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  1. fearless fly

    Team State updates

    where was that info before devildog asked ? I was on here when he posted and looked when I realized I couldnt find anything. could have been better promoted IMO
  2. fearless fly

    Article: IndianaMat Gorilla Radio Episode 61

    lol....the sorry part made me laugh... Im just fine ! With all your technological advantages, how is what you posted an article like the heading says ? cant disagree...give me time.....I will catch up....
  3. fearless fly

    Article: IndianaMat Gorilla Radio Episode 61

    welcome....more of a time thing, I dont have one of them fancy phones and no access unless me here on computer which isnt alot...when I read "Article" I got a little excited cause I read alot faster than watching....
  4. fearless fly

    Article: IndianaMat Gorilla Radio Episode 61

    dont think link is working.... not seeing article....all I get is replay of "radio" show I didnt want to watch in the first place
  5. fearless fly

    New Castle Semi-State Rankings #4

    agreed on the bumping...checked more of the Centerville matches and Calderon has bumped a few times....the match with Jake would be more of a possibility in a dual format but Im assuming county tourney isnt...
  6. fearless fly

    New Castle Semi-State Rankings #4

    Really ? took a quick look at results and this was the 1st Centerville result I came to.... just saying ! Date: 12/28/2018 Centerville 54 Monroe Central 25 Details: 145 T. Jones MC over Tinkle C maj dec 12-2 152 Clark C over Ja. Franklin MC by fall 1:26 160 L. Calderon C over Ju. Franklin MC by fall 1:14 170 McComb MC over Duncan C dec 6-2 182 A. Calderon C over Keith MC by fall 1:33 195 Pritchett C by FF 220 Hiatt MC over Hale C by fall :57 285 Swallow MC over Collins C by fall 2:24 106 Weesner MC over Longmire C by fall 1:39 113 Wilmot C by FF 120 Buttler C over Tinsmen MC by fall 5:40 126 Frazier C by FF 132 Vredeveld C over J. Jones MC by fall 3:30 138 Phillips C over Heskett MC by fall :35
  7. fearless fly

    Holiday Weekend Upsets

    may be but with info like Coach Brobst provided they will be more educated ranking opinions thanks Coach Brobst !
  8. John McKee Memorial Tournament https://www.nicf.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Coach-Robert-McKee-Memorial-Scholarship-Donor-Story.pdf
  9. latest update this morning from Fox59... https://fox59.com/2018/12/26/family-of-the-wrestler-who-was-forced-to-cut-his-dreadlocks-speaks-out/
  10. fearless fly

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #2

    285 Leeper ranked 2nd and Swartz 3rd but state rankings have Swartz 10th and Leeper 16th. is Swartz sandbagging at FW ?
  11. fearless fly

    IndyStar Athlete of the Week.

    voted and after seeing the current tally it was like pissing in the ocean... : (
  12. fearless fly

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    i always had a soft spot for this
  13. fearless fly

    10 years ago today....

  14. fearless fly

    You think IndianaMat should??

    you didnt finish you topic question ... should what ? .... be free ? make it a pay site ? get a real Gorilla ?( I like that one !)
  15. fearless fly

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #1

    or the better chance you are wrong...

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