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    TheMajorGen got a reaction from Bruins2013 in Rankings updated   
    Luke Fischer from Bishop Luers is undefeated as well.  He had a productive off-season and I've heard it before so hear it goes: He beat a couple guys you have in the state rankings during the off-season.  I'm not saying he should be state ranked, yet..but semi-state rankings I believe he deserves some consideration.
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    TheMajorGen got a reaction from Bruins2013 in Rankings updated   
    Chandler Woenker from Bishop Luers was a sectional Champ, Regional runner up and made it to the ticket round.  This year he is 10-0 and has pinned everyone in the first period. He should be considered....
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    TheMajorGen reacted to ontherise219 in Rankings updated   
    I have him on the watch list for sure. Keep me posted with notables
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    TheMajorGen reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in 149   
    Dayuum...that's a murderers Row...Rutherford has really developed into a hammer that has put himself ahead of the pack..Hope lil T shirts comes out on fire and has had time to mourne and regained that focus and tenacity...When he's on he can beat anybody and I firmly believe that a change of scenery and a different look will great for him..Losing my little brother to a being electrocuted was the worst pain I've ever felt.. I couldn't imagine having that hole in my heart and trying to compete at such a high level...It's hard enough just staying physically and mentally sharp The entire Season a tragedy like he's faced took a toll on him...I'm looking forward to seeing his journey this year and hopefully he ruins Rutherfords plans on repeating
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    TheMajorGen reacted to Caleb Spires in The greatest wrestler/football in Indiana history?   
    Gelen was all State in football 3 years if I recall and was a "meh" call away from possibly having a 3rd state title in wrestling. If he ever plays a down in the NFL I'd say no contest.
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    TheMajorGen reacted to Y2CJ41 in The greatest wrestler/football in Indiana history?   
    When you are a state runner-up you're in the top 1% of wrestlers in the state. That's pretty darn impressive in most people's books.
    When you are an NFL Pro Bowler you are in the top .000001% of football players in the country. Again that's pretty darn impressive.
    By your standards Blake Maurer would be the best since he was really good at wrestling and even if he was mediocre in football(which he wasn't) he still "wins."  If guys like Howe, Escobedo, Humphrey, etc who have had world level wrestling credentials were football players I'd lean toward them also. However, I'm pretty certain they did not play football.
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    TheMajorGen reacted to DLane in The greatest wrestler/football in Indiana history?   
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    TheMajorGen reacted to vito pepperelli in The greatest wrestler/football in Indiana history?   
    I do question:  
    Only a one time placer, and not a state champ Did not play HS football If Gelen plays in the NFL, he's the best. 
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    TheMajorGen reacted to Fabio Jr. in Not many new posts   
    Make sure he is gloved up
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