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Everything posted by Steven Sandefer

  1. Mishawaka departs the NIC for the NLC 2020-2021.
  2. RTC is still on through the summer time! We will continue to scrap Thursdays at 5:30PM!
  3. RTC tonight 5:30-7:00PM! Kyle Hatch is back in the room training with us as we prepare for the Maconaquah duals Saturday.
  4. Join us tonight with special guests, 4x All-American & NAIA National Champion - Jake Sinkovics AND 2x D3 All-American - Kyle Hatch. Great opportunity for wrestlers of all sizes to train! Party starts at 5:30PM!
  5. Tonight at 5:30PM! Door L, must have a USAW card. "The only way you gain mental toughness is to do things you're not happy doing. If you continue doing things that you're satisfied with and make you happy, you're not getting stronger. You're staying where you're at. Either you're getting better, or you're getting worse. You're not staying the same."-David Goggins
  6. Great room tonight! Had a special guest surprise us and pop in; 2x All-American at Wabash College, Kyle Hatch showed us a peek at his Russian tie series. Still many area wrestlers popping in to scrap from South Bend, Goshen, Elkhart, Warsaw, Plymouth, and Edwardsburg. Join the party next week!
  7. Join the action tomorrow night at 5:30PM! We had a great room last week so lets keep the ball rolling and continue to get better this off-season. Make no excuses, either get better or get passed this off-season!
  8. Back in action tomorrow night at 5:30PM! All are welcome in taking advantage of this off-season. Get better or get passed!
  9. Join us again tomorrow night at 5:30PM! Come and square up with 2019 Flo Nationals Runner-up Joe Walker; take him down and we will give you a free t-shirt! 😁
  10. Join us again this Thursday, the weather is getting nicer, but we are still getting after it at 5:30PM! We would like to wish all wrestlers competing at FloNationals this week GOOD LUCK and represent well! Again, we encourage all to learn and try freestyle and greco whether you plan on competing or not. Being well rounded in all styles will help you to become a better high school wrestler as much of your freestyle and greco knowledge transitions to making you a better folkstyle wrestler! See you all Thursday!
  11. We are back in action this Thursday! Hope everyone had a great spring break both on and off of the mat. Many area and Michigan wrestlers will be in the room training both folkstyle and freestyle/greco. Join us again this Thursday to go toe to toe with past, present, and future state qualifiers, state placers, and state champions!
  12. Hey guys quick update- we will be having RTC tonight 5:30-7:00PM. The next two weeks are kind of slow for all of us. A lot of schools are on spring break this week and Mishawaka with be on spring break next week so we will not be holding an RTC next week April 4th! See everyone tonight, let's get better!
  13. Back at it again tonight at 5:30PM. Let's get after it!
  14. Join us this Thursday at 5:30PM as we kick off the freestyle season. Take advantage of these off-season opportunities to get better!
  15. Awesome room last night with a ton of area wrestlers taking advantage of the opportunity to get better! State placers/qualifiers in action- Brendon Mark (Q - 126), Gabe Weeks (Q - 138), Graham Calhoun (7th, Q, 5th - 170), Joe Walker (Q, 6th - 170), Jake Lone (8th, 6th - 182 and stud incoming freshman brother), Jacob LaPlace (4th, Q, Q - 182), Hezzy DeVault (5th- 285) and a large number of semi-state qualifiers. Join us next Thursday at 5:30PM for the opportunity to scrap with region wrestlers from Mishawaka, Penn, Plymouth, Goshen, Northwood, Edwardsburg, and some I may have forgot!
  16. Mishawaka 2006: Josh Harper - 1st Nick Wiesjahn - 4th Benji Dolly - 3rd Ian Hinton - 1st Pat Day - 1st Mishawaka 2007: Josh Harper - 1st Nick Wiesjahn - 3rd Steven Sandefer - 5th Kurt Kauffman - 5th Ian Hinton - 1st Randy Morin - 4th Mishawaka 2008: Paul Beck - 7th Adam Guerra - 5th Josh Harper - 1st Steven Sandefer - 1st Caleb Norville - 6th Dave Balentine - 4th Randy Morin - 3rd Mishawaka 2010: Paul Beck - 2nd Layten Binion - 7th Taylor Wisler - 8th Nick Schrader - 4th Matt Guerra - 4th Ryan Stahl - 4th Richard Morin - 6th Christian Lentz - 2nd Travis Thomas - 3rd
  17. Mishawaka RTC's will begin every Thursday at 5:30PM starting March 7th. We are looking forward to another great off-season with many of the regions best wrestlers and teams! Join us each week for an opportunity to improve folkstyle, freestyle, and greco techniques followed by live wrestling. Please enter through the staired west doors (L), must have an USA wrestling card. -Coach Sandefer
  18. Mishawaka - 8 4 Champs (2 Soph. / 2 Jr.) 1 Runner-up (1 Sr.) 3 Thirds (2 Soph. / 1 Jr.)
  19. This could be a sweet thread of its own; favorite walk-out songs. Mine was always "Jump Around" 😎
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