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Ed Pendoski

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibiltiy

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I had to share this.


We have a young guy in our club who is deaf.  I remind our guys often that RJ probably is the toughest guy in our room.  Last year was his first practice ever. First time in a wrestling room.  He was in first grade and cannot hear or speak.  I could only imagine how difficult that had to be for him as we watched him go through his first couple of practices.


One year later, RJ is always the first guy in the room at practice.  He is usually the last guy to leave.  You can see that wrestling is something that RJ and his dad truly enjoy.  


Yesterday dad was sending us pictures of him and RJ watching the finals on TV.  This morning he sent the collage of RJ in front of the TV with guys that have been in our room this past year.  At some of our camps, we let dad know which guys have great resumes and should do quite well in the upcoming HS Season.  RJ and his dad were excited to get pictures with the, and all the guys were great with RJ, even though it's not the easiest to communicate with him.


After I saw the picture it made me think of Spiderman's phrase.  With great power comes great responsibilities.  


Congrats to all of this year's state champs.  I do want to thank the guys that were in our room and took just a few minutes to interact with RJ.  To be honest, I had forgot all about those champs that were around in the past year.......but RJ and his father didn't!  They will remember forever!


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Beautiful, Eddie! I hope those young champions see this and realize the power they have to impact the lives of others. I'm sure lots of your other wrestlers have done the same. You don't have to be a champion to make a big impact on someone's life.


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