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  1. Lance was the greatest thrower this state has ever seen!
  2. Lance was a beast! He would stick his leg out daring you to shoot on him and when you did he would pull you up and toss the poo out of you! Brooks gets stuck in the 2nd.
  3. The Golden Ace Inn is on Washington Street, a very short drive from the fieldhouse. That is where I will be on friday night after the first round. Also they were considered in the top 25 burgers in Indy magazine.
  4. From the stands it looked like Willis's shoulder might have popped out two or three times. He was definitly in pain out there, you could hear him yell out from 30 rows up. That being said if he isnt 100% Mappes wins fairly easily. But if/when healthy it will gbe worth price of admission.
  5. Just saw on facebook that Gavin was injured on Saturday in a hit and run. I havent found anything on the Indystar website but I will be praying for him.
  6. Exactly where and how Notre Dame's athletic nickname, "Fighting Irish," came to origination never has been perfectly explained. One story suggests the moniker was born in 1899 with Notre Dame leading Northwestern 5-0 at halftime of a game in Evanston, Ill. The Wildcat fans supposedly began to chant, "Kill the Fighting Irish, kill the Fighting Irish," as the second half opened. Another tale has the nickname originating at halftime of the Notre Dame-Michigan game in 1909. With his team trailing, one Notre Dame player yelled to his teammates - who happened to have names like Dolan, Ke
  7. How anyone can say that the refs got the call right blows my mind. Had the ref informed the wrestlers that there was more time, then maybe I could see that. However the wrestlers were not informed and if Keiffer saw the clock hit zero while he is trying to prevent himself getting put to his back why would he have any reason to believe that the clock is not right. This should never happen!
  8. I have to say I was impressed with Wesley he is gonna be a force when it is all said and done.
  9. New Castle, but Merriville is a very very very close second.
  10. He seems like a great kid. I will be rooting for him.
  11. http://www.indy.com/posts/something-inside-drives-tech-s-price It is good to see some IPS wrestlers getting some recognition! He looked very good at sectionals and I think could make some noise.
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