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  1. If he doesn't win this year, we could he looking at a 3 time state champ.
  2. If he doesn't win this year, we could he looking at a 3 time state champ.
  3. I'm in the Indy area about 10 minutes from Banker's Life, and we're getting heavy snow. Is there any chance it gets postponed or cancelled?
  4. Ok, maybe my choice is a little biased, but I honestly believe that Mr. Nathan "Big Daddy" Hayes will be victorious and upset the 1 seed.
  5. I think Hayes vs Hickerson will be a great first round match. Who does everyone think will win. I have to go with Hayes.
  6. I've not seen Hickerson wrestle this year. What type of wrestler is he? Any big matches he's won or looked impressive in?
  7. When is the coaches meeting (if it hasn't already happened)? And the cliche question: When will brackets be posted?
  8. Nathan Hayes of Greensburg beat #3 in state Nate Trawick 9-7.
  9. Greensburg is at the Dealta Duals. Teams include: Greensburg, Concordia, Snider (FW?), Carrol (FW?), and Delta. Next Tuesday Greensburg is at East Central.
  10. While it may be a bit on the pricey side, I recommend the Sully shoulder brace. It worked well with me but it also depends on the injury and it's severity.
  11. Is the preseason mag only available in a physical copy? I don't know if you'd sell a digital copy of it.
  12. Hard to see Brandon Butz of Greensburg not being top 8. 2 time semi state qualifier going into his junior year. I understand he lost to Walsh of brown county, but Brandon was winning by quite a few points before getting pinned. Just trying to get him the attention he deserves.
  13. How does a team get chosen for this? Are there certain requirements that need to be met?
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