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  1. Who are the head coaches that have been the head coach for individual state champs at multiple schools? I'm sure there is a spreadsheet around here somewhere. Tonte, Snyder, Briggs, are the 3 I can think of off the top of my head. Multiple team state champs with different schools?
  2. Same. He coached my dad in 74-77 and me in 2004-2007. I was fortunate to be his last state qualifier. With all the traditions around the state, I wonder how many other coaches coached father/son duos and what the widest gap between father to son is. Coach never aged, just tamed his hair over the years! Lol
  3. I was thinking about Coach as well. I looked up his HOF article, and they had him at 448-133 for his record at that time. Which he coached another year or two after he was inducted. I'll have to reach out back home to see if they have the year by year breakdown. His career started in the early 70s and retired in 2008, with a brief break in the middle when he was an assistant to Boley. Not bad for a guy who came from a small school that did not have wrestling while he was a student. https://www.heraldbulletin.com/sports/elwood-s-leavitt-inducted-into-hall-of-fame/article_6a0f9759-ae73-58cf-a7fd-e5dabb342cfa.html
  4. Down to one room available. I plan on taking that afternoon off, so I can meet whoever takes it at the 3:00p check-in!
  5. I have 2 extra rooms at the Omni. I paid $240 online to book them, and, well, plans have changed unexpectedly this past Saturday. I will not be there until around 6:00p to check in. But anyone who is looking for a room (I picked the no cancellation rooms by mistake! stupid) send me a message on here and we will work out the details. Best of Luck to everyone competing this weekend. And someone please save my wallet! lol Coach Kelich
  6. dkelich

    Dan Kelich

    Dan Kelich
  7. Always enjoyed conversations with Tom and his stories. From the time I was a kid beginning to wrestle to now coaching. RIP Tom. Prayers to his family.
  8. Prayers to them and their family and friends from Union County.
  9. When I wrestled for Elwood (mid 2000s) we had wrestle offs to start the season. After that you could only be challenged for your spot following a loss. This included if someone wanted to move weights. We had them through conference week to keep the competition high and have our best lineup ready for the end of the year. Where I coach at now, we do something similar; however, numbers are really, really low so we have not had to have them this year.
  10. I think it's safe to say that Hall is pretty solid given he did beat Jason Nolf last summer. The same Nolf who is tearing it up for Penn St. and beat Martinez earlier this year. So he was prolly able to win that easy bc he is that good, not bc his opponent is bad. Hall would prolly win ours pretty easily. As for him possibly not TF or Pinning his way, it wasn't that long ago when Howe was doing that. So it is possible in our state.
  11. Where is the score prediction on Red v Lee? I'm feeling it may go Red 6-5. Anyone else? Ha
  12. Awesome stuff! Especially appreciate the fact that you put in this time AND make any corrections that come along. Thank you
  13. It is all about work ethic. If you are working year round on top of everything else you will be more successful. If you only bust it for wrestling it is much more difficult. I was fortunate to qualify for state my senior year being a seasonal wrestler (I wrestled year round until my freshman year). I have thought about the added success summer work would've given me, but now as a coach it is a point that I am able to coach from and teach my kids what level of commitment is required to succeed at something. I guess what I'm saying is that you can be a top dog either way, both require a tremendous amount of work and commitment, one way spreads it out over the year and the other condenses it into crazy madness and God given ability. If I had to choose again, I would spread it out.
  14. An update on Cody. Heard he wrestled 157 (weighs 153, must've hit a growth spurt on that D1 workout) and lost 2-1 to the #10 ranked 157 lb in the nation. Hopefully he can settle into a weight and make a run to AA with his redshirt being gone. I know he has the work ethic and mental toughness. Best of luck to Cody!
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