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  1. BTW Network: Chandler Carroll's opponent at 138 is Evan Loe...he defeated Reese Sieger 9-4 Just heard you weren't sure who Carroll was facing! You guys are doing a great job!
  2. Finals: Hiestand (Yorktown) vs. Tredway (Elkhart Central) Semifinals: Jackson-Tatum (New Haven) vs. Luginbill (Adams Central)
  3. Is Streck really a freshman???
  4. Updated results provided here: http://www.thewrestlingtourney.com/prn-bracket.php
  5. 106-Micic 113-Brooks 120-Todd 126-Ayersman 132-McKinley 138-Jackson 145-Tsirtsis 152-Mullins 160-Johnson 170-Mappes 182-Lynde 195-Sliga 220-Biberstine 285-Suter Winning Dual School: Perry Meridian 34 2nd Place Team Dual: Crown Point 21 Matt Loshe 4329 Fairfield Avenue Fort Wayne, IN 46807 260.414.1935 mloshe@hotmail.com
  6. Thanks STEPTOTHELINE...can you continue to post bracket updates?!
  7. Maybe not huge...but Benjamin Fiechter (Southern Wells) dec. Mason Meling (Snider) 10-5. He avenges an earlier pin loss to Meling. Meling was 41-0.
  8. Here is the direct link: http://www.thewrestlingtourney.com/prn-bracket.php
  9. BTWN--Keuneke is wrestling for 3rd
  10. Awesome...thanks BTWN...here they are: They have a post on the wall here that brackets are updated at www.thewrestlingtourney.com
  11. Does anyone have a link to updated brackets for the Jay County Sectional?
  12. Does anyone have a link for updated brackets of the Jay County Sectional?
  13. If you have any, could you post them!
  14. loshe8


    106: Lee (G), Miller (SA), Oliver (AC), Loraine (L) 113: Moser (SA), Cook (AC), Knepp (W), Fawcett (L) 120: Walburn (AC), Higgins (, Lockett (H), Pimentel (SA) 126: Fiechter (SW), Ellinger (AC), Hammon (W), Marbach (SA) 132: Roe (AC), McCray (G), Sitko (H), Parisot (W) 138: Batt (SA), Raugh (, Moreau (G), Liter (AC) 145: Gerber (, Zink (W), Yoder (AC), Hirschy (SA) 152: Schultz (AC), Lanning (G), Eicher (L), Strahm (H) 160: Steury (L), Luginbill (AC), Reyna (H), Pyle (SA) 170: Weber (L), Landers (SA), Marbach (AC), Schwartz (H) 182: Conrad (H), Pfister (AC), Werst (SA), Carr (L) 195: Gibson (G), Potter (SW), Hinshaw (SA), Saxton (H) 220: Biberstine (SW), McCullough (H), Carunchia (G), Elzey (AC) 285: Chowning (H), Fuelling (AC), Hager (L), Perry (W) Top 3 Teams: 1) AC 2) SA 3) Garrett
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