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Everything posted by Jstephenson1356

  1. Junior 120 has a quarter bracket that all 4 kids made it to state this year lol. That means someone who made it to state won’t place at iswa state
  2. Used Hudl for wrestling in high school and used matboss in college. Matboss was way more wrestling friendly. Hudl will get the job done though if you're just looking to get video and stored. Benefit of matboss is it can be used at all levels of your program as you can upload as much video as you want and input as many wrestlers as you want according to the website. I'm not sure on the capabilities of this with hudl as it seemed in high school as if storage might have been an issue.
  3. We had 11 wrestlers 3 managers and 4 coaches. I had to pay out of pocket for all our coaches or our managers couldn’t get in…$8 a ticket $32 total. This is for our 3 coaches and coach/bus driver.
  4. He was winning the second match too… I wouldn’t say definitively the “better” wrestler went home. I’d be willing to bet this kid has a concussion and people booing that is crazy FullSizeRender.MOV
  5. Clark does it again!!! Gets a defensive fall in the ticket round!
  6. That slam in the ticket round was bad. I hope the kid is ok and am appalled that people are booing that kid.
  7. Josh Clark New Haven over 49-0 Villafuerte by fall. Was down 8-0 and hit fat man roll then down 12-5 and hit it again for the fall
  8. I’ve seen a lot of positions today that look more than just “potentially” dangerous that haven’t been stopped
  9. My senior year of high school we took 12 to semi-state with one of our wrestlers who didn't make it being ranked and got suspended from school the week of regionals and the other broke his ankle at sectionals. We ended up getting 8 through to state that year. Fast forward as a coach this year we took 11 to regionals which is the most we have had in recent years. We came out only getting 2 through. This was also a very weird for us as a few of our guys I definitely felt were semi-state level kids that ran into other tough kids at regionals. It's frustrating to sit and see multiple kids that our kids beat wrestling this weekend and we aren't but that's the name of the game. It happens every year maybe moreso at other semi-states. Our sectional and regional seemed to have maybe not quite as much top end talent but a lot more depth than when I was in high school which I expected but still felt strange to me.
  10. Christian Hunt vs. Graham Rooks was a tough one. Hunt got 4th, SQ, 2nd, 2nd went on to wrestle at West Point Rooks got 3rd, 4th, 4th, 1st and went on to wrestle at IU
  11. So according to this the sleeves are all good then if they have a pad in them? We have had multiple refs give different directives to our kids each time and all of their sleeves have a pad in them.
  12. Oddly enough the one situation where we got hit for stalling on this and injury time started was for a kid who met both of those requirements. Seems as if the rule hasn’t been made very clear to a lot of officials and could use some clarification. Although I agree with other earlier posts that I’d rather they prioritize rules that have to do with actual wrestling
  13. I actually have a rules question that hopefully someone can answer. What is the current ruling about the knee sleeve that has the pad in it? I believe it was a point of emphasis a few years back but I can't find anything in this years rule book about it. Throughout the course of the year we have had officials who haven't said anything (I am totally fine with as long as it's the same for both teams), we have had officials ask our wrestler to tuck the sleeve part behind the kneepad, and we have had an official start injury time and hit our wrestler for stalling. The last situation ironically happened while the wrestler from the opposing team also had a full leg sleeve on. I understand mistakes happen and the official even apologized about it but I was hoping someone could offer insight to what the current ruling about knee sleeves is.
  14. Eli Stock from Monrovia took 3rd at regionals with a loss to Vanhorn of Franklin Community. Then avenged that loss the next weekend and won semi-state then followed that up by winning state the next weekend.
  15. like this https://twitter.com/vbethel80/status/949488325202710528?s=20&t=TzvvPo796PIiL7YTP5UP9A
  16. 106-May, Ocampo, Johns, Bollinger 126-Sprague, Wood, Cook, Hord 132-Stroud, Uhlman, Bartsch, Reiley 138- Litchfield, Gerenscer, Clark, Tuttle 145-Arthur, Abbott, Miller, Baber 152-Currie, Betz, Porter, Lounsbury 160-Myers, Farnell, Lone, Jones 170-Porter, Shepherd,Johnson, Russell 182-Veazy, Wenk, Page, East 195-Deming, Ingenito,Behm, Eberhard 220-Heyerly, Beck, Benjamin, Waters 285-Villafuerte, Orr, Fishback, Clifford Unfortunately I get to do more weight classes than others...
  17. You very well may be correct but the way I understand it is if there is an allowance you would qualify for two weights below if you are under that and wouldn’t be able to bump up more than one weight. For example 138 lber must weigh in over 130 now to be eligible instead of over 128.
  18. The flip side of that is I have multiple kids that are so far under weight that having the extra 2lbs means they actually have to gain weight to be able to wrestle their weight class.
  19. As someone who has also done this cut in high school and college I agree with you. I will say this, we have 2 kids on our team who are actually cutting weight and they are doing it the right way and no more than 6lbs a week and never miss a meal or go without high amounts of water. I’ve found that it is harder to get qualifying weigh ins for the kids who are not cutting weight than the ones who are. The ones who are cutting are always going to be close to weight the ones who are not cutting their weight tends to fluctuate a lot more. Our 106 is about 5’8 and is skin and bones but his weight could be anything from 102 to 108 on any given day and most my team is like that. I agree that cutting weight is the terrible ugly part of our sport but the rules in place don’t exactly work that well in practice. Just my two cents.
  20. Man ft. Wayne semi state at 106 is tough… not a ton of highly state ranked kid but it seems like each regional has a lot of depth of tough semi-state level kids
  21. I could be reading incorrectly but all of the wording in the rule book says that locking on the leg should be called stalemate unless it is a repeated action. So while you’re right it is a judgment call, the rule book specifically outlines multiple instances that should be considered a stalemate and should be considered stalling. This is under section 23 in the rule book.
  22. From delta sectional Bollinger#4fwss over Cline #9 fwss at 106 8-6 in semi finals 126 unranked Brooks from Daleville over Boone Yorktown 2-1 in semis then Jett cowan over brooks 3-2 in finals. stebbins over Boone for 3rd 113- fwss #7 Stuffel Yorktown over b. Keith #6 FWSS by fall Keith was winning by 2 or 3 before the fall awesome match delta-208 team score yorktown 204 in a team race that came down to the HWTs great day of wrestling to all.
  23. That’s rough… should be an easy stalemate…Had a kid get hit for second stall call today in third period with 10 seconds left of a semi final match us up 1-0 bottom flat on belly head down and us out to the side. Gives kid restart and kid gets away so we lose 2-1. Ref told our kid after the match he only hit us because we looked at the clock on top as if that’s a rule…
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