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Who are your top 5 favorite indiana wrestlers?

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I looked through and was trying to think of some guys that had not been mentioned and I didnt see one of my favs of all time growing up.

1. Leroy Vega ( He was so awesome to watch wrestle)

2. Andrew Howe ( I love his hard charging physical style)

3. The Carr Brothers ( Technically so fun to watch)

4. The Maldonados ( I dont think I need to explain that one)

5. Angel Escobedo ( Great Wrestler and has proven himself in College)


Honorable Mention

Reece Humphrey, Greg Shaeffer, Greg Wagner, Alex Dolly, TTTTT JJJJJJ Hays, Brad Stephans, Trevor and Nate Andrews,

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Hmmm ... List is probably not all-inclusive after all these years, but these come quickly to mind:


> T.J. Hays

> Dan Jankowski

> anyone with last name JACKSON; but especially Demetrius

> anyone with last name ESCOBEDO

> anyone with last name TALAMANTES

> anyone with last name MALDONADO

> anyone with last name WEINZAPFEL


I have my reasons ...

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