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  1. Last week we had a packed room with over 50 kids of all ages. Garrett, Jimtown, Riley, Wawasee, and Bremen all had kids in the room, just to name a few. Riley Lefever did a great job. This Wednesday, Manchester University head coach Kevin Lake will be in the room to start us off. Get to Mishawaka this Wednesday to take the next step.
  2. Don't miss your chance to roll with a 4X National Champ tonight at MHS. Enter through door L on the west side of the building. We will even have Wabash t-shirts for sale for $20.
  3. Numbers were light last week due to competing with awards banquets. This week will be a packed house!! Get there early this Wednesday for 4X National Champ, Riley Lefever. Don't miss your chance to learn from one of the best!! Party starts at 6:00.
  4. Jake Sinkovics will be making his next stop on the Northern Indiana RTC tour tonight at Mishawaka. Make sure you are here at 6:00 and ready to roll with the 3X All-American. Enter through door L on the west side of the building.
  5. The Mishawaka RTC will kick of next Wednesday, the 15th, at 6:00. Coming off of his third straight All-American honor, Jake Sinkovics, will be in to lead evening. Don't miss your chance to learn from one of the area's best. Enter through Door L on the west side of the building.
  6. The Mishawaka RTC will be on Wednesdays and start up on March 15th at 6:00. Enter through door L on the west side of the school.
  7. Tonight we will have in University of the Cumberlands Assistant Coach and MHS 2X State Champ, Steven Sandefer. Should be another packed room.
  8. Tomorrow night we will have former State Champion and current MMA stud Jarred Brooks in the room. Be at the Cave by 6:00 for the party.
  9. Whoever is still in town, head to Mishawaka at 6:00. The weather sucks so you might as well come to Mishawaka and get better.
  10. Outstanding may be an understatement. Anyone who wasn't at the Cave last night missed out. Next week will be much of the same with a legend taking the reigns for technique at the start of practice. Hall of Famer, Henry Wilk, will be sharing some of the technique that made him one of the best we have ever seen in Indiana.
  11. Steven Sandefer, assistant coach at University of the Cumberlands, will be in attendance tonight, as well as 2X All-American Jake Sinkovics. Going to be a good room.
  12. Always refreshments and rap music. Working on getting an ice cream truck into the gym.
  13. Mishawaka will host our first RTC of the year this Wednesday. 2X All-American, Jake Sinkovics, will be there this week as well as Coach Fleeger. Enter through door L on the west side of the building and we will get going right at 6:00.
  14. The Mishawaka RTC will start on March 16th at 6:00. We will get the season started right with the University of the Cumberlands coach Chris Fleeger showing some technique to start the session off.
  15. Thank you to Carroll, Penn and the Spartan Elite teams from Illinois that made the trip to Mishawaka yesterday. Although we were hoping for a couple more teams, we still were able to see some quality wrestling and great competition. The top three places are shown below. 1st Place - Penn-Gold 2nd Place - Spartan Elite Gold 3rd Place - Carroll
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