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List of D1 national qualifiers with Indiana ties

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My family is completely inspired by Jason Tsirtsis (and the entire Tsirtsis family).  He handles himself with complete class.  We have no doubt that he will be back on the top of the podium and we are

We've been following the guys with Indiana ties from NAIA, D2, and D3 schools last weekend and this coming weekend here: http://indianamat.com/index.php/topic/49976-many-naia-d2-d3-national-qualifiers

Sean Mappes got an at large bid

We have a winner.....lol

I gotcha. My apologies, I interpreted in the wrong context.


And to that point, it is a shame wrestling has to compete with the basketball tournament. The basketball tournament has become a tradition which draws many casual sports viewers, many who haven't watched a college bball game all year. I believe the NCAA wrestling could do the same thing if it wasn't in direct completion for those casual viewers. This has been an exciting tourney with lots of upsets, much anticipated matchups, and overall high level of wrestling. NCAA wrestling has really evolved from the low scoring slugfest as the norm to become a higher scoring much more entertaining to watch style of wrestling.


Maybe I'm way off but I think this is something that is marketable to the casual sport fan. I'm not saying that there will be office pools for wrestling across the country, but it could fit nicely into the sports void that occurs after NCAA bball and the masters.

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