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  1. Oh quit!!!! Hudkins is a monster and a great kid!!! My point was that he could upset my prediction. Will that help you sleep tonight? But he will have his hands full to do it...
  2. With mat time beating Egli is no easy task. Would be the match of the day in my opinion.
  3. Didn't mean to get you all riled up.,. I was saying in my opinion. Not popular opinion.,., We will see at tourney time.
  4. Bailey with another win over Elliot. Good stuff!!! The underclassmen in this weight class are taking Indiana wrestling to a new level!!! Proud of there hard work! Reitz, Bailey or Egli in my opinion will be 120 champion. Again I will say depends on the way they draw in. They are in my mind the favorites in this weight! Hudkins is the only one I think could upset them IF he is 100%! He is a great wrestler! Great counter offense! Great positioning on his feet! Reitz is still my pick! He will be at his best @ State! It will be a FUN one to watch!!!
  5. Bailey with another win over Elliot. Good stuff!!!
  6. Great job Jeremiah!!! If I have to pick a favorite it is going to be Him!! I hope to see Hudkins and Reitz in the finals!!! I will go ahead and call Reitz!!! But there are so many great kids here, Black obviously a serious threat, and they all match up so oddly!!! Like I said its gonna be fun!!!
  7. I think the ranking guy did all he could do. Reitz tomorrow and then the rankings guy will know why I said this would be a fun weight to watch!
  8. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!
  9. WOW!!! Just WOW!!! Looking forward to the next time they wrestle!!! This is going to be a fun year to watch 120!
  10. Reitz is the real deal! Great kid from a Great Family! I expect to see him under the lights!!! When a kid like him gets pinned its usually a mistake that does not get repeated. Go Jer!!!
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