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  1. I always hate hearing things like this. Pugsley wrestled a great match, and almost pulled off the upset. Yes, White was bleeding - but to say that is the reason he had an overtime match is something that can't be proven. It may have been a factor, and it may not have been. You can't discredit a kid who nearly pulled off the upset though by using hypotheticals that can't be proven.
  2. One of the coolest moments for me, from a fan's perspective - was in the ticket round between Ryan Surguy of Shenandoah and Riley White. I don't know if maybe I saw it wrong, or if track wrestling is wrong. But I was certain that White reversed Surguy with seven seconds to go in the ticket round to take the lead 5-4 - and then Surguy turned right around and reversed him at the buzzer to win 6-5. Track has the score 6-3 though. So maybe I just imagined all of the above.
  3. At New Castle I'd give this title to Mason Parris. He made very good wrestlers look completely outclassed. He did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Takedown, cut - takedown pin. It was that easy for him. He's just on another level. My second place vote would have to go to Shenandoah's Josh Gee. Gee didn't win the final match, but for an unranked kid that's never been to state to knock out the No. 3 and the No. 4 ranked guys in his weight class, in order - was impressive. This was my first time seeing Alec Viduya as well. That kid is a beast.
  4. Are the other weights listed in part 2 or something? Great job with this part - just wanting to read more.
  5. Well - I photoshopped (badly) a picture of Dingo at last night's hangout - but it's not posting. He must have one heck of a security team.
  6. Thanks. So you can't just take a photo from your desktop, correct? It has to be something from the web?
  7. How do we attach a picture to a post?
  8. You may be referring to Levi Rose, a former New Castle wrestler who did MMA and died in an automobile accident - at least the part about the MMA fighting.
  9. I'm liking this, just to help your upvote numbers.
  10. I saw the unfortunate news that Sammy Fair will have surgery on Friday. Not sure on what, but that stinks for any kid with high goals.
  11. 106: Johnson, Lowery, Black, Mattingly 113: Viduya, Turner, Rose, Fair 120: Nier, Ragle, Noehre, Freije 126: Slivka, White, Jerde, Pugsley 132: Bailey, Schaefer, Smiley, Bowling 138: Melloh, Whie, Moore, Wagner 145: Welliever, Graves, Rust, WIlbrandt 152: Negengard, Warren, Eiteljorge, Kitko 160: Warren, Bane, Berkebile, Lazzara 170: Penola, Webster, Allred, Lowe 182: Stanbaugh, Allen, Rolfes, Simmons 195: Stewart, Tonte, Jagow, Williamson 220: Parris, Cornwell, McClaine, Burton 285: Samuels, Bailey, Woolbright, Selm
  12. Silas Allred over Ruberg. Good match but then Ruberg may possibly be injured or sick afterward - think he was taken to hospital. I pray he's ok.
  13. I was thinking the same. There is a wrestler I know that probably can't compete due to an injury. If he can't compete - I'd assume 5th place from the same sectional would then have the opportunity? And, if so, how would that change seeding?
  14. My predictions for championship matches are: 106 Black (S) vs. Lee (FC) 113 Owens (NC) vs. Jaya (Rush) 120 Ragle (NC) vs. Boggs (SD) 126 Pugsley (S) vs. Negangard (EC) 132 Schaefer (SD) vs. Lohrey (S) 138 Surguy (S) vs. Humbert (FC) 145 Buck (NC) vs. Lane (EC) 152 Negangard (EC) vs. Coffman (UC) 160 Bane ® vs. Gee (S) 170 Allred (S) vs. Ruberg (L) 182 Rolfes (L) vs. Clark (K) 195 Walker (S) vs. Haagar (NE) 220 Parris (L) vs. Clouse (NC) Hvy Wisner (K) vs. Minges (EC) No disrespect meant toward anyone. This is just my opinion and I see the individuals in the S
  15. Sweet. I'm always up for a free T-shirt. #score #freebies #watchthespladle #dontreachback #sectionalqualifier
  16. This started out as an interesting discussion - and then all the hashtags happened.
  17. I think Shenandoah wins - with 8 advancing. New Castle second with 8 advancing and Franklin County third with 7. Of course, these are all complete guesses - but on paper that's what I'm sticking to. I think Shenandoah runs away with it - having four, possibly five champs.
  18. I know Shenandoah won its first sectional title on Saturday. How many other teams out there earned their first?
  19. Some matchups I'm hoping to see: Schaefer vs. Lohrey (132) Bane vs. Gee (Bane has dominated Gee in the past, but the Raider senior lost just 1-0 in sectional) The biggest one, in my book will be the talented 14-year-old Silas Allred (No. 4-ranked) vs. the seasoned veteran Jake Ruberg (No. 9) at 170. That could be worth the price of admission. Oh, and some 220 pounder is getting a little attention to. I think that Lawrenceburg kid has a real shot at getting to semistate. 152 is interesting. The 4th place finisher has a 37-7 record.
  20. Chico had one of the craziest pins I've ever seen at semistate. He was literally standing up and had his hand only on his opponents chest and earned the fall.
  21. James "Bubba" Dickerson pinned his way through the state tournament his junior season. He died before his senior year, but man, that guy was a freak of nature.
  22. Not counting people not making weight, what is the policy on bracket changes? It seems every year the brackets released and the actual tournament brackets are vastly different. Are there discrepancies in brackets that people already know about for this year's sectionals?
  23. It would be tough, for sure - but I'd hope if put in that situation I'd be able to tell the kid he did the right thing by giving his best and not faking an injury to get to his goal.
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