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  1. wrestler2013

    Blood, sweat and fears

    HAMILTON is going to win state this year
  2. wrestler2013

    Who are your top 5 favorite indiana wrestlers?

    1.) Andrew Howe 2.) Jordan Hamilton 3.) Angel Escebedo
  3. wrestler2013

    All Decade Team 103lbs

    It was tough between josh Harper and Cody Phillips but i chose Harper because he was a 3 time state champ and undefeated those years and should have won it 4 but Phillips won it last year and i think he has a shot at winning it 4 times
  4. wrestler2013

    All Decade Team 160lbs

    Andrew Howe is clearly the best 160 poundr of this decade he only lost once and that was in his freahmen year in the stae finals and was a 3 time state champ
  5. wrestler2013

    All Decade Team 135lbs

    Angel Escebedo is clearly one of the best if not the best wrestlers in indiana history. I mean he never lost in highschool and was a 4 time state champ

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