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  1. Kingsmenwrestler

    who will make it to state from mville semistate?

    Keep an eye out for Trent Mullet from West Central at 135, He could definitly be a surprise I watched him win several tough matches this off season
  2. Kingsmenwrestler

    Purdue Assistant Coaching Position

    I would like to wish Coach Lanham all the best. I'm sure he will be missed at Purdue, our son had the privelage of working with him a few times, he seemed to be a real class act. I'm sure he will have great success at Duke!
  3. Kingsmenwrestler

    Congrats to Sara Hildebrandt

    I Just wanted to say great job Sara Hildebrandt on the third place finish at the Pan Am games, your a great role model for all young wrestlers keep up the fantastic work .
  4. Kingsmenwrestler

    Who are your top 5 favorite indiana wrestlers?

    Breydan Bailey Logan Bailey Drew Hildebrandt Myles Krintz Austin Slates In no order, just five guys that work hard and that are fun to watch!
  5. Kingsmenwrestler

    Freestyle Wrestling in Indiana will Die soon!

    I believe each style has alot to teach wrestlers of all ages. When my son started wrestling we were at a small school that had a folkstyle club, after folkstyle state our son wanted to keep going so I asked around our room. I had a ton of people tell me, "dont do freestyle it just teaches bad habits" so we stayed away, then the next year we found a new club and a new attitude. My son started wrestling at age 4 did freestyle at age 6 started greco at 8, its a fun time of year for him, its like a new sport almost and he uses techniques from all 3 in his folkstlye matches. I think for those kids who spend the entire year in the wrestling room it gives the wrestlers a much needed change of pace. The most important thing is to keep them wrestling and for us freestyle and greco gives a change of pace and teaches some different techniques that he uses all year..........Just my two cents
  6. Kingsmenwrestler

    best and worst sectionals and regionals

    I would just like to throw in my two cents, I believe that if you want to get better you seek out better competition whatever that may be. I would suggest that if you find yourself in a smaller school that doesnt offer the competition/coaching that is required for you to step it up to the next level, make a change. I would suggest that you look around in the off season and find a club or program within driving distance for you. I dont think its all about whose sectional is better or does a small school have a chance at state, its about what can you do to make them better. Wrestling is still an individual sport and its up to us to make ourselves and our team better even if that means traveling to a different club off season for better competition. My point is dont be complacent get out and wrestle in the off season, if your from a weak sectional then make it better, who just wants to win sectional and not be able to compete after? I think you will find in most cases that most clubs welcome "outsiders".
  7. Kingsmenwrestler

    Twin Lakes Sectional Rankings/Results Final Updated

    I recently made the trip down to Caston and watched several good teams, I watched the Pioneer vs West Central Match up, it was a good match-up however there were some questionable calls. I'm just wondering why no one ever mentions West Central when teams are named as favorites for this sectional? I was told they won it last year is this not true? Just wondering, they seemed pretty solid for a single A school.
  8. Kingsmenwrestler

    Caston results from Twin Lakes Tourn. 12-30-09

    Just wondering who won tournament?
  9. Kingsmenwrestler

    MidWest Conference 2010

    Travis Rowe is not wrestling this year. That came directly from him tonight in a conversation he had with one of my family members. He is preparing for his career in the Marines following graduation. He is still involoved with the program and willing to help as much as needed. We wish him the best!!!
  10. Kingsmenwrestler

    Peru November 14th

    Who can we expect to see at Peru this weekend?

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