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  1. sweepsingle20

    Mr. Gorilla

    Joe Lee/Nick Lee
  2. sweepsingle20

    Team Race

    How are the team scores looking to pan out?
  3. sweepsingle20

    120 Will be fun!

    Are you referring to Egli's loss to Konrath? He would compete with all of the 120's and may be the favorite at that weight.
  4. sweepsingle20

    IHSAA Championship - Anyone have 3 Champs?

    I believe Lee scored a takedown against James
  5. sweepsingle20

    Evansville Semi State Rankings

    Any hope of an update coming soon?
  6. sweepsingle20

    Team State Talk and Predictions

    So the lineup they put on the mat yesterday was not their best lineup if everyone was healthy? I don't think starters not wrestling varsity last year has neccessarily anything to do with health.
  7. sweepsingle20

    Team State Talk and Predictions

    I don't think Nick Lee needs to prove himself.
  8. sweepsingle20

    Mater Dei vs. Ev. Memorial

    Lehman was 152.
  9. To all who are interested, I started an Indiana Mat bracket competition on ESPN.com. Group name: Indiana Mat Password: wrestling
  10. sweepsingle20

    Curly Headed Intruder

    I am certain that this is most definitely not Logan Weinzapfel from Mater Dei. I happen to be very close to Logan and his family and I have never known him to step out of line. I think you need to get your facts straight before you accuse others of being this infamous wanderer.
  11. sweepsingle20

    Curly Headed Intruder

    yep that's the one! what a character!
  12. sweepsingle20

    Curly Headed Intruder

    As I watched on and saw the wrestlers in the state finals prepare for their championship match, I noticed a confused looking curly headed juvenile wandering helplessly amongst the wrestlers. He spoke with the various color guards, pestered photographers, gained some camera time, and almost made a move on the podium. Thankfully security removed him before he caused any real trouble.
  13. sweepsingle20


    why you silent? -silent bang. I like em loud
  14. sweepsingle20

    state then and now

    Novice - 100 1st Place - Link Dierks of Evansville 2nd Place - Roberto Yanez of Portage 3rd Place - Jacob Masengale of Indianapolis 4th Place - Layne Harnishfeger of Brookville 5th Place - Seth Seitzinger of Bloomington 6th Place - Dylen Goddard of Indianapolis 7th Place - Tanner Fritch of Evansville 8th Place - Logan Hunt of New Palestine Now known for being one of the top managers in the state of Indiana.
  15. preview article coming out tonight?

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