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  1. Dont really like rap but Heart of a champion by Nelly is pretty good, and come on now "Eye of the Tiger". Haha "Your the best around" From karate Kid. Remember the Name by Fort Minor " "This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill. Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain. And a hundred percent reason to remember the name." Thunderstruck, haha just to name a few.
  2. I dont even know the chesterton coach but I stand by the fact that I feel he probably has the kids best interest at heart to say he has no honor or ethics is a little extreme.
  3. I am just saying that Riding time will put more emphasis on big matches I am not talking about some stud beating a fish from down the road i am talking about two solid guys going at it and both may be good on their feet but if one is an awesome mat wrestler but maybe can only ride you for a minute thirty in the second period what is wrong with rewarding that guy. I think it will actually cause more action because the bottom guy cant lay on bottom till thirty seconds is left in the period then flurry to get out he is gonna try and and get out right away especially in a close match and that top guy is gonna try like heck to hold him down which will cause more scramples which is something else we lack in this state. And for those of you who think riding is boring when two really good mat wrestlers go at it it can be just as fun as watching guys on their feet. We need to prepare our guys for what is coming in college end of story.
  4. I still think you are trying to put to much blame on the coach and not enough on the kid. Yes the coach should have rules in place , and yes the coach should monitor weight but every coach should make his kid move up if he comes in to much over after a weekend. I feel not, I think you bust that kid harder, oh you are 10 over guess what you get to wrestle every kid on the team today in a fish bowl because you cant keep your weight under control. Come on guys this is what seperates our sports from swimming and football. Not only do you have to be in top physical shape but you have to make the right weight class and you have to do it every week. I pride myself in the fact that I made it through high school and college and had to cut weight because that is something no one else can understand, no one else can understand our sacrifice as wrestlers and the coach knows this. He knows his kids ability I mean I use to lose 6 lbs in one practice.
  5. I agree with both and the feeder is super important I was looking at an article the other day talking about some club for youths in PA just your regular feeder program being coached by two Penn State All- Americans haha how aweseome would that be they probably make a decent salary too no wonder they are so far ahead of us as a state.
  6. Holy cow cant believe I made that mistake I have gotten him and Napules mixed up twice this year so Merriville one then. Still think Porras from Hobart will win ha ha
  7. Wow comparing a wrestling coach to a coach who would supply his athletes with steroids seems to be a bit extreme. These coaches have all been there and most coaches especially in wrestling have their kids best interest at heart especially in a sport like this where sacrifice is so much a part. People can say all day long this sport or that sport is harder, but wrestling is by far the hardest high school sport in the nation bar none and weight cutting is a part of that and sometimes if the kid doesnt listen to his coach and gains all that weight what should the coach do just let him wrestle up every time he makes these bone head mistakes. Out policy is if you say you are gonna be there you better be there barring anything drastic but again this is not the 70s where 98 lbs started out at 130 these kids are not putting themselves in harms way or very few are you can tell by the physiques today. Like I said cutting some weight is good for these kids. sacrifice and making sure optimal fuel is going into their body is what it takes and if having to cut some extra weight because you were a bonehead and ate to pizza on sunday maybe next time you will learn and if not you should be benched.
  8. Merriville 2 Porras and Travis Union County 2 Phillips and Duckworth Crown Point Tsirtsis and Roach I think Mishawaka will have the most in the Finals with only one champ Beck
  9. Just wondering what some of you guys think out there. I am new starting out my coaching career fresh out of college wrestling and here are some observations I have made please let me know how you all feel. I feel a great coach is someone who motivates and runs the program overall I dont necessarily think he is the one sitting around showing every bit of technique and I dont think he is always the guy in the corner of the match. For instance I am not a mishawaka guy but we do see them at the Mishawake Holiday Tournament and I totally admire their program for a couple of reasons. Number 1 obviously they are well coached in technique but number two is more important I feel if you look at their matches there is different coaches in the corner almost every match. It is almost like they have individual coaches for each group of wrestlers and Snyder is a humble enough guy to let these guys step in who may work with these kids every day. That to me is the way to build a program. You see this alot on the college level as well. Let me know what you think.
  10. Old timer Pee Wee Dennis Lewis 2x state champ and runnerup as a sophmore in the 70s when you had to win all the way down if I am not mistaken. NorthWood High School. Another Old Timer would be Henry Wilk even though he is retired now he was a stud back in the day was a Mishawaka state champ and Penn coach for years.
  11. This discussion has been around for a long time and in my opinion I think alot of people miss the point and dont realize it can be healthy for a kid to cut a little weight if done correctly. I am have a degree win exercise science and minor in nutrition and many issues with wrestlers is simple I am going to gorge my self on sunday and after weight ins and we are gonna play the game how much over can I be on monday before practice. Its a misguided game but anyone who wrestled remembered those days it was like a comp to see who could gain the most. If a kid comes into the wrestling room and doesnt lose some weight there is probably something wrong with his work ethic or nutrition or his practices are just not hard enough these kids should be down around 7 percent body fat to perform optimally and for todays youth that seems like such a hard cut because Mcdonalds cant factor into their season. So in my opinion these kids should lose a little when they come in up to 10 lbs or so depending on body fat. The other issue is how these guys are cutting weight. It is much safer to go to bed a lb or two over with some fluid and food in your belly and wake up and go for a run then it is to go two days without eating. I asked Tom Brands once about this question he said " No one on this team goes to bed with out eating and drinking some fluids because they need the fuel the next day for comepetition, we just wake up and get it off or get it off the night before through a workout. " If you get your weight off the night before after a meal and some fluids or the next morning your body is less likely to miss the weight then if you go two or three days without anything. In a good hard drill you can lose up to a lb every 15 mins.
  12. Paul Petrov vs Levi Moss ( Obviously Petrov is good beating Brooks and levi moss is dangerous should be fun) Campbell vs Beck ( Could have been the finals match but I think Beck pulls this out on experience) Danny Bradley Vs Kieffer ( Bradley has beat Hawkins a few times and kieffer has only been beat by Nelson) Derek Bevans vs Wright ( I am calling Bevans on an upset here) Raley vs Kieffer ( awesome friday night match last year and should be more of the same this year) Tsirtsis vs Mullins ( I think tsirtsis will win but if mullins gets on top it could be interesting because he is def good enough to keep it close) Dalton Sparks vs Surma ( I felt sparks got hosed at Mishawaka put surma to his back three times should be a fun match again Welch vs Bennett ( Picking Welch he looks to be on a role) Stahl vs Corpe ( Former Teammates just makes for a good story line) SLiga vs Atwood ( The freshman phenom I have been singing sligas praises all year but Atwood is the real deal and bigger and stronger but should be a fun match anyway) Now Most of these will be in the Semi so some may not happen but if they do all will be good match ups
  13. I picked Derek Bevans to win it at 125.
  14. Farifield, Yeah I know never heard of them but you will have an awesome sophmore and freshman class not to mention alot of guys coming up from Junior High. Their coaching staff is doing a great job in getting those guys going look for them to make noise the next few years.
  15. My saying is win and get off the mat especially during tournament time like when joe kieffer cut his opponent at regional and got pinned. The only time I can say it is ok or good strategy is when you know the guy is a phenom on top and you are great on your feet you may want to pad a lead to make sure if you get turned it will not lose you the match otherwise in the tournament get off the mat as quickly as possible to much can go wrong.
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