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  1. Thanks Joe! As usual great job.
  2. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Black Family and Shenandoah community. May God bless you and let you find peace in this very difficult time.
  3. I think you guys did a great job. It was good to see the turnout from other states for an event in Indiana. The scrolling boards with bout numbers worked great (Very similar to USAW Folkstyle Nationals). The trackwrestling video was very helpful for family that can't make the tournament. The only thing I would suggest is a podium area for the award winners. For such a tough tournament, getting an award at the table seemed a little anticlimactic. As the tournament gets even bigger and competition more difficult awards will mean even more. Pictures would be nice. The singlets an
  4. This is by far the best preview. Great job. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. This is the best time and most stressful time of the year.
  5. David Hill did suffer a career ending neck injury at Greo State his Freshman year. We have missed having him wrestling but he has been helping Coach since. Once a wrestler always a wrestler.
  6. Lawrenceburg Wrestling is taking a Middle school team made up of some of the states top kids. I still need two m ore wrestlers to make a full squad (90 lbs. & 120 lbs). If interested please email me at tjruberg@yahoo.com or call/text me at 859-391-0384. The cost for the team is only $90 (includes entrey fee, singlet, shirt and shorts). The tournament is July 21st in Battlecreek, MI. Thanks TJ Ruberg
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