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  1. Rough draw for Garcia. I still think state finals come down to Mills and Garcia. Both are battle tested.
  2. Hasn't there been some talk of Avon and Brownsburg joining the MiC Conference?
  3. Great tournament! I'm very impressed with how well the Avon Freshman have performed this season. Looks like Avon and Brownsburg will be the teams to beat the next three seasons. Congrats to both programs!
  4. Thank you for the advice. My wife and I were debating on putting him in club or going with one of the academies. Probably don't want to put him against the caliber of academy kids from the start.
  5. I have a 6 year old that I really want to start training. Can anyone recommend what club or clubs are best for a child that age. Any pros and cons to the particular clubs?
  6. Coach Snyder, I have been following wrestling for many years and am very impressed with the program you and your staff have put together! This is my first time posting after years of following this board. I felt it was time to comment after the dirty comments directed towards you and your program. I've attended a few matches and have been impressed with the youth and maturity of your team. I was most impressed with your wrestlers during the Carmel meet. All of your sophomores dominated and gave our wrestlers fits. I can't remember the name of your 126lb freshman but was very impr
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