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  1. Seniors, remember the FAFSA deadline is April 15th. Even if you aren't decided on moving on to the next level, it is important to complete the FAFSA as it could provide a good amount of FREE money towards paying for school.
  2. GREAT news!! We received word last night that the NJCAA is ending the on-campus recruting restrictions. We at Ancilla are now starting our on-campus recruiting once again. These will start this Saturday, May 16th. Visits can be arranged Monday-Saturday. Please contact me as soon as possible to arrange your visit. I might add here, that during this time I have been asked if it is possible to participate in two sports. The answer to that question is yes. I look forward to seeing you on campus. Mark Line Head Wrestling Coach Ancilla College 219-712-1861 mark.line@ancilla.
  3. We received word this evening from the NJCAA that recruiting is open again to campus and face to face visits. we may begin doing so this coming Saturday, May 16th. Anyone interested in a visit, please contact me to set up your visit.
  4. I will also add here, that we mostly attend open tournaments throught the main portion of the season. In doing so, our wrestlers are all competing throughout the season as we can enter more than one wrestler per weight class This also allows each wrestler to be seen and evaluated by the 4 year schools.We do have some athletic scholarship money as well.
  5. Thank you so much Dave! Yes, it is a great place to establish or re-establish themselves academically and/or athletically to be prepared to continue on to a four year institution. I have also made many connections to help get our athletes recruited on to their four year institution and will do everything I can to help them in that process. As always, I look forward to helping athletes achieve their dreams of continuing on to the collegiate level.
  6. Thank you Indysportsfan! I am glad to hear that your Son is enjoying his experience at Ancilla. The Professors are very caring and want to see the students succeed. Throughout my first year as the head wrestling coach, I have made many contacts with 4 year colleges to help get our kids recruited after Ancilla. It has been my mission to provide oppotunities for our student athletes to be successful in the classroom as well as in wrestling. It's a great place to start a career,get on someone's "radar" and whether that's resurrecting a career, or just graduating and possibly being "over-looked".
  7. Ancilla College, located in North Central Indiana, is still actively recruiting for all weight classes for the coming year. We provide a great opportunity to wrestle at the Junior College level. We provide the opportunity to build your stock and be seen by 4 year colleges from Indiana and around the country. Those wrestlers that have not chosen a college as of yet, or would like to wrestle at a 4 year college and feel you've been over-looked, I strongly encourage you to take a look at Ancilla. We are coming off a great season where we had 4 National Qualifiers with 1 All-American and also had
  8. Seniors whether you think you will be attending college next fall, or not, the FAFSA deadline is quickly approaching. The deadline is April 15th, this Wednesday. It is important to have those completed, as there is a lot of free money left on the table if they are not completed. Please take 15-20 minutes to complete them. Colleges are still recruiting, possibly you haven't made a decision yet. Either way this could help you financially in affordability. This is a hard deadline, so if you haven't completed it yet, please help yourselves out and complete it on/by this Wednesday, April 15th.
  9. We are very happy and proud to have you as part of the Ancilla Wrestling family now and you are going to do great things!
  10. Ancilla College is still looking to fill a couple of weights at 197 and 285. If you are undecided we would love to see what we can do for you. All weights are always open, but those are the two we most need. Those interested can contact Coach Line at 219-712-1861 or email at mark.line@ancilla.edu.
  11. Kankakee Valley is looking for a tournament (individual or duals) for January 19th. If anyone has an opening on that date please contact Mark Line at markaline65@gmail.com
  12. We have another team for Jan. 5th. We're still looking for 2-4 more teams for this date.
  13. Kankakee Valley is looking for 3-5 teams for a tournament this year. Date can be Dec. 29th, Jan, 5th, or Jan. 16th. If interested, please contact Mark Line at markaline65@gmail.com
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