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  1. Jchas, Great point. Sam has only wrestled two tournaments off season since 6th grade due to other sports (although his IS committing himself to put in more effort for his senior year) in part due to other sports. However I think there is an even bigger difference, also tied to competition, and that is wrestling partners. I love Sam's teammates. They work hard and have a ton of heart (most of the time) and I would be hard pressed to find a better group of guys for him to be with, but when it comes to wrestling partners in practice it is really tough to find someone to push him. I think, at least for Sam, that his best competition SHOULD BE from one weight up, one weight down, then two weights up for a good combination of speed and strength. For Example, Jack had great partners over all. Based on the finals of sectionals your 120, 132, and 138 had a combined record of 48-16. Based on the kids that actually wrestled 126, 138, and 145 Sam's equivalents had a combined record of 15-68 (there were also some forfeits in there both wins and losses.) We had one reserve that bounced between weights to take matches when their were forfeits or kids who did not make weight. His only wins were those forfeits. So Sam wrestled with coaches (old guys ) or the 152 pounder. None of them matched the speed that he saw in matches. But honestly that is what we (Sam and Tony before him) love about a single class individual tournament. You can overcome many things if you have the right kid and the right coaches (in the past even if you did not have the right coaches) and you can still make a name for yourself at Banker's Life.
  2. That was an easy one. He was posing as a teleprompter!!!
  3. I believe that Heritage is a 2A school. If so Lovejoy placed higher than Campbell from Yorktown.
  4. John, Fantastic post. I have been through it twice with the older boys in wrestling and 3 more times with the girls and the youngest has now finished his junior season. It is starting to sink in just today that after so many years of wrestling in ISWA, high school, and college we are likely 12 months from it all being over (at this point the youngest does not believe that he wants to wrestle in college but that COULD change :.) Not sure how I will take it this time next year. We have logged nearly 30 years from the time the oldest of our six started her first game on the eighth grade softball team as a 3rd grader through Saturday. I guess my wife will start to demand that I get those project done that I have put off for 30 years!!! No more excuses! :'( At least I have one more year! ;D
  5. Thanks. I have always held Matt up as a warrior and an example to kids to emulate on the mat. Don't give up and don't back up. Go out and win or lose with what you got.
  6. Coach, I think you are wrong there. To Matt's credit he never backed off. Matt might have won that if he had. #3 ranked Phillips from Yorktown learned that lesson and managed a 5-3 win over Sam by knowing when to back off and force Sam to act. As I remember LJ Mosier also lost in the third place round by also not backing off. Matt got a takedown in the first, then followed it up with and escape in the second. Sam then got a third period escape. I can check but I think Frane took the shot, Sam caught him and in the scramble got a headlock and put him on his back. I remember the takedown being awarded to tie it up but that matters little. (In the background the clock showed 3-3 with :29.) If he did not get the pin he would have won at that point on the takedown to tie and back points 5-3 or 6-3 depending on backpoints. I did not bring up the match, Bruin2013 did but it is still one of the biggest upsets that I have seen in my years of watching the sport. At the same time I was excited with Sam's win and devastated to see a senior end his season one win short of State. We watched too many times as Sam's oldest brother Josh fell short in the ticket round three times, including HIS senior year. Matt deserved his shot but hit a young kid wrestling the match of his life.
  7. As it is one of mine!!! Unranked freshman pinning a solid Bellmont senior in the second then faced #4 ranked senior Matt Frane tying up the match at 3-3 before pinning him.
  8. Why don't you start us out Andy? There are way too many tough brackets for some one with my limited ability to take a shot at.
  9. Also at 132 two loss Eicher vs three loss Schmucker in the first round vs three loss Moore in the Ticket round.
  10. It is not quite the same situation. At Sectionals the seeding is not an exact science. Because one kid was misseeded, the whole bracket is off. However at Regionals you have four kids who proved their order the week prior facing four kids who proved their order. So it is a totally different situation. I can see it both ways but not at Regionals, sectionals definitely, and semi-state maybe. But my boys have been on both side of that. The oldest was in the ticket round three times and lost to kids that he should have beaten and watched as kids that he "could have" beaten were advanced. I have also had one that beat kids he should not have but was on that day and might not have made it if there were wrestle backs. One was a spoiler for a ranked senior while another was spoiled by an unranked wrestler his senior year. It just happens sometimes and you get stronger from the experience. When his younger brothers went to State he was the one in the stands at Banker's Life cheering the loudest.
  11. You and I know that tough competition through the year helps tremendously but it is not the end all. None of my boys have seen particularly tough competition during the season. I think it hurt my oldest, but the younger two have spent time on the mat off season and have had that experience. I don't think Tony wrestled a State ranked wrestler more than a handful of times prior to the tournament and he managed three medals at Conseco. Sam likewise has faced but a few. It did not stop him his freshman year from beating a senior from Bellmont first round of SS, the #4 ranked kid in the State in the ticket round, lost to the #3 by a point (may have been two,) then beat the #7 raked kid in the State in the third place match. Had he not been sick last year he may have pulled it off again. I worry as I watch him on the mat this year as he often wrestles to the level of the competition (and it is not all that great for the most part.) But he has been there and knows what it takes. The question is whether it will be there when he needs it this year. At 19-1 he has the third best record in our sectional so he will start getting his tough matches this week with conference and next week at sectional. He should be tested if he makes t down to State. I have seen Jack wrestle in the past. He has it if he can summon it at the right time. It is in there. All he needs to do is to fins that trigger and give it a pull.
  12. Neither are called correctly at State either!!! Run, Anthony, Run!!!
  13. I heard this has been cancelled for tomorrow.
  14. Your guys!!! Unfortunately we will likely be in the other pool this year. Maybe in the cross bracket though.
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