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Everything posted by combatspeed06

  1. lol. Thanks for the consideration Benj, but I don't belong anywhere near this thread. Maybe if the thread was "Luckiest Big Man". haha
  2. Due to scheduling conflicts there will be no RTC today. Thanks for your patience.
  3. Are you forgetting the Beehler gap in between Coach Smith and D?
  4. TOMORROW. 6 PM. GET BETTER, GET FASTER, GET STRONGER. Our room continues to improve every week and this week shouldn't be any different! This weeks featured clinician will be Elkhart Memorial State Champ and Rockstar Gym owner Steve Stahl! Coach Stahl is not only great in his wrestling technique, but also his wrestling philosophy and his tips/tricks for overall body maintenance. This is an RTC you do NOT want to miss. As always, our featured clinician will go over roughly 20-25 minutes of technique and then we will go right into live! THE ONLY WAY TO GET BETTER IS TO PUT IN THE TIME!!!
  5. TODAY IS A DAY YOU WILL IMPROVE! Let's get those numbers up! Last week we had about 35 wrestlers getting better! If you want to take that next step and reach the podium next year, this is where you put in the work. As always, we will start practice with a little technique. This week will feature newly crowned All American Jake Sinkovics! Great room for all sizes and ages. MISHAWAKA WRESTLING ROOM - TODAY - SIX O'CLOCK - BE THERE OR BE PASSED BY
  6. Last week was awesome...Let's make this week even better! Use every opportunity and resource you have to become a BETTER WRESTLER. TOMORROW....6pm....LET'S GET IT!!!
  7. Had a great room last night with a few schools represented! The technique shown by Coach Carr was amazing and the guys were sure to get after it during the live sessions. Let's see just how packed we can get the room! Looking at you, South Bend, Penn, Jimtown, Elkhart!!! EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:00 SHARP! LET'S GET IT!
  8. Woods was so fun to watch that year!
  9. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the winners of the "Coaches Title" aka the current format for Team State from before the new system was implemented? Along with the list of champions, how about score totals? Curious to see how some of those teams fared in the older system.
  10. Be there, TONIGHT at 6:00 for what looks to be a great room! Let's see how packed we can get it!!!
  11. "Ok, now the first thing you're gonna want to do to set this cradle up is....be twice as strong as your opponent."
  12. Anyone been to a clinic with Robles? I'm curious to know what he shows.
  13. I'm not sure on the name...I think it was 04-05 or somewhere around there. He came in as a pretty big surprise. PS- There was some satire to my post. I have Streck as one of the best if not THEE best heavy in Indiana history.
  14. Yeah, we call it a barrel roll. Ian Hinton got the first takedown in nearly every single one of his matches by wiping off a post straight to a 2 on 1 to a barrel roll. Great move to hit right off the bat when both wrestlers are dry. If you're dry enough you can finish it without even coming off of the 2 on 1.
  15. Streck 3-2. I remember wrestling Dexter a little in the off season and the dude was damn near impossible to finish on no matter how deep I got. Streck may be just a TINY bit stronger than what I was, though.
  16. That one short heavyweight from....I want to say Mt. Vernon, the one who saltoed EVERYONE on his way to a state championship...He beats them all.
  17. I suppose my wife "knew what she was getting into".
  18. I tried to get him to bleach it for State, a la "The Boz", but I couldn't quite convince him...
  19. You get paid!? I was under the impression that I had to pay to coach!!!!
  20. Tremendous job. The hard work is very much appreciated.
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