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  1. I'm not bashing anyone. In fact I've given him praise. Saying he is prolly the best out of all three. And last year I wanted Red to bump to wrestle Lee. I think it would be awesome if they ended up in the same weight this year. IN wrestling could use the hype on a national level of having two of the best in the country battling it out at multiple weights for state titles. If you think that's bad then you are as dumb as I thought. I think it would be cool if Kobe did try to do that to Streck. Gelen bumped to try and get the best competition and beat Streck. Just FYI Y2 sometimes team state titl
  2. I never said he should go on a vision quest. I think for him to cement himself as maybe one of the best ever big men to wrestle he should. And he should want to beat those two guys. I simply said he doesn't come off as being the type of guy who it would bother that ppl might not think he can beat MP or KW. Did you ever see the match couple years ago when David Taylor wrestled Palmer? I can't remember which bumped up. But both of those guys wanted to be the best and wanted to make it known they were.
  3. Yeah why try to challenge yourself? Why try to cement yourself as an all time great? Why get wins over nationally ranked opponents? I think wrestling wise Rypel is one of the best big guys IN has ever seen. But there have been plenty of 2 time state champs. I would love to see him beat a defending state champion who is ranked in the country. And a young stud who by the time he is a senior could very well be top 10. Hope you don't coach your athletes that way Y2J. You'd suck as a coach if so.
  4. While Rypel might be the best of all three right now. I don't see Rypel wanting to wrestle them. He doesn't come off as having that big vision quest type drive to prove to everyone. He will wrestle 95 again and dominate everyone like last year.
  5. If those 3 all end up at 220. 195 might be even worse from 1-8 than it was 2-8 last year. If I was a good 82 or small 220 I'd be dropping if these 3 give the fans what they want.
  6. Hump was an all time great but wanted no part of Angel in high school.
  7. Don't kid with Nick Lee going 132. That would be the best thing ever for IN wrestling.
  8. I say Rypel Parris and Woods all go 220 that would be awesome! Sorry to say Tonte might be 4th in the state but he wouldn't be within 8-11 points to any of these 3.
  9. Early favorite? Already the highest scoring returning team in dual format. Now I'm guessing adding Tonte to that lineup really helps.
  10. I have seen on Facebook a gofundme has been set up for the Herrick family. Anything will help at this time of need.
  11. Didn't see this topic. Read the Dom Herrick topic I posted.
  12. Last Wednesday night Dom's mother had a severe asthma attack resulting her to be in a coma. Dom competed and wrestled like a champion placing 8th in the state. I'm sorry to say that I have heard that his mother has passed today. Please pray and send thoughts and prayers to the Dom and the Herrick family!
  13. 113 might decide the whole team race early. With Turner vs Hildabrant. Still don't see anyone catching Cathedral. Penn and EMD do loom in the distance. 120 Egli will be huge this morning if he can get to the semis. That would most likely give them 3 for sure.
  14. Turner vs Hildabrant might decide team state.
  15. Cummings Pepple Bailey Red Lee James Covaciu Forte Hughes Harvey Paris Rypel Woods Streck
  16. There is a very high ranking IHSAA official at Merriville. I do believe it is a HUGE deal if it cost whoever a chance at even an 8th place medal. Getting to stand on that podium as one of the best in the state is the ultimate goal for these wrestlers. If bc of cheating at one of the semi states switches what draw a kid should have had compared to another is wrong. If the IHSAA did mess this up then punishment should start with Faulkens and start its way down to the official who was present at Merriville should be fired.
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