WBF 103 wc L FF 112 wc WBF 119 wc W 14-3 125 wc LBF WC Loses to East Central 29-37 135 wc LBF 140 wc WBF 145 wc L 1-12 152 wc W 15-2 160 wc LBF 171 wc LBF 189 wc L 6-7 215 wc WBF 285 wc L 2-4 103 wc L FF 112 wc L 1-8 119 wc W FF 125 wc W 6-3 130 wc W 10-1 Warren Central 34 Avon 27 140 wc WBF 145 wc LBF 152 wc W 8-2 160 wc LBF 171 wc LBF 189 wc L 6-7 215 wc WBF
  3. Should be a great weekend of action up on 56th street. I am looking forward to seeing some fantastic wrestling tomorrow.
  4. Wilson is listed on the Delaware State team. Williams, Wilson WRT 5-7 125 RFr. Merriville, IN (Merriville HS)
  5. Thanks Joe, this site looks like a winner, now I have a reason not to get to all the things around the house that I should be doing instead of reading about the wrestling community.
  6. They are a very tough team, they work very hard all season long, and it shows. From top to bottom, if you wrestle a kid from Cathedral, they are going to give you a work out. So yes, there are that many good kids wrestling at Cathedral.
  7. There are goping to be a ton of great matches this weekend at Cathedral, Not sure but I believe the teams are Cathedral Anderson Highland Avon East Central Munster Warren Central There are alot of kids here that are in the rankings, so it should be quite a day, with some fantastic matches. 103 9) Brian Harvey 9 Indianapolis Cathedral 119 1) Camden Eppert 12 Anderson Highland 125 3) Brandon Wright 11 Indianapolis Cathedral 130 4) Dominic Corsaro 12 Indianapolis Cathedral 5) Nick Odom 12 Warren Central 140 3) Alex Surma 11 Muns
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