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  1. Dr Jekyll

    Caught red handed

    My move? All i did was post the IHSAA meeting. You started blaming other coaches. Funny thing is i have nothing to do with Perry. Also i was sent a DM saying who Gator Roll is. Your move!
  2. Dr Jekyll

    Caught red handed

    Heard this weekend that Wade was also texting Fair and Cottey after Tone went to Warren. I guess if you couldnt get them the next best thing would be Lowery. I did not know Perry was a parochial school to Roncalli.
  3. Dr Jekyll

    Caught red handed

    Roncalli's coach Wade McClurg has been caught recruiting by the IHSAA. Check out page 23 of the IHSAA comittee meeting. Coaches talk to your kids and see if they have been contacted by him. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about%20ihsaa/minutes/2016-17/050117.CommitteeMinutes.pdf Roncalli HS – Rule 20‐6 b (Wrestling coach sent emails to non‐feeder middle school students inviting them to enroll at the school and participate in the wrestling program) 1. The Roncalli High School wrestling program is issued a warning. This warning is official notice that a rule violation has occurred, is a matter of record, and shall not be repeated. 2. Coach Wade McClurg is reprimanded for committing this violation. Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse for a violation. 3. The IHSAA accepts the actions of the Roncalli High School administration in this matter as appropriate and sufficient discipline for this violation. Further violations in this area by the wrestling program shall be handled in a more severe manner

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