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  1. Congratulations! I don’t know him personally, but my son has wrestled him a couple times. He’s a great wrestler
  2. Is your wrestler able to go to meet and weigh in, just not wrestle. From what I’ve gathered and I could be wrong, so I hope someone else chimes in, but As long as they weigh in it counts.
  3. I’ve always enjoyed watching Brayden wrestle from his young years all the way up to his senior year. He’s a great wrestler and has amazing sportsmanship. He always talks to my boys at meets and even gives them a few pointers. I wish the very best for him as he continues his journey into college!
  4. Logan Swallow lost to Anderson ( name is attached) Logan Shaffer 1x, Yorktown Parsons
  5. Does anyone know how to sign up for the central qualifier? The only thing I can find on track wrestling is the north and south and state championship
  6. That is probably true. My son was going to wrestle 138 but his scratch weight didn’t count because he lost more then 2 lbs in a week he lost a little over 3. He’s weight has been all over the map. He should’ve did his scratch weight a couple weeks before when he was weighing 139-140. We didn’t realize you could only lose 2 lbs in a week. He wrestled several matches at 138 but he weighed in at 138.4 and in the 139s so he had to go back to 145.
  7. I would say technical issues also. I was able to see Delta’s this morning long enough to look at 2 weight classes then it said wasn’t released to the public
  8. Delta’s bracket is up now nevermind it’s back down I screenshot 145 and 132 went to another class and it’s not available to the public now
  9. ChrisMC


    It’s tomorrow at 5:30
  10. Yes he was checked out. He was ok to wrestle. His only side effect was a headache
  11. Wow really yes I was sitting in the bleachers. I was actually sitting right in front of that mat, on the ground bleachers 5 rows up. I don’t know who your referring to but it was not me. I would never tell my son to punch someone. I wasn’t up in the balcony the whole day so you have mixed up with someone else.
  12. I will work on that tomorrow we have a meet tonight. My son chalked it off no hard feelings. It wasn’t ever really about your wrestler it was more about the ref not doing anything. I get accidents happen. I’ve seen it other times with different wrestlers and refs but that was the most recent one that I could pin point out.
  13. I will agree to disagree. The video don’t lie. Him being undefeated going into that match doesn’t matter. And this kid is ranked for Fort Wayne semi state. I think he’s #1 now was #3, Really that doesn’t matter either. He choked my son and punched him. You can call it a cross face if you want but that is not what it looked like.
  14. Yeah it was a mess. The kid actually tried choking him 5 times. At that particular time my son said he blacked out for a second he don’t remember any of that. It was pretty sad that parents from other schools was yelling at the ref and that kid. When we was in the bleachers and can see his face changing colors but the ref doesn’t notice it is a big problem not to mention everyone in that area was yelling at him trying to get his attention. Then he punched him. Some guy that we don’t even know said he would’ve crossed faced that kids nose off if it was him. Yes he wrestled his next matc
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