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  1. The point of the comment was in reference to the top guy just riding the hips . So my point was perspective, The top guys fans is saying the bottom guy isn’t doing anything as the bottom guys fans are saying the top guy was riding the hips , I would say some of both occurred and the refs didn’t call either .. Neither of these kids are from our school or even regional.. As far as advantage , I absolutely feel EMD has a huge advantage, is it because it’s a home meet for them ?, maybe or is it the refs generally feel pressure from their home crowd , maybe , I can’t answer why someone d
  2. The referees set the tone of the matches with their calls or no calls .. The EMD kid did nothing on bottom but received 0 stalling calls as well As great of a semistate that Evansville is , every team knows they are at a disadvantage when wrestling EMD in the Ford area .. This time they didn’t get the call they were looking for , bottom guy needs to work up, Don’t leave the matches in the referee’s hands wanting penalty calls .. I think both kids wrestled hard and I was impressed on the depth of the170 weight class ... The top three kids from the Evansville semistate at 170 will be a to
  3. Mr Notorious / Mr Garcia I would look at this match up from a different direction. Cade Rooks received the bad draw , Rooks did everything he could do to get the best draw possible , he won his sectional and regional but receives a highly ranked kid in the ticket round . I am not sure why on this board we victimize the kids that did not win their regionals , how about the kids that did do everything they were suppose to do and receive these draws? ( I would love to see the 1’s and 2’s in semistate and state seeded ) I will go with Rooks in this match up .. I think he is a seasoned
  4. A great dual to end the regular wrestling season .. Kreitzer did not wrestle tonight ..
  5. Like everything in life , there is room for improvement but keep in mind that this event wouldn’t take place without the coaches and Indianamat’s staff , The Ihsaa decided that this event wasn’t needed.... Joe and his team are always in need of volunteers or if you are certified referee that would be even better... We do really appreciate everyone’s hard word that put this together and put in the hard work running it..
  6. I didn’t see anything resembling a cause for a penalty point ...
  7. Congrats to the Brewer family..Ohio university got a Hammer and a great young Man..
  8. Matt there are kids that drive from Bloomington to north Indy every day or that drive a long way in the region .. that is the reason I asked if they relocated or just switched ..
  9. T-skin was it actual relocations or just switched school districts?
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