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  1. Oak Hill wrestling wins CIC with 265 points. Elwood second 203. Eastbrook fifth 151.5. Mississinewa sixth 98. Madison-Grant 8th 61.
  2. Who ? My name is Thomas King
  3. Are the finals set yet ? Lineups ?
  4. Oak Hill area here, CIC
  5. Are the brackets posted ?
  6. We know #1 Brownsburg will cruise thur . Individual Champs , upsets , race for 2nd Place Team Comp.
  7. Lol, that's a good one. They can still wrestle with the best of them.
  8. Kade knows what's he's doing on the mat, been around the mat for a long time , has the youth credentials , wrestles Nationally in the off season. Looking forward on how he does.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if didn't happen, but who knows. I'll take Red
  10. 106 - Will have a surprise from a little school of Norwell HS. Kade Zadylak , Reason I say that is .... Kade having a great season . He has beaten Top 16 106 ranked a few months ago in the off season . Really surprised he's not ranked 106 or ranked at Ft. Wayne SS. Guess, Indiana will get know him during The State Series. I'll take Kade to place Top 4.
  11. What ? No way ? Not That guy ? Get outta here! Can't Be !
  12. Your only job is running this web page your only family is Carrol HS for 4 months and you get a thumbs up from me Coach
  13. Why isn't the Moorseville Holiday results updated on some of the rankings ? I know it was a busy week but there was some noteable W/L . Exp. 106 wrestlers that was there.
  14. Nick & Joe Lee , Brayton Lee. Nasty Wrestlers right there. Woods, Larson.
  15. Here a loss for you, here a win for you. Trading W/L among each other . Thats Good wrestling. I've seen every 106 that's ranked wrestle in the State now and here's my conclusion. 1. Waste of time ranking them cause they will lose to each other the next week . The last year State Placers, State Q, upper classman all losing to a Very, Very Talented Freshman Class every week. (results don't lie) 106 Winners of the Top 4 Holiday events *Al Smith, EMDC, Moorseville, Connersville.... All Freshman . Your guess is as good as mine the way I see it
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