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  1. sweepsingle20

    Jennings County Sectional

    Individual results??
  2. sweepsingle20

    Mater Dei Holiday Classic

    Can someone post the seeds when the meeting is over?
  3. sweepsingle20

    Mater Dei Holiday Classic

    Any idea if they are seeding? And if they are, when the seeding meeting will be?
  4. sweepsingle20

    Harrison 10-Way

    Any results?
  5. sweepsingle20

    Jeffersonville Friday Night

    Any idea on team scores?
  6. sweepsingle20

    Jeff Classic Predictions

    I see brandenstien 1st or maybe 2nd
  7. sweepsingle20

    Wrestling Team Rankings - Classed

    I think Mater Dei definitely deserves to be in front of Yorktown in 2A.
  8. sweepsingle20

    Jeffersonville seeds

    So is Vibbert or Seng wrestling 103 for Mater Dei??
  9. sweepsingle20

    Jeffersonville seeds

    Do you see any other mistakes?
  10. sweepsingle20

    Jeffersonville seeds

    Thats not what the seedings say at the beginning of this topic?
  11. sweepsingle20

    RANKINGS UPDATED 12/12 at 7:20PM

    Boomsma over Shepard has to be a notable win.
  12. sweepsingle20

    RANKINGS UPDATED 12/12 at 7:20PM

    I heard Boomsma wrestled Shepard at Mater Dei? Did he win?
  13. sweepsingle20

    Jeffersonville seeds

    There may have been a mistake? ahah
  14. sweepsingle20

    Jeffersonville seeds

    Weinzapfel (Mater Dei) seeded 6?
  15. sweepsingle20

    Jeffersonville seeds

    Any info on how the seedings were picked?

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