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  1. fearless fly

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    i always had a soft spot for this
  2. fearless fly

    10 years ago today....

  3. fearless fly

    You think IndianaMat should??

    you didnt finish you topic question ... should what ? .... be free ? make it a pay site ? get a real Gorilla ?( I like that one !)
  4. fearless fly

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #1

    or the better chance you are wrong...
  5. fearless fly

    Looking for an old smart ref....

    is he still reffin' ? and was 10 pointer taken by bow, shotgun. rifle, pistol, huntin' knife or wrestled to the ground with your bare hands and choked him out ?
  6. fearless fly

    Harrison Super Dual

    Harrison A vs Harrison B = practice
  7. fearless fly

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #1

    Hetzner is listed at 170 and 182... I guess we'll see where he ends up...
  8. fearless fly

    State Finals Time Lapse

    gotta be quick to see them takedowns, thats for sure! nice job, was that your camera ?
  9. fearless fly

    Boards about to die down

    mine had no updates...except for one and ....
  10. fearless fly

    Who impressed you the most

    Conner Graber
  11. fearless fly

    Indiana not alone w/ controversial calls

    Great response except one thing...here, I fixed it... Legit freakin awesome with 2 guys battling for THE title under the lights!
  12. fearless fly

    Indiana not alone w/ controversial calls

    why not 4 computers and 4 tvs ? Bernewitness got it right at FWSS....4 mats on 1 screen and ZERO problems....just sayin ! I asked on another thread if Track was showing parade on Friday and still don't know if they did.... wifey wants to know as that was what she wanted to see most ...
  13. fearless fly

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    I pinned myself a lot...I may have had season record for pins because of it...memory fading
  14. fearless fly


    i seen a television show where a members of a tribe shook something else when they greeted each other.....not for me ...shaking hands good !

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