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  1. loshe8


    BTW Network: Chandler Carroll's opponent at 138 is Evan Loe...he defeated Reese Sieger 9-4 Just heard you weren't sure who Carroll was facing! You guys are doing a great job!
  2. loshe8

    Ft wayne updates?

    Finals: Hiestand (Yorktown) vs. Tredway (Elkhart Central) Semifinals: Jackson-Tatum (New Haven) vs. Luginbill (Adams Central)
  3. loshe8

    Al Smith Classic

    Is Streck really a freshman???
  4. loshe8


    Updated results provided here: http://www.thewrestlingtourney.com/prn-bracket.php
  5. 106-Micic 113-Brooks 120-Todd 126-Ayersman 132-McKinley 138-Jackson 145-Tsirtsis 152-Mullins 160-Johnson 170-Mappes 182-Lynde 195-Sliga 220-Biberstine 285-Suter Winning Dual School: Perry Meridian 34 2nd Place Team Dual: Crown Point 21 Matt Loshe 4329 Fairfield Avenue Fort Wayne, IN 46807 260.414.1935 mloshe@hotmail.com
  6. loshe8

    Ft. Wayne Semi State results

    Thanks STEPTOTHELINE...can you continue to post bracket updates?!
  7. loshe8

    Huge upsets in ticket round

    Maybe not huge...but Benjamin Fiechter (Southern Wells) dec. Mason Meling (Snider) 10-5. He avenges an earlier pin loss to Meling. Meling was 41-0.
  8. Here is the direct link: http://www.thewrestlingtourney.com/prn-bracket.php
  9. loshe8

    Jay County Sectional webcast

    BTWN--Keuneke is wrestling for 3rd
  10. loshe8

    Jay County Sectional Brackets??????????

    Awesome...thanks BTWN...here they are: They have a post on the wall here that brackets are updated at www.thewrestlingtourney.com
  11. Does anyone have a link to updated brackets for the Jay County Sectional?
  12. Does anyone have a link for updated brackets of the Jay County Sectional?
  13. loshe8

    ACAC or NHC Updates??

    If you have any, could you post them!
  14. loshe8


    106: Lee (G), Miller (SA), Oliver (AC), Loraine (L) 113: Moser (SA), Cook (AC), Knepp (W), Fawcett (L) 120: Walburn (AC), Higgins (, Lockett (H), Pimentel (SA) 126: Fiechter (SW), Ellinger (AC), Hammon (W), Marbach (SA) 132: Roe (AC), McCray (G), Sitko (H), Parisot (W) 138: Batt (SA), Raugh (, Moreau (G), Liter (AC) 145: Gerber (, Zink (W), Yoder (AC), Hirschy (SA) 152: Schultz (AC), Lanning (G), Eicher (L), Strahm (H) 160: Steury (L), Luginbill (AC), Reyna (H), Pyle (SA) 170: Weber (L), Landers (SA), Marbach (AC), Schwartz (H) 182: Conrad (H), Pfister (AC), Werst (SA), Carr (L) 195: Gibson (G), Potter (SW), Hinshaw (SA), Saxton (H) 220: Biberstine (SW), McCullough (H), Carunchia (G), Elzey (AC) 285: Chowning (H), Fuelling (AC), Hager (L), Perry (W) Top 3 Teams: 1) AC 2) SA 3) Garrett

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