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      2023 Fargo Junior Preview

      This year we have some wrestlers with plenty of Fargo experience making the jump to the Junior division. De’Alcapon Veazy, Revin Dickman, and Nathan Rioux were all double All-Americans last year at 16U and will look to duplicate that feat this year. Alexander Smith brought back some Greco-Roman hardware last year.
      Joining those four are many wrestlers that will look to bring back some hardware. State champions Jake Hockaday, Charlie Larocca, Joey Buttler, Orlando Cruz, Kyrel Leavell all should make deep runs in the tournament. Another state champ to watch is Purdue commit Christopher Coates who won three state titles in Missouri. He’s donning Indiana gear for the first time and will be in the mix here. 
      State runner-ups in the field include Gavin Jendreas, Wyatt Krejsa, Reese Courtney, and Cole Chicoine. Ayden Bollinger, Isaac Ash, Brenton Russell, Gunner Henry, and Preston Haines were all in the state semi-finals last year. Others will state medals looking to mix it up with the best in the country include Luke Rioux, Aiden Dallinger, Isaiah Schaefer, Tanner Tishner, Duke Myers, and Anthony Rinehart.
      Look for this group to have many wrestlers making deep runs in this absolutely loaded field.
      Full Junior Roster
      Junior Boys freestyle
      106 – Jerimiah Argbah, Nathan Rioux, Tyler Tun, Aiden Woods
      113 – Gavin Ash, John Bissmeyer, Ayden Bollinger, Revin Dickman, Brennan Leonard
      120 – Isaac Ash, Aiden Dallinger, Charlie LaRocca, Luke Rioux
      126 – Preston Haines, Jake Hockaday, Gavin Jendreas, Isaiah Schaefer, Tanner Tishner
      132 – Jesus Aquino-Morales, Alex Plahitko, Cameron Volz, Drew Waldon
      138 – Joey Buttler, Collin Cain, Reese Courtney, Kyrel Leavell, Tony Wood
      145 – Christopher Coates, Silas Foster, Wesley Harper, Wyatt Krejsa, Alexander Smith
      152 – Kevon Russell, Jackson Todd, Branson Weaver
      160 – Gavin Davis, Chase Leech, Ethan Smith
      170 – Duke Myers, Anthony Rinehart, Evan Roudebush, Brenton Russell
      182 – Orlando Cruz, Brayden Emerine, De'Alcapon Veazy, Noah Weaver
      195 – Eric Casad, Christian Chavez, Gunner Henry
      220 – Cole Chicoine, Brandon Johnson, Keagan Martin
      285 – Benjamin Land, Aramis McNutt, Triston Meschede
      Junior Greco-Roman
      100 – Brady Byrd
      106 – Nathan Rioux, Tyler Tun, Aiden Woods
      113 – Gavin Ash, Revin Dickman, Keegan Dresslar, Tyler Jackson
      120 – Isaac Ash, Aiden Dallinger, Luke Rioux
      126 – Jake Hockaday, Isaiah Schaefer, Tanner Tishner
      132 – Alex Plahitko, Cameron Volz, Drew Waldon
      138 – Collin Cain, Colten Stevens, Tony Wood
      145 – Silas Foster, Wesley Harper, Wyatt Krejsa, Alexander Smith
      152 – Kevon Russell, Jackson Todd, Branson Weaver
      160 – Chase Leech, Ethan Smith
      170 – Gage Gulley, Duke Myers, Evan Roudebush, Brenton Russell
      182 – De'Alcapon Veazy
      195 – Eric Casad, Fabian Chavez
      220 – Brandon Johnson
      285 – Benjamin Land, Triston Meschede
      Junior Fargo Schedule (Central Standard Time)
      Monday, July 17th 
      Session VI -
      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Championship (1 Rd) and Consolation (1 Rd) 
      Session VII -
      3:00 PM to 8:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Championship (1 Rd) and Consolation (1 Rd) 
      Tuesday. July 18th 
      Session VIII –
      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Championship (1 Rd) and Consolation (1 or 2 Rds) 
      Session IX -
      3:00 PM to 8:00 PM  
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Championship & Quarterfinals (2 Rds) and Consolation (3 Rds)  
      Wednesday, July 19th 
      Session X -
      10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Semifinals and Consolation (3 Rds)  
      Session XI -
      2:00 PM to 5:00 PM  
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Consolation Semifinals, and 3rd-8th Medal Matches  
      Session XII –
      5:30 PM to 8:00 PM  
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Parade of Champions and Championship Finals 

      Friday, July 21st 
      Session XIII -
      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Championship (2 Rds) and Consolation (1 or 2 Rds) 
      Session XIV –
      3:00 PM to 7:30 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Championship (2 Rds) and Consolation (2 Rds) 
      Saturday, July 22nd  
      Session XV -
      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Quarterfinals, Semifinals (2 Rds) and Consolation (3 or 4 Rds)  
      Session XVI -
      3:00 PM to 5:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Consolations, Consolation Semifinals, and 3rd-8th Medal Matches (4 Rds) 
      Session XVII -
      6:00 PM to 8:30 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Parade of Champions and Finals    
      2023 PIN Ranking (Top 15)
      100- #8 Brady Byrd
      106- #2 Nathan Rioux
      113- #2 Revin Dickman
      120- #11 Luke Rioux
      126- #5 Isaiah Schaefer
      138- #6 Kyrel Leavell
      182- #1 De'Alcapon Veazy
      195- #3 Gunner Henry
      100- #3 Brady Byrd
      106- #6 Nathan Rioux
      106- #15 Aiden Woods
      113- #6 Revin Dickman
      126- #12 Isaiah Schaefer
      182- #1 De'Alcapon Veazy
      285- #12 Benjamin Land
      Total Junior Fargo All-Americans in the past 10 years
      2022 - 1 Freestyle/ 3 Greco-Roman
      2021 - 7 Freestyle/ 5 Greco-Roman
      2020 - No Tournament
      2019 - 0 Freestyle/ 0 Greco-Roman
      2018 - 4 Freestyle/ 1 Greco-Roman
      2017 - 5 Freestyle/ 1 Greco-Roman
      2016 - 3 Freestyle/ 1 Greco-Roman
      2015 - 2 Freestyle/ 0 Greco-Roman
      2014 - 3 Freestyle/ 0 Greco-Roman
      2013 - 6 Freestyle/ 0 Greco-Roman

      2291 1

      2023 Fargo 16U Freestyle Results

      This article will be updated multiple times throughout the tournament so check back often.
      Championship(In the semi-finals)
      100 Case Bell(4-0)
      Rnd of 64- Case Bell (Indiana) VSU Brayden Sigle (Pennsylvania), 10-0 2:54
      Rnd of 32- Case Bell (Indiana) VSU Gabriel Rogers (North Carolina), 10-0 3:02
      Rnd of 16- Case Bell (Indiana) VPO1 Ben Ziola (Nebraska), 8-3
      Quarters- Case Bell (Indiana) VPO1 Mac Crosson (Iowa), 5-2

      126 Clinton Shepherd(5-0)
      Rnd of 128- Clinton Shepherd (Indiana) VSU Dawson Wyrick (Missouri), 10-0 0:49
      Rnd of 64- Clinton Shepherd (Indiana) VPO1 Zaydrein Hernandez (California), 10-8
      Rnd of 32- Clinton Shepherd (Indiana) VSU Jayden Duncanson (New York), 11-0 1:15
      Rnd of 16- Clinton Shepherd (Indiana) VSU Valentine Popadiuc (New Mexico), 10-0 1:46
      Quarters- Clinton Shepherd (Indiana) VSU Chris Dennis (Pennsylvania), 10-0 0:32

      Consolation(In bloodround)
      132 Evan Stanley(6-1)
      Rnd of 128- Evan Stanley (Indiana) VSU Nolan Skebba (Wisconsin), 10-0 1:39
      Rnd of 64- Evan Stanley (Indiana) VSU Korbin Chuchran (Utah), 10-0 1:15
      Rnd of 32- Jesse Grajeda (California) VSU Evan Stanley (Indiana), 10-0 0:38
      Cons 32 #2- Evan Stanley (Indiana) VFA Anthony Delgado (Nevada), 7-0 0:42
      Cons 16 #1- Evan Stanley (Indiana) VSU Blake Fox (Iowa), 11-0 2:30
      Cons 16 #2- Evan Stanley (Indiana) VSU1 Nate Keller (New Jersey), 13-2 1:15
      Cons 8 #1- Evan Stanley (Indiana) VPO1 Davis Parrow (Minnesota), 11-2

      138 Matthew Staples(5-1)
      Rnd of 128- Matthew Staples (Indiana) VSU1 Jordan Schmidt (Iowa), 14-1 3:31
      Rnd of 64- Matthew Staples (Indiana) VPO1 Austin Gyorkos (Michigan), 11-8
      Rnd of 32- Matthew Staples (Indiana) VPO1 Owen Seffrood (Wisconsin), 11-8
      Rnd of 16- Derek Barrows (Colorado) VPO1 Matthew Staples (Indiana), 14-8
      Cons 16 #2- Matthew Staples (Indiana) VFA Tigran Greyan (California), 7-4 3:58
      Cons 8 #1- Matthew Staples (Indiana) Noah Bull (Utah)

      220 Everett Mcclelland(4-1)
      Rnd of 64- Everett Mcclelland (Indiana) VPO1 Hunter Richmond (South Dakota), 13-12
      Rnd of 32- Everett Mcclelland (Indiana) VPO Charles Walker (Illinois), 5-0
      Rnd of 16- Ashton Honnold (Iowa) VPO1 Everett Mcclelland (Indiana), 13-12
      Cons 16 #2- Everett Mcclelland (Indiana) VFA Matthew Harrold (Massachusetts), 7-5 2:24
      Cons 8 #1- Everett Mcclelland (Indiana) VFA Asher Sheldon (Illinois), 4-0 0:35

      285 James Hartleroad(5-1)
      Rnd of 64- Cj Orchard (Oregon) VFA James Hartleroad (Indiana), 8-5 2:44
      Cons 32 #1- James Hartleroad (Indiana) VFA Jonathan Romo (Kansas), 4-0 1:27
      Cons 32 #2- James Hartleroad (Indiana) VFA David Finch (Oregon), 9-0 4:00
      Cons 16 #1- James Hartleroad (Indiana) VPO1 Hayden Skillings (Minnesota), 4-1
      Cons 16 #2- James Hartleroad (Indiana) VSU Hunter Vander heiden (Wisconsin), 10-0 3:53
      Cons 8 #1- James Hartleroad (Indiana) VPO1 Demetrius Stanley jr. (Ohio), 5-1

      94 Karson Bachelder(0-2)
      Rnd of 64- Kael Davis (Pennsylvania) VFA Karson Bachelder (Indiana), 6-0 0:42
      Cons 32 #2- Mason Bauer (Ohio) VSU1 Karson Bachelder (Indiana), 12-1 1:33

      100 Elijah Ogle(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Elijah Ogle (Indiana) VPO1 Noah Scribner (Florida), 11-8
      Rnd of 32- Kaleb Pratt (Illinois) VSU Elijah Ogle (Indiana), 11-0 3:11
      Cons 32 #2- Symon Woods (Illinois) VSU1 Elijah Ogle (Indiana), 13-3 2:30

      100 Jackson Frahm(2-2)
      Rnd of 64- Jackson Frahm (Indiana) VFO Adden Jarman (Arizona), 0-0
      Rnd of 32- Kavin Muyleart (Pennsylvania) VSU Jackson Frahm (Indiana), 10-0 0:19
      Cons 32 #2- Jackson Frahm (Indiana) VPO Brock Glover (Florida), 5-0
      Cons 16 #1- Brayden Sigle (Pennsylvania) VSU Jackson Frahm (Indiana), 11-0 0:38

      100 Jensen Boyd(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Jensen Boyd (Indiana) VFA Connor Pounds (Oklahoma), 4-0 2:29
      Rnd of 64- Jensen Boyd (Indiana) VSU1 Landen Bogard (Wisconsin), 12-1 0:49
      Rnd of 32- Jensen Boyd (Indiana) VSU1 Gavin Fisher (Florida), 12-2 1:42
      Rnd of 16- Cameron Sontz (New Jersey) VPO1 Jensen Boyd (Indiana), 10-2
      Cons 16 #2- Jensen Boyd (Indiana) VSU1 Anthony Lagala ryan (New York), 16-4 3:49
      Cons 8 #1- Kavin Muyleart (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Jensen Boyd (Indiana), 4-2

      100 Joseph Hamilton(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Jackson Shipley (Texas) VSU Joseph Hamilton (Indiana), 13-0 3:18
      Cons 64 #2- Joseph Hamilton (Indiana) VSU Maddox Westendorf (Iowa), 10-0 0:55
      Cons 32 #1- Brennan Sprague (New York) VPO1 Joseph Hamilton (Indiana), 17-12

      106 Caleb Schaefer(3-2)
      Rnd of 64- Nicholas Garcia (Illinois) VPO1 Caleb Schaefer (Indiana), 12-4
      Cons 64 #2- Caleb Schaefer (Indiana) VPO1 Aiden Bastian (Utah), 9-4
      Cons 32 #1- Caleb Schaefer (Indiana) VFA Michael Daly (New Jersey), 13-2 3:26
      Cons 32 #2- Caleb Schaefer (Indiana) VSU1 Alex Rodriguez (Colorado), 14-2 2:58
      Cons 16 #1- Max Tancini (Pennsylvania) VFA Caleb Schaefer (Indiana), 10-1 3:04

      106 Justin Williamson(0-2)
      Rnd of 64- Rocco Cassioppi (Illinois) VSU1 Justin Williamson (Indiana), 12-2 0:52
      Cons 64 #2- Jayden Grijalva (Kansas) VPO1 Justin Williamson (Indiana), 7-4

      106 Peyton Schoettle(4-2)
      Rnd of 64- Killian Coluccio (New Jersey) VSU Peyton Schoettle (Indiana), 10-0 2:56
      Cons 64 #2- Peyton Schoettle (Indiana) VPO1 Che Jenkins (Arizona), 11-3
      Cons 32 #1- Peyton Schoettle (Indiana) VFA Brett Kiecker (Minnesota), 12-1 3:38
      Cons 32 #2- Peyton Schoettle (Indiana) VSU Owen Larose (Minnesota), 10-0 2:35
      Cons 16 #1- Peyton Schoettle (Indiana) VSU1 Charlie Trujillo (Texas), 17-3 2:42
      Cons 16 #2- Eric Casula (Oklahoma) VSU Peyton Schoettle (Indiana), 10-0 0:38

      113 Bradyn Volz(1-2)
      Rnd of 256- Johnny Leck (Kansas) VSU1 Bradyn Volz (Indiana), 14-4 2:21
      Cons 128 #2- Bradyn Volz (Indiana) VSU Lazarus Joyce (New Jersey), 10-0 0:23
      Cons 64 #1- Matthew Quigley (Michigan) VFA Bradyn Volz (Indiana), 20-15 3:53

      113 Colin Strayer(3-2)
      Rnd of 256- Colin Strayer (Indiana) VSU1 Tohmi Carney (Oklahoma), 12-1 3:26
      Rnd of 128- Colin Strayer (Indiana) VPO1 Ricardo Ortiz (California), 11-10
      Rnd of 64- Colin Strayer (Indiana) VPO Jack Baron (Pennsylvania), 2-0
      Rnd of 32- Garrett Beane (Missouri) VPO1 Colin Strayer (Indiana), 4-2
      Cons 32 #2- Nicolas Enzminger (North Dakota) VSU Colin Strayer (Indiana), 10-0 1:02

      113 Isaac Campbell(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Dawson Youngblut (Iowa) VSU1 Isaac Campbell (Indiana), 12-2 2:33
      Cons 64 #1- Isaac Campbell (Indiana) VPO1 Mathias Dahlstrom (North Dakota), 12-6
      Cons 64 #2- Isaac Campbell (Indiana) VPO1 Anthony Cubero (Florida), 12-5
      Cons 32 #1- Isaac Novod (Massachusetts) VSU Isaac Campbell (Indiana), 10-0 2:47

      113 Samuel Westfall(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Samuel Westfall (Indiana) VPO1 Aidan Lindsay (Tennessee), 10-2
      Rnd of 64- Landon Sidun (Pennsylvania) VSU Samuel Westfall (Indiana), 10-0 0:47
      Cons 64 #2- Cash Waymire (Tennessee) VFA Samuel Westfall (Indiana), 9-2 1:55

      113 Ty Henderson(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Ty Henderson (Indiana) VPO1 Jackson Stocker (South Carolina), 14-8
      Rnd of 64- Brock Johnson (Kansas) VSU1 Ty Henderson (Indiana), 14-4 3:25
      Cons 64 #2- Chance Fisher (Oklahoma) VSU Ty Henderson (Indiana), 10-0 3:04

      120 Gunner Butt(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Myles Burroughs (New Jersey) VPO Gunner Butt (Indiana), 6-0
      Cons 64 #1- Alex Othon (Washington) VPO1 Gunner Butt (Indiana), 5-4

      120 Jett Mcguire(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Tyler Misenheimer (Oklahoma) VSU Jett Mcguire (Indiana), 11-0 2:57
      Cons 64 #1- Jett Mcguire (Indiana) VPO1 Isaac Hoshide (Georgia), 11-6
      Cons 64 #2- Maximus Hay (Wisconsin) VSU Jett Mcguire (Indiana), 10-0 1:10

      120 Lucas Day(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Zac Bleess (Missouri) VFA Lucas Day (Indiana), 12-1 2:52
      Cons 64 #1- Aidan Larson (Oregon) VSU Lucas Day (Indiana), 10-0 2:30

      120 Seth Aubin(3-2)
      Rnd of 256- Seth Aubin (Indiana) VFA Daxton Kline (Arkansas), 4-2 1:23
      Rnd of 128- Seth Aubin (Indiana) VPO1 Aj Delacruz (South Carolina), 6-2
      Rnd of 64- Brian Little, iii (New Jersey) VSU1 Seth Aubin (Indiana), 15-4 2:42
      Cons 64 #2- Seth Aubin (Indiana) VSU Samuel Favaza (Louisiana), 10-0 0:48
      Cons 32 #1- Liam Montgomery (Ohio) VFA Seth Aubin (Indiana), 14-4 3:33

      126 Braylon Reynolds(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Braylon Reynolds (Indiana) VSU Cameron Coonrod (Kansas), 10-0 1:08
      Rnd of 64- Roman Belardo (Georgia) VPO1 Braylon Reynolds (Indiana), 7-4
      Cons 64 #2- Declan Koch (Wisconsin) VPO1 Braylon Reynolds (Indiana), 7-2

      126 Dominic Brown(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Dominic Brown (Indiana) VSU Tyler Turzinski (Minnesota), 10-0 2:20
      Rnd of 64- Dominic Brown (Indiana) VPO1 Tyler Ineman (Ohio), 4-3
      Rnd of 32- Matthew Orbeta (California) VPO1 Dominic Brown (Indiana), 7-5
      Cons 32 #2- Dominic Brown (Indiana) VSU Tyler Stephens (Maryland), 12-0 2:52
      Cons 16 #1- Declan Koch (Wisconsin) VPO1 Dominic Brown (Indiana), 4-2

      126 Edward Goss(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Edward Goss (Indiana) VSU Sebastian Quintana (Nevada), 11-0 2:54
      Rnd of 64- Edward Goss (Indiana) VSU Aiden Beimel (Pennsylvania), 10-0 2:49
      Rnd of 32- Roman Stewart (Missouri) VPO1 Edward Goss (Indiana), 12-5
      Cons 32 #2- Musa Jalloh (Ohio) VPO1 Edward Goss (Indiana), 6-5

      126 Nicholas Anderson(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Nicholas Anderson (Indiana) VPO1 Ryder Sprague (Oregon), 10-10
      Rnd of 64- Colby Houle (Connecticut) VFA Nicholas Anderson (Indiana), 8-0 0:48
      Cons 64 #2- Scott Meier, jr. (Nebraska) VFA Nicholas Anderson (Indiana), 4-1 0:40

      126 Quinten Schoeff(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Quinten Schoeff (Indiana) VFA Houston Rudisill (South Carolina), 10-8 2:39
      Rnd of 64- Nathan Attisano (Ohio) VSU Quinten Schoeff (Indiana), 10-0 1:01
      Cons 64 #2- Quinten Schoeff (Indiana) VSU Jackson Yeatman (Oklahoma), 10-0 3:04
      Cons 32 #1- Jaxon Mackey (Nevada) VFA Quinten Schoeff (Indiana), 10-0 2:26

      132 Brason Schortgen(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Manuel Saldate (Nevada) VSU Brason Schortgen (Indiana), 12-0 1:41
      Cons 64 #1- Ezekiel Bolton (Alaska) VSU Brason Schortgen (Indiana), 12-0 0:52

      132 Elijah Broady(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Elijah Broady (Indiana) VSU Dylan O'brian (Connecticut), 10-0 0:58
      Rnd of 64- Yandro Soto (Florida) VSU Elijah Broady (Indiana), 10-0 0:42
      Cons 64 #2- Elijah Broady (Indiana) VSU William Vander luitgaren (Indiana), 10-0 2:19
      Cons 32 #1- Elijah Broady (Indiana) VPO1 Benjamin Aguilar (Virginia), 9-7
      Cons 32 #2- Blake Fox (Iowa) VSU Elijah Broady (Indiana), 10-0 1:09

      132 William Vander luitgaren(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Jacob Herm (Wisconsin) VSU William Vander luitgaren (Indiana), 10-0 0:59
      Cons 64 #1- William Vander luitgaren (Indiana) VPO1 Michael Lewis (Utah), 13-8

      138 Camden Baumann(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Arment Waltenbaugh (Pennsylvania) VSU Camden Baumann (Indiana), 10-0 1:35
      Cons 64 #2- Luke Nieto (New York) VSU Camden Baumann (Indiana), 12-0 0:54

      138 Kegan Jochim(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Kegan Jochim (Indiana) VFA Xavier Chavez (Arizona), 9-4 1:28
      Rnd of 32- Easton Dircks (Minnesota) VSU1 Kegan Jochim (Indiana), 12-2 1:37
      Cons 32 #2- Tigran Greyan (California) VSU1 Kegan Jochim (Indiana), 12-2 2:13

      138 Landon Hawkins(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Landon Hawkins (Indiana) VPO1 Jacob Bell (California), 8-4
      Rnd of 64- Jackson Tucker (Missouri) VSU Landon Hawkins (Indiana), 11-0 2:54
      Cons 64 #2- Bryston Scoles (Wisconsin) VSU1 Landon Hawkins (Indiana), 12-1 3:58

      138 Owen Trimpe(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Abraham Zaretsky (New Jersey) VPO1 Owen Trimpe (Indiana), 11-8
      Cons 64 #2- Owen Trimpe (Indiana) VSU Isaac Judson (California), 10-0 0:59
      Cons 32 #1- Maximus Dhabolt (Iowa) VSU Owen Trimpe (Indiana), 11-0 1:04

      145 Jack Davis(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Jack Davis (Indiana) VFA Cohen Thomas (Ohio), 4-0 0:31
      Rnd of 64- Gabriel Logan (New Jersey) VSU1 Jack Davis (Indiana), 17-6 3:43
      Cons 64 #2- Jack Davis (Indiana) VPO1 Korey Kemper (Arizona), 10-4
      Cons 32 #1- Jack Davis (Indiana) VFA Kodi Hollis (Alaska), 10-0 1:35
      Cons 32 #2- Jack Davis (Indiana) VSU1 Jonny O'brien (Pennsylvania), 14-4 1:10
      Cons 16 #1- Will Deutschlander (Texas) VSU1 Jack Davis (Indiana), 14-4 3:14

      145 Jairo Acuna(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Jairo Acuna (Indiana) VSU1 Gavin Regis (Utah), 14-4 2:30
      Rnd of 64- Jairo Acuna (Indiana) VPO1 Colton Annis (Oregon), 8-3
      Rnd of 32- Jairo Acuna (Indiana) VSU Nicholas Varvak (Massachusetts), 10-0 1:40
      Rnd of 16- Trevor Jones (New Jersey) VPO1 Jairo Acuna (Indiana), 9-1
      Cons 16 #2- Jairo Acuna (Indiana) VSU1 Callen Kirchner (Illinois), 13-2 3:14
      Cons 8 #1- Brady Collins (Pennsylvania) VFA Jairo Acuna (Indiana), 4-0 0:33

      145 Jeffrey Huyvaert(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Jeffrey Huyvaert (Indiana) VSU Riley James (Missouri), 10-0 2:36
      Rnd of 64- Jeffrey Huyvaert (Indiana) VSU Zachary Davidson (Minnesota), 12-0 1:40
      Rnd of 32- Jeffrey Huyvaert (Indiana) VPO1 Will Deutschlander (Texas), 10-4
      Rnd of 16- Nolan Fellers (Iowa) VPO1 Jeffrey Huyvaert (Indiana), 12-10
      Cons 16 #2- Brady Collins (Pennsylvania) VSU1 Jeffrey Huyvaert (Indiana), 12-1 1:45

      145 Thomas Gibbs(6-2)
      Rnd of 128- Zeno Moore (Florida) VSU1 Thomas Gibbs (Indiana), 12-2 2:58
      Cons 64 #1- Thomas Gibbs (Indiana) VSU Matthew Shomin (Missouri), 10-0 0:25
      Cons 64 #2- Thomas Gibbs (Indiana) VSU Cruz Rainwater (Alabama), 10-0 0:28
      Cons 32 #1- Thomas Gibbs (Indiana) VSU Brock Armstrong (Idaho), 13-0 1:04
      Cons 32 #2- Thomas Gibbs (Indiana) VSU Isaac Padilla (California), 10-0 1:17
      Cons 16 #1- Thomas Gibbs (Indiana) VPO1 Aj Falcone (New Jersey), 5-1
      Cons 16 #2- Thomas Gibbs (Indiana) VSU Ryan Barone (Virginia), 10-0 1:17
      Cons 8 #1- Ryan Rios (California) VPO1 Thomas Gibbs (Indiana), 7-4

      145 Wyatt Cooksey(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Owen Mcmullen (Pennsylvania) VSU Wyatt Cooksey (Indiana), 10-0 3:34
      Cons 64 #2- William Motley (Connecticut) VPO1 Wyatt Cooksey (Indiana), 15-10

      152 Cale Bonenberger(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Logan Alfalla (New York) VSU Cale Bonenberger (Indiana), 11-0 2:20
      Cons 64 #1- Cale Bonenberger (Indiana) VFA Kile Sentieri (Ohio), 8-0 1:25
      Cons 64 #2- Cale Bonenberger (Indiana) VSU Blake Smith (Illinois), 10-0 0:45
      Cons 32 #1- Cale Bonenberger (Indiana) VSU Ryan Rector (Georgia), 10-0 1:35
      Cons 32 #2- Zack Aquila (Ohio) VSU Cale Bonenberger (Indiana), 11-0 2:42

      152 Christian Arberry(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Blake Jacobson (Virginia) VPO1 Christian Arberry (Indiana), 5-5
      Cons 64 #1- Christian Arberry (Indiana) VFA Casey Liess (New York), 6-4 2:50
      Cons 64 #2- Christian Arberry (Indiana) VPO1 Kade Rule (Wisconsin), 6-6
      Cons 32 #1- Christian Arberry (Indiana) VSU Rocker Aguilar (North Dakota), 10-0 1:56
      Cons 32 #2- Jared Remington (Texas) VPO1 Christian Arberry (Indiana), 8-6

      152 Corinthian Tonte(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Caden Gorishek (Arizona) VPO1 Corinthian Tonte (Indiana), 10-2
      Cons 64 #1- James Holiday (California) VSU Corinthian Tonte (Indiana), 11-0 3:27

      152 Silas Stits(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Silas Stits (Indiana) VSU Gunnar Neal (California), 10-0 0:35
      Rnd of 64- Silas Stits (Indiana) VFA Trae Rios (Oklahoma), 9-2 1:54
      Rnd of 32- Silas Stits (Indiana) VSU Jose Gutierrez (Florida), 10-0 0:58
      Rnd of 16- Nicholas Singer (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Silas Stits (Indiana), 10-4
      Cons 16 #2- Zyon Trujillo (Nevada) VPO1 Silas Stits (Indiana), 7-4

      152 Tyler Sandusky(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Kade Rule (Wisconsin) VSU Tyler Sandusky (Indiana), 10-0 1:14
      Cons 64 #1- Kaleo Garcia (California) VSU1 Tyler Sandusky (Indiana), 14-3 0:59

      160 Conner Hoar(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Christian Acosta (California) VPO Conner Hoar (Indiana), 8-0
      Cons 64 #2- Kal-el Fluckiger (Arizona) VSU Conner Hoar (Indiana), 11-0 0:44

      160 Griffin Van Tichelt(2-2)
      Rnd of 64- Griffin Van tichelt (Indiana) VPO1 Vristol Short (Minnesota), 8-5
      Rnd of 32- Griffin Van tichelt (Indiana) VSU1 Tavier Garcia (Arizona), 12-2 3:53
      Rnd of 16- Maximus Norman (Tennessee) VSU1 Griffin Van tichelt (Indiana), 12-1 1:05
      Cons 16 #2- Mavrik Gregory (Ohio) VPO1 Griffin Van tichelt (Indiana), 15-9

      160 Zach White jr.(0-2)
      Rnd of 64- Jackson Moffit (Georgia) VPO1 Zach White jr. (Indiana), 9-5
      Cons 64 #2- Elijah Brown (Pennsylvania) VSU1 Zach White jr. (Indiana), 13-2 1:21

      170 Corwin Fuller(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Corwin Fuller (Indiana) VSU Ange Badji (Kansas), 10-0 2:31
      Rnd of 32- Shawn Rounsaville, jr (Oklahoma) VSU Corwin Fuller (Indiana), 13-0 0:58
      Cons 32 #2- Gatlin Rogers (Iowa) VSU1 Corwin Fuller (Indiana), 17-7 4:00

      170 Coy Bender(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Coy Bender (Indiana) VPO1 Junior Bumanglag (California), 9-6
      Rnd of 64- Coy Bender (Indiana) VPO1 Amir Coston (Florida), 10-7
      Rnd of 32- Coy Bender (Indiana) VSU Landon Huffer (Ohio), 11-0 0:27
      Rnd of 16- Luke Spoor (Delaware) VPO1 Coy Bender (Indiana), 10-1
      Cons 16 #2- Coy Bender (Indiana) VFA Ethan Swenson (Minnesota), 3-0 1:22
      Cons 8 #1- Broedy Collins hendricks (Iowa) VSU1 Coy Bender (Indiana), 15-5 4:00

      170 Xavier Smith(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Xavier Smith (Indiana) VSU Ryder Zdanczewicz (Wisconsin), 10-0 0:20
      Rnd of 64- Mason Gourley (Pennsylvania) VPO1 Xavier Smith (Indiana), 11-9
      Cons 32 #1- Xavier Smith (Indiana) VSU1 Ryan Brown (New York), 12-2 1:18
      Cons 32 #2- Breyson Kelley (Wisconsin) VSU Xavier Smith (Indiana), 11-0 1:23

      182 James Dozier(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Ty Carman (Utah) VSU1 James Dozier (Indiana), 12-2 2:00
      Cons 64 #2- James Dozier (Indiana) VSU Daniel Clawson (Wyoming), 11-0 1:22
      Cons 32 #1- Jackson Naven (California) VSU1 James Dozier (Indiana), 12-2 2:36

      182 Miguel Rojas(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Miguel Rojas (Indiana) VSU Kane Rosario (Texas), 10-0 0:29
      Rnd of 64- Miguel Rojas (Indiana) VSU Townsend Winans (Virginia), 10-0 3:02
      Rnd of 32- Miguel Rojas (Indiana) VSU1 Anthony Kroninger (Ohio), 13-2 3:07
      Rnd of 16- Preston Marchesseault (Rhode Island) VSU Miguel Rojas (Indiana), 10-0 0:46
      Cons 16 #2- Owen Burling (Wisconsin) VPO1 Miguel Rojas (Indiana), 8-8

      195 Austin Reading(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Austin Reading (Indiana) VSU Tyree Harris (Wyoming), 10-0 1:07
      Rnd of 32- Enrique Segura (California) VPO1 Austin Reading (Indiana), 11-4
      Cons 32 #2- Harry Maltese (Virginia) VSU1 Austin Reading (Indiana), 14-2 2:18

      220 Hayden Smith(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Hayden Smith (Indiana) VSU Akeem Newsom (California), 10-0 2:30
      Rnd of 64- Cael Leisgang (Wisconsin) VPO Hayden Smith (Indiana), 5-0
      Cons 64 #2- Hayden Smith (Indiana) VPO1 Fabian Martinez (California), 10-2
      Cons 32 #1- Hayden Smith (Indiana) VSU Ryel Deleon (Illinois), 10-0 1:26
      Cons 32 #2- Hayden Smith (Indiana) VSU1 Joseph Monge (Iowa), 13-3 3:29
      Cons 16 #1- James Bechter (Ohio) VSU1 Hayden Smith (Indiana), 12-1 1:10

      220 Kaden Lambert(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Gavin Rich (Oklahoma) VPO1 Kaden Lambert (Indiana), 6-1
      Cons 32 #1- Kaden Lambert (Indiana) VSU Reagan Gowen (Oregon), 11-0 3:19
      Cons 32 #2- Isandre De la torre (Oregon) VPO1 Kaden Lambert (Indiana), 11-4

      285 Carson Andreas(0-2)
      Rnd of 64- Bardon King (Alabama) VFA Carson Andreas (Indiana), 4-1 0:24
      Cons 32 #1- Jack Bauer (Minnesota) VSU Carson Andreas (Indiana), 10-0 2:41

      285 Noah Fugate(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Duncan Pinkham (Kansas) VPO1 Noah Fugate (Indiana), 4-2
      Cons 32 #1- Noah Fugate (Indiana) VPO Noah Bolen (Ohio), 8-0
      Cons 32 #2- Jonathan Rulo (Illinois) VSU Noah Fugate (Indiana), 10-0 2:32

      4173 3

      2023 Fargo Junior Freestyle Results

      This article will be updated multiple times throughout the tournament so check back often.
      Championship(In the semi-finals)
      100 Brady Byrd(3-0)
      Rnd of 32- Brady Byrd (Indiana) VSU Xavier Diaz (Pennsylvania), 10-0 5:31
      Rnd of 16- Brady Byrd (Indiana) VPO1 Mason Brayfield (Missouri), 7-7
      Quarters- Brady Byrd (Indiana) VPO1 Gabriel Rosales (Idaho), 11-7

      106 Nathan Rioux(4-0)
      Rnd of 64- Nathan Rioux (Indiana) VSU Dashawn Jenkins (Colorado), 10-0 1:06
      Rnd of 32- Nathan Rioux (Indiana) VFA Vincent Graulau (New York), 4-0 0:24
      Rnd of 16- Nathan Rioux (Indiana) VPO1 Saxton Scott (Idaho), 14-8
      Quarters- Nathan Rioux (Indiana) VPO1 Damian Moreno (Arizona), 7-6

      182 Orlando Cruz(5-0)
      Rnd of 128- Orlando Cruz (Indiana) VSU Amare Overton (Illinois), 11-0 0:38
      Rnd of 64- Orlando Cruz (Indiana) VSU Ryan Gaskin (Oregon), 10-0 0:44
      Rnd of 32- Orlando Cruz (Indiana) VSU1 Wyatt Ingham (Wisconsin), 13-2 5:04
      Rnd of 16- Orlando Cruz (Indiana) VPO1 Jarrel Miller jr (Ohio), 10-7
      Quarters- Orlando Cruz (Indiana) VSU Savoy New (North Carolina), 10-0 0:50

      Consolation(In bloodround)
      126 Gavin Jendreas(4-1)
      Rnd of 128- Gavin Jendreas (Indiana) VSU Jacob Taylor (New Jersey), 11-0 3:21
      Rnd of 64- Gavin Jendreas (Indiana) VSU Steven Kaszuba (Illinois), 10-0 0:47
      Rnd of 32- Gavin Jendreas (Indiana) VPO1 Michael Olson (Minnesota), 8-4
      Rnd of 16- Gavin Jendreas (Indiana) VPO1 Blake Gioimo (Iowa), 8-5
      Quarters- Jj Mccomas-rogers (Oklahoma) VSU1 Gavin Jendreas (Indiana), 12-2 5:44

      126 Jake Hockaday(6-1)
      Rnd of 128- Jake Hockaday (Indiana) VSU1 Brody Gobbell (Tennessee), 15-4 3:20
      Rnd of 64- Jake Hockaday (Indiana) VPO1 Elijah Cortez (California), 4-4
      Rnd of 32- Eren Sement (Pennsylvania) VFA Jake Hockaday (Indiana), 4-3 1:59
      Cons 32 #2- Jake Hockaday (Indiana) VSU1 Emmett Nelson (Illinois), 12-1 4:03
      Cons 16 #1- Jake Hockaday (Indiana) VSU Koufax Christensen (Iowa), 10-0 2:55
      Cons 16 #2- Jake Hockaday (Indiana) VSU Kolter Burton (Idaho), 11-0 3:16
      Cons 8 #1- Jake Hockaday (Indiana) VPO1 Michael Olson (Minnesota), 8-5

      145 Christopher Coates(4-1)
      Rnd of 128- Christopher Coates (Indiana) VSU Jace Province (Oklahoma), 11-0 0:56
      Rnd of 64- Christopher Coates (Indiana) VFA Riley Brewer (Georgia), 4-0 0:25
      Rnd of 32- Christopher Coates (Indiana) VSU Matthew Randolph (Minnesota), 11-0 4:38
      Rnd of 16- Christopher Coates (Indiana) VPO1 Avery Allen (Montana), 6-4
      Quarters- Kannon Webster (Illinois) VPO1 Christopher Coates (Indiana), 4-2

      182 De'alcapon Veazy(5-1)
      Rnd of 128- De'alcapon Veazy (Indiana) VSU Logan Morehouse (Ohio), 12-0 0:32
      Rnd of 64- De'alcapon Veazy (Indiana) VSU Mitchell Knight (Minnesota), 10-0 0:19
      Rnd of 32- De'alcapon Veazy (Indiana) VSU Matt Walsh (Massachusetts), 12-0 3:20
      Rnd of 16- Hoke Poe (Georgia) VPO1 De'alcapon Veazy (Indiana), 5-5
      Cons 16 #2- De'alcapon Veazy (Indiana) VSU1 Thomas Sandoval (California), 12-1 5:54
      Cons 8 #1- De'alcapon Veazy (Indiana) VSU1 Noah Poe-hatten (Montana), 14-4 5:34

      106 Aiden Woods(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Cale Tucker (Alabama) VSU1 Aiden Woods (Indiana), 14-3 2:48
      Cons 32 #1- Aiden Woods (Indiana) VFA Cody Carpenter (Ohio), 4-0 2:06
      Cons 32 #2- Neal Krysty (Ohio) VIN Aiden Woods (Indiana), 6-0 0:19

      106 Jerimiah Argbah(0-2)
      Rnd of 64- Cole Welte (Nebraska) VSU Jerimiah Argbah (Indiana), 10-0 0:38
      Cons 32 #1- Diondre Henry (Illinois) VSU Jerimiah Argbah (Indiana), 10-0 2:28

      106 Tyler Tun(2-2)
      Rnd of 64- Tyler Tun (Indiana) VFA Gannon Kuhn (Missouri), 15-14 4:21
      Rnd of 32- Ezekiel Witt (Kansas) VSU Tyler Tun (Indiana), 10-0 0:56
      Cons 32 #2- Tyler Tun (Indiana) VSU Seth Lish (Idaho), 10-0 2:08
      Cons 16 #1- Aidan Gruenenfelder (Wisconsin) VSU Tyler Tun (Indiana), 11-0 0:58

      113 Ayden Bollinger(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Ayden Bollinger (Indiana) VPO1 Austin Grzywinski (Minnesota), 2-2
      Rnd of 64- Gabriel Ramirez (Arizona) VSU1 Ayden Bollinger (Indiana), 12-2 5:14
      Cons 32 #1- Cole Gentsch (Illinois) VSU Ayden Bollinger (Indiana), 10-0 0:32

      113 Brennan Leonard(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Lawson Eller (Minnesota) VSU1 Brennan Leonard (Indiana), 13-3 4:19
      Cons 64 #2- Brennan Leonard (Indiana) VSU1 Christian Segali (Idaho), 14-2 0:54
      Cons 32 #1- Samuel Aponte (North Carolina) VSU Brennan Leonard (Indiana), 11-0 1:32

      113 Gavin Ash(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Gavin Ash (Indiana) VSU Mitchell Winfield (Ohio), 10-0 2:02
      Rnd of 64- Christian Vazquez (Florida) VFA Gavin Ash (Indiana), 10-0 0:36
      Cons 64 #2- Raekwon Shabazz (Connecticut) VSU Gavin Ash (Indiana), 10-0 0:32

      113 John Bissmeyer(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Aiden Morris (Alabama) VFA John Bissmeyer (Indiana), 12-5 2:24
      Cons 64 #2- John Bissmeyer (Indiana) VSU Vincenzo Bonaminio (Ohio), 10-0 2:39
      Cons 32 #1- Mitchell Schmauss (Iowa) VSU1 John Bissmeyer (Indiana), 14-4 2:51

      113 Revin Dickman(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Revin Dickman (Indiana) VSU Austin Zimmerman (New York), 10-0 3:20
      Rnd of 64- Revin Dickman (Indiana) VSU1 Breyton Banks (Utah), 12-2 2:51
      Rnd of 32- Christopher Kiser (Oklahoma) VSU1 Revin Dickman (Indiana), 12-2 2:29
      Cons 32 #2- Revin Dickman (Indiana) VPO1 Cole Gentsch (Illinois), 8-6
      Cons 16 #1- Revin Dickman (Indiana) VSU1 Adam Gelman (Ohio), 12-2 1:41
      Cons 16 #2- Dominic Ducato (Illinois) VSU Revin Dickman (Indiana), 10-0 2:32

      120 Aiden Dallinger(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Aiden Dallinger (Indiana) VPO1 Aidan Wells (South Dakota), 13-12
      Rnd of 64- Louis Gill (Pennsylvania) VSU Aiden Dallinger (Indiana), 10-0 1:02
      Cons 64 #2- Aiden Dallinger (Indiana) VFA Preston Jones (Alabama), 6-3 1:50
      Cons 32 #1- Corey Dye (South Carolina) VPO1 Aiden Dallinger (Indiana), 14-8

      120 Charlie Larocca(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Charlie Larocca (Indiana) VFA Vincent Sanchez (Utah), 4-0 1:29
      Rnd of 64- Donny Pigoni (Illinois) VPO1 Charlie Larocca (Indiana), 8-6
      Cons 64 #2- Isaac Hampton (Oregon) VSU Charlie Larocca (Indiana), 10-0 1:32

      120 Isaac Ash(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Isaac Ash (Indiana) VSU Rigoberto Tellez (Wisconsin), 10-0 0:29
      Rnd of 64- Tucker Bowen (Idaho) VSU Isaac Ash (Indiana), 11-0 0:52
      Cons 64 #2- Isaac Gibbs (Texas) VFA Isaac Ash (Indiana), 12-5 2:13

      120 Luke Rioux(6-2)
      Rnd of 128- Luke Rioux (Indiana) VSU Connor Ritonya (Nebraska), 11-0 5:01
      Rnd of 64- Seth Mendoza (Illinois) VSU Luke Rioux (Indiana), 10-0 1:00
      Cons 64 #2- Luke Rioux (Indiana) VSU Louis Prouty (Minnesota), 10-0 1:53
      Cons 32 #1- Luke Rioux (Indiana) VFA Alexander Williams (Ohio), 14-5 3:37
      Cons 32 #2- Luke Rioux (Indiana) VSU Donny Pigoni (Illinois), 11-0 2:35
      Cons 16 #1- Luke Rioux (Indiana) VPO1 Vincent Paino (New Jersey), 11-11
      Cons 16 #2- Luke Rioux (Indiana) VPO1 Luke Koenen (Minnesota), 14-8
      Cons 8 #1- Nathan Desmond (Pennsylvania) VSU Luke Rioux (Indiana), 13-0 3:21

      126 Isaiah Schaefer(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Isaiah Schaefer (Indiana) VPO1 Rayden Zens (South Dakota), 8-4
      Rnd of 64- Matthew Marlow (New York) VPO1 Isaiah Schaefer (Indiana), 5-2
      Cons 64 #2- Isaiah Schaefer (Indiana) VSU1 Cash Donnell (Oklahoma), 16-5 4:56
      Cons 32 #1- Isaiah Schaefer (Indiana) VPO1 Kolten Barker (Ohio), 12-9
      Cons 32 #2- Billy Townson (California) VPO1 Isaiah Schaefer (Indiana), 7-2

      126 Preston Haines(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Preston Haines (Indiana) VSU1 Justin Travers (North Carolina), 11-1 2:32
      Rnd of 64- Gauge Shipp (Illinois) VSU1 Preston Haines (Indiana), 15-4 2:48
      Cons 64 #2- Hayden tyler Ancheta (California) VPO1 Preston Haines (Indiana), 13-7

      126 Tanner Tishner(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Tanner Tishner (Indiana) VSU1 Liam Zimmerman (Illinois), 14-2 2:18
      Rnd of 64- Elijah Cater (Washington) VSU Tanner Tishner (Indiana), 10-0 3:21
      Cons 64 #2- Tanner Spalding (Georgia) VPO1 Tanner Tishner (Indiana), 13-13

      132 Alex Plahitko(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Noah Nininger (Virginia) VSU Alex Plahitko (Indiana), 10-0 1:20
      Cons 64 #1- Rayshun James (North Carolina) VSU Alex Plahitko (Indiana), 10-0 3:55

      132 Cameron Volz(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Connor Younts (Michigan) VSU1 Cameron Volz (Indiana), 13-3 5:19
      Cons 128 #2- Zachary Parisi (Illinois) VSU1 Cameron Volz (Indiana), 16-6 2:56

      132 Drew Waldon(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Elijah Banks (Colorado) VSU Drew Waldon (Indiana), 10-0 2:36
      Cons 64 #1- Noah Perez (Nevada) VFA Drew Waldon (Indiana), 11-4 4:24

      132 Jesus Aquino-morales(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Jesus Aquino-morales (Indiana) VSU James Vaskin (Colorado), 10-0 0:49
      Rnd of 64- Geoffrey Whelan (Virginia) VSU Jesus Aquino-morales (Indiana), 10-0 0:36
      Cons 64 #2- Zachary Keinonen (Oregon) VSU Jesus Aquino-morales (Indiana), 10-0 2:32

      138 Collin Cain(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Jayden Bowles (Florida) VSU Collin Cain (Indiana), 10-0 0:30
      Cons 64 #1- Collin Cain (Indiana) VFA Chris Mazza (Connecticut), 12-7 1:58
      Cons 64 #2- Devon Lietzau (Wisconsin) VSU Collin Cain (Indiana), 10-0 2:11

      138 Joey Buttler(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Joey Buttler (Indiana) VFA Gavin Garcia (Texas), 5-0 1:46
      Rnd of 64- Joey Buttler (Indiana) VSU1 Elliott Biba (Wisconsin), 11-1 4:05
      Rnd of 32- Carlos Stanton jr. (Arizona) VSU1 Joey Buttler (Indiana), 15-5 4:59
      Cons 32 #2- Joey Buttler (Indiana) VSU Chanden Reid (Utah), 11-0 5:40
      Cons 16 #1- Joey Buttler (Indiana) VPO1 Mason Kernan (Pennsylvania), 6-4
      Cons 16 #2- William Baysingar (Illinois) VSU Joey Buttler (Indiana), 10-0 1:46

      138 Kyrel Leavell(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Drew Gorman (Georgia) VPO1 Kyrel Leavell (Indiana), 8-6
      Cons 64 #1- Kyrel Leavell (Indiana) VSU Jake Zaltsman (New Jersey), 11-0 1:43
      Cons 64 #2- Kyrel Leavell (Indiana) VSU1 Brogan Fielding (Ohio), 12-2 2:54
      Cons 32 #1- Kyrel Leavell (Indiana) VSU1 Joseph Morris (South Carolina), 18-8 4:41
      Cons 32 #2- Donny Almeyda (New Jersey) VPO1 Kyrel Leavell (Indiana), 12-10

      138 Reese Courtney(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Reese Courtney (Indiana) VSU Hagen Blanck (Kansas), 10-0 2:37
      Rnd of 64- Chase Van hoven (Virginia) VSU Reese Courtney (Indiana), 11-0 4:06
      Cons 64 #2- Marcos Torrez (Washington) VSU Reese Courtney (Indiana), 10-0 1:31

      138 Tony Wood(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Tony Wood (Indiana) VPO1 Jordan Joslyn (New York), 10-6
      Rnd of 64- Tony Wood (Indiana) VSU1 Ty Saulter (Minnesota), 11-1 4:15
      Rnd of 32- Tony Wood (Indiana) VPO1 Smokey Mcclure (Washington), 4-3
      Rnd of 16- Elvis Solis (Florida) VPO1 Tony Wood (Indiana), 3-1
      Cons 16 #2- Tony Wood (Indiana) VPO1 Koye Grebel (North Dakota), 13-11
      Cons 8 #1- Drew Gorman (Georgia) VSU1 Tony Wood (Indiana), 13-2 2:17

      145 Alexander Smith(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Anthony Albanese (Nevada) VSU1 Alexander Smith (Indiana), 18-5 1:49
      Cons 64 #1- Draven Mccall (Florida) VFA Alexander Smith (Indiana), 6-0 1:18

      145 Jackson Todd(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Antonio Hobbs (Ohio) VFA Jackson Todd (Indiana), 12-0 1:02
      Cons 64 #1- Tyler Guerra (Illinois) VSU Jackson Todd (Indiana), 10-0 1:02

      145 Silas Foster(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Josh Fish (Utah) VSU1 Silas Foster (Indiana), 14-4 5:04
      Cons 64 #1- Silas Foster (Indiana) VSU Ryan Parent (Washington), 10-0 0:27
      Cons 64 #2- Caleb Olson (Iowa) VSU1 Silas Foster (Indiana), 14-4 3:39

      145 Wesley Harper(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Hercules Windrath (California) VSU1 Wesley Harper (Indiana), 15-5 5:55
      Cons 64 #1- Wesley Harper (Indiana) VSU Dylan Herkstroeter (Alaska), 10-0 1:09
      Cons 64 #2- Wesley Harper (Indiana) VFA Brady Mason (Kansas), 6-0 0:57
      Cons 32 #1- Ethan Sylvester (Minnesota) VSU Wesley Harper (Indiana), 10-0 1:37

      145 Wyatt Krejsa(5-2)
      Rnd of 128- Wyatt Krejsa (Indiana) VPO1 Rafael o. Garcia morales (US Territory), 12-3
      Rnd of 64- Wyatt Krejsa (Indiana) VSU Jake Glade (Colorado), 10-0 1:27
      Rnd of 32- Kannon Webster (Illinois) VSU1 Wyatt Krejsa (Indiana), 14-4 5:32
      Cons 32 #2- Wyatt Krejsa (Indiana) VSU Brodie Dominique (Ohio), 10-0 0:46
      Cons 16 #1- Wyatt Krejsa (Indiana) VSU Ayson Rice (South Dakota), 10-0 1:27
      Cons 16 #2- Wyatt Krejsa (Indiana) VSU1 Thomas Thongseng (California), 12-2 1:36
      Cons 8 #1- Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania) VSU Wyatt Krejsa (Indiana), 10-0 0:36

      152 Branson Weaver(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Kael Voinovich (Oklahoma) VSU Branson Weaver (Indiana), 10-0 0:27
      Cons 64 #1- Branson Weaver (Indiana) VSU Tyler Fromm (Massachusetts), 10-0 3:28
      Cons 64 #2- Xerarch Tungjaroenkul (Kansas) VSU Branson Weaver (Indiana), 10-0 1:06

      152 Kevon Russell(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Kevon Russell (Indiana) VPO1 Jared Walker (Georgia), 14-10
      Rnd of 64- Kaden Fetterolf (Illinois) VSU1 Kevon Russell (Indiana), 12-1 1:41
      Cons 64 #2- Zachery Lee (Georgia) VPO1 Kevon Russell (Indiana), 9-3

      160 Chase Leech(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Isaias Jimenez (Arizona) VSU1 Chase Leech (Indiana), 12-1 3:31
      Cons 64 #1- Chase Leech (Indiana) VIN Alec Robeson (Texas)
      Cons 64 #2- Chase Leech (Indiana) VFA Karsen Otis (Wisconsin), 5-2 4:15
      Cons 32 #1- Paolo Salminen (Montana) VSU1 Chase Leech (Indiana), 15-4 5:33

      160 Ethan Smith(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Christion Griggs (Alabama) VSU1 Ethan Smith (Indiana), 25-15 0:00
      Cons 64 #1- Charles Petit (Minnesota) VSU Ethan Smith (Indiana), 10-0 1:17

      160 Gavin Davis(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Nicholas Campagna (New Jersey) VPO1 Gavin Davis (Indiana), 7-1
      Cons 64 #1- Israel Moreno (Montana) VPO1 Gavin Davis (Indiana), 12-4

      170 Anthony Rinehart(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Anthony Rinehart (Indiana) VFA Rodolfo Santacruz (Arizona), 8-0 0:51
      Rnd of 64- Anthony Rinehart (Indiana) VSU1 Apollo Ashby (Minnesota), 16-5 5:15
      Rnd of 32- Adam Waters (Pennsylvania) VSU Anthony Rinehart (Indiana), 11-0 2:07
      Cons 32 #2- Xavier Giles (New York) VSU1 Anthony Rinehart (Indiana), 14-3 5:17

      170 Brenton Russell(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Brenton Russell (Indiana) VFA Joshua Mace (Nebraska), 18-8 5:23
      Rnd of 64- Tyler Secoy (Georgia) VSU1 Brenton Russell (Indiana), 14-4 2:28
      Cons 64 #2- Brenton Russell (Indiana) VFA Ian Mitchell (Oklahoma), 8-4 1:19
      Cons 32 #1- Owen Wasley (Wisconsin) VSU1 Brenton Russell (Indiana), 24-11 5:54

      170 Duke Myers(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Danny Diaz (Iowa) VPO1 Duke Myers (Indiana), 7-2
      Cons 64 #1- Duke Myers (Indiana) VSU1 Cole Lockart (Idaho), 12-2 5:21
      Cons 64 #2- Duke Myers (Indiana) VSU1 Patrick Downing (Illinois), 12-2 4:00
      Cons 32 #1- Dante Hutchings (Colorado) VPO Duke Myers (Indiana), 9-0

      170 Evan Roudebush(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- Travis Smith (Minnesota) VPO1 Evan Roudebush (Indiana), 6-2
      Cons 64 #1- Evan Roudebush (Indiana) VSU Demarcus Scott (Oregon), 10-0 0:39
      Cons 64 #2- Brandon Cody (Florida) VFA Evan Roudebush (Indiana), 12-2 3:17

      182 Brayden Emerine(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- David Malin (Wisconsin) VSU Brayden Emerine (Indiana), 10-0 1:41
      Cons 64 #2- Brayden Emerine (Indiana) VIN Braden Brown (Oklahoma)
      Cons 32 #1- Braidon Woodward (New York) VSU Brayden Emerine (Indiana), 10-0 1:13

      182 Eric Casad(0-2)
      Rnd of 128- Holden Martin (Oklahoma) VSU Eric Casad (Indiana), 10-0 0:39
      Cons 64 #1- Brandon Bruce-bey (Ohio) VPO1 Eric Casad (Indiana), 11-9

      182 Noah Weaver(3-2)
      Rnd of 64- Cole Han-lindemyer (Minnesota) VSU1 Noah Weaver (Indiana), 13-2 2:50
      Cons 64 #2- Noah Weaver (Indiana) VFA Riley Hucks (South Carolina), 10-0 2:28
      Cons 32 #1- Noah Weaver (Indiana) VSU Quayde Beck (Utah), 12-0 1:12
      Cons 32 #2- Noah Weaver (Indiana) VSU1 Matthew Jens (Illinois), 15-3 3:39
      Cons 16 #1- Silas Dailey (Wisconsin) VSU1 Noah Weaver (Indiana), 27-16 6:00

      195 Fabian Chavez(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Fabian Chavez (Indiana) VSU1 Conner Kelly (Colorado), 12-2 1:28
      Rnd of 64- Justin Hoffer (Illinois) VSU1 Fabian Chavez (Indiana), 16-6 1:42
      Cons 64 #2- Fabian Chavez (Indiana) VSU1 Kaleb Grove (Idaho), 14-3 2:05
      Cons 32 #1- Mahkyi Smith (Utah) VPO1 Fabian Chavez (Indiana), 16-8

      195 Gunner Henry(3-2)
      Rnd of 128- Gunner Henry (Indiana) VPO1 Thomas Dineen (Minnesota), 6-6
      Rnd of 64- Gunner Henry (Indiana) VSU1 Jaxson Gribskov (Oregon), 12-1 2:49
      Rnd of 32- Gunner Henry (Indiana) VPO1 Evan Wingrove (Georgia), 9-4
      Rnd of 16- Connor Mirasola (Wisconsin) VSU Gunner Henry (Indiana), 10-0 0:42
      Cons 16 #2- Quinlan Morgan (Minnesota) VFA Gunner Henry (Indiana), 2-0 1:02

      220 Brandon Johnson(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Brandon Johnson (Indiana) VFA Benjamin Young (Nevada), 6-0 0:38
      Rnd of 32- Jared Thiry (Iowa) VSU Brandon Johnson (Indiana), 12-0 0:57
      Cons 32 #2- Jesus Gonzalez (Wisconsin) VSU1 Brandon Johnson (Indiana), 24-12 2:43

      220 Cole Chicoine(4-2)
      Rnd of 128- Cole Chicoine (Indiana) VPO1 Brennan Carey (Missouri), 7-4
      Rnd of 64- Cole Chicoine (Indiana) VPO1 Aidan Mozden (Ohio), 6-4
      Rnd of 32- Cole Chicoine (Indiana) VSU Iyanu Akingbolagun (Texas), 11-0 3:50
      Rnd of 16- Cole Carter (Alabama) VSU Cole Chicoine (Indiana), 11-0 4:00
      Cons 16 #2- Cole Chicoine (Indiana) VPO1 Noah Wenzel (Illinois), 7-4
      Cons 8 #1- Hudson Skove (New Jersey) VPO1 Cole Chicoine (Indiana), 9-4

      220 Keagan Martin(1-2)
      Rnd of 128- John Pardo (Pennsylvania) VSU1 Keagan Martin (Indiana), 14-3 5:29
      Cons 64 #2- Keagan Martin (Indiana) VSU Blaize Baxter (Oklahoma), 10-0 1:10
      Cons 32 #1- Torin Forsyth (Kansas) VSU Keagan Martin (Indiana), 10-0 4:45

      285 Aramis Mcnutt(2-2)
      Rnd of 64- Aramis Mcnutt (Indiana) VPO1 Joseph Lubinskas (Virginia), 8-7
      Rnd of 32- Wyatt Smith (Iowa) VFA Aramis Mcnutt (Indiana), 12-5 2:50
      Cons 32 #2- Aramis Mcnutt (Indiana) VFA Rylan Madison (South Carolina), 6-0 1:28
      Cons 16 #1- John Vinciguerra (New Jersey) VFA Aramis Mcnutt (Indiana), 4-0 0:51

      285 Benjamin Land(2-2)
      Rnd of 128- Benjamin Land (Indiana) VFA Aiden Surratt (Illinois), 6-5 2:09
      Rnd of 64- Will Greenberg (Ohio) VSU1 Benjamin Land (Indiana), 12-2 2:55
      Cons 64 #2- Benjamin Land (Indiana) VFA Elijah Vansickle (Florida), 15-7 2:26
      Cons 32 #1- Mac Muller (Iowa) VSU1 Benjamin Land (Indiana), 14-2 5:45

      285 Triston Meschede(1-2)
      Rnd of 64- Jacob Henry (Texas) VPO1 Triston Meschede (Indiana), 6-6
      Cons 64 #2- Triston Meschede (Indiana) VFA Oliver Gorsuch (Wyoming), 10-4 3:13
      Cons 32 #1- Callen Smithpeter (Missouri) VSU1 Triston Meschede (Indiana), 12-1 5:55

      768 4

      2022 Ironman Interviews

      Talking with Brownsburg and Crown Point coaches and wrestlers

      2497 14

      2023 IHSAA State Finals Schedule

      Friday, Feb. 17, 2023
      Session 1
      Gates open at 12:30 pm ET
      Parade of Champions at 1:30 pm ET
      First Round Weight Classes 106 - 145 begin at 2 pm ET 
      First Round Weight Classes 152 - 285 begin at 5:30 pm ET
      Saturday, Feb. 18, 2023
      Session 2
      Gates open at 8 am ET 
      Quarterfinals begin at 9 am ET with Semifinals to follow
      Fieldhouse cleared of all spectators following Semifinals
      Session 3 
      Gates open at 3:30 pm ET
      Consolations at 4:30 pm ET with State Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET

      28730 33

      IHSAA Announces State Tournament Realignment

      From Fort Wayne to East Chicago: Caston and Rochester
      From East Chicago to Fort Wayne: Wawasee and Tippecanoe Valley
      Sectional and Regional Changes
      New Castle Semi-State
      From Arsenal Tech/Pendleton Heights to Southport/Perry Meridian
      Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central, and Mount Vernon(Fortville)
      From Southport/Perry Meridian to Arsenal Tech/Pendleton Heights
      Cardinal Ritter, Crispus Attucks, Providence Cristo Rey, and George Washington
      East Chicago Semi-State
      From Laporte/Crown Point to Plymouth/Penn
      North Judson
      From Winamac(Twin Lakes now)/Logansport to Plymouth/Penn
      From Crown Point/Crown Point to East Chicago Central/Hobart
      Lake Central
      From Winamac/Logansport to Crown Point/Crown Point
      North Newton and South Newton
      Evansville Semi-State
      From Mooresville/Mooresville to Jennings County/Jeffersonville
      Franklin Community
      From Bloomington North/Bloomington South to Jennings County/Jeffersonville
      Indian Creek
      From Jennings County/Jeffersonville to Bloomington North/Bloomington South
      Brown County
      Fort Wayne Semi-State
      From Carroll/Carroll to Peru/Peru
      Huntington North
      Sectional Changes
      From Southridge to Bloomington North
      Bedford North Lawrence
      From Jeffersonville to Jennings County
      Eastern (Pekin) and Salem
      From Plymouth to Mishawaka
      From Bloomington North to Southridge
      1. East Chicago Central (9):  East Chicago Central, Gary West Side, Hammond Bishop Noll, Hammond Central, Hammond Morton, Lake Central, Merrillville, Munster, Whiting
      2. Portage (8): Andrean, Calumet, Griffith, Highland, Hobart, Lake Station Edison, Portage, River Forest
      3. Crown Point (10): Boone Grove, Crown Point, Hanover Central, Hebron, Illiana Christian, Kankakee Valley, Lowell, North Newton, South Newton, Wheeler
      4. LaPorte (7): Chesterton, Glenn, Knox, LaPorte, Marquette Catholic, Michigan City, New Prairie, Valparaiso
      5. Mishawaka (9): LaVille, Mishawaka, Mishawaka Marian, Penn, South Bend Adams, South Bend Clay, South Bend Riley, South Bend Saint Joseph, South Bend Washington
      6. Plymouth (10): Bremen, Caston, Culver Academies, Culver Community, North Judson-San Pierre, Plymouth, Rochester Community, Triton, Warsaw Community, Winamac Community
      7. Twin Lakes (12): Benton Central, Frontier, Logansport,  North White, Pioneer, Rensselaer Central, Tri-County, Twin Lakes, West Central
      8. Lafayette Jefferson (10): Attica, Carroll (Flora), Delphi Community, Faith Christian, Harrison (West Lafayette), Lafayette Central Catholic, Lafayette Jefferson, McCutcheon, Seeger, West Lafayette
      9. Elkhart (8): Concord, Elkhart, Fairfield, Goshen, Jimtown, Northridge, NorthWood, Wawasee
      10. West Noble (9): Angola, Central Noble, DeKalb, East Noble, Fremont, Lakeland, Prairie Heights, West Noble, Westview
      11. Carroll (Fort Wayne) (9): Carroll (Fort Wayne), Churubusco, Columbia City, Eastside, Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger, Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran, Fort Wayne Northrop, Garrett, Whitko
      12. TBD (10): Fort Wayne Bishop Luers, Fort Wayne North Side, Fort Wayne Snider, Fort Wayne South Side, Fort Wayne Wayne, Heritage, Homestead, New Haven, Leo, Woodlan
      13. Peru (10): Lewis Cass, Huntington North, Maconaquah, Manchester, North Miami, Northfield, Peru, Southwood, Tippecanoe Valley, Wabash
      14. Oak Hill (11): Eastbrook, Eastern (Greentown), Kokomo, Madison-Grant, Marion, Mississinewa, Northwestern, Oak Hill, Taylor, Tri-Central, Western
      15. Jay County (9): Adams Central, Bellmont, Blackford, Bluffton, Jay County, Norwell, South Adams, Southern Wells, Union City
      16. Delta (10): Cowan, Daleville, Delta, Monroe Central, Muncie Central, Randolph Southern, Wapahani, Wes-Del, Winchester Community, Yorktown
      17. Crawfordsville (10): Covington, Crawfordsville, Fountain Central, North Montgomery, North Vermillion, Parke Heritage, South Vermillion, Southmont, Western Boone, Zionsville
      18. Frankfort (10): Carmel, Clinton Central, Clinton Prairie, Fishers, Frankfort, Hamilton Southeastern, Lebanon, Rossville, Sheridan, Westfield
      19. Elwood (10): Alexandria Monroe, Anderson, Elwood Community, Frankton, Guerin Catholic, Hamilton Heights, Lapel, Noblesville, Pendleton Heights, Tipton
      20. Indianapolis Arsenal Technical (10): Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory, Indianapolis Arsenal Technical, Indiana School for the Deaf, Indiana School for the Blind, Indianapolis Bishop Chatard, Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter, Indianapolis Cathedral, Indianapolis Crispus Attucks, Indianapolis George Washington Community, Providence Cristo Rey,
      21. Southport (10): Beech Grove,  Christel House, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, Mt Vernon (Fortville), North Central(Indianapolis), Perry Meridian, Roncalli, Southport, Victory College Prep
      22. Shelbyville (9): Franklin Central, Greenfield-Central, Indianapolis Lutheran, Indianapolis Scecina Memorial, New Palestine, Purdue Polytechnic, Shelbyville, Triton Central, Warren Central
      23. Centerville(11): Blue River Valley, Cambridge City Lincoln, Centerville, Eastern Hancock,  Hagerstown, Knightstown, New Castle, Northeastern, Richmond, Shenandoah, Tri
      24. South Dearborn (11): Batesville, Connersville, East Central, Franklin County, Greensburg, Lawrenceburg, Milan, Oldenburg Academy, Rushville Consolidated, South Dearborn, Union County
      25. Avon (12): Avon, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Covenant Christian (Indianapolis), Danville Community, Greencastle, North Putnam, Pike, Plainfield, South Putnam, Speedway, Tri-West Hendricks
      26. Mooresville (11): Cascade, Center Grove, Cloverdale, Decatur Central, Eminence, Greenwood Community, Martinsville, Monrovia, Mooresville, Whiteland Community
      27. Bloomington North (12): Bedford North Lawrence, Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Brown County, Edgewood, Northview, Owen Valley, Sullivan, Terre Haute North Vigo, Terre Haute South Vigo, West Vigo
      28. Southridge (10): Floyd Central, Forest Park, Jasper, Mitchell, New Albany, North Knox, Paoli, Pike Central, Southridge, Tell City
      29. Jennings County (13): Columbus East, Columbus North, Eastern (Pekin), Franklin Community, Indian Creek, Jennings County, Madison Consolidated, Salem, Scottsburg, Seymour, Southwestern (Hanover), Switzerland County, West Washington
      30. Jeffersonville (13): Borden, Charlestown, Clarksville, Corydon Central, Crawford County, Henryville, Jeffersonville, New Washington, North Harrison, Providence, Rock Creek Academy, Silver Creek
      31. Castle (10): Boonville, Castle, Evansville Bosse, Evansville Harrison, Evansville Reitz Memorial, Heritage Hills, South Spencer, Tecumseh, Washington, Wood Memorial
      32. Evansville Central (9): Evansville Central, Evansville F.J Reitz, Evansville Mater Dei, Evansville North, Gibson Southern, Mt Vernon, North Posey, Princeton Community, Vincennes Lincoln
      1. Hobart: Feeder Sectionals: East Chicago Central, Portage.
      2. Crown Point: Feeder Sectionals: Crown Point, LaPorte.
      3. Penn: Feeder Sectionals: Mishawaka, Plymouth.
      4. Logansport: Feeder Sectionals: Lafayette Jefferson, Twin Lakes.
      5. Goshen: Feeder Sectionals: Elkhart, West Noble.
      6. Carroll (Fort Wayne): Feeder Sectionals: Carroll (Fort Wayne), TBD(Former New Haven).
      7. Peru: Feeder Sectionals: Peru, Oak Hill.
      8. Jay County: Feeder Sectionals: Delta, Jay County.
      9. North Montgomery: Feeder Sectionals: Crawfordsville, Frankfort.
      10. Pendleton Heights: Feeder Sectionals: Elwood, Indianapolis Arsenal Technical.
      11. Perry Meridian: Feeder Sectionals: Shelbyville, Southport.
      12. Richmond: Feeder Sectionals: South Dearborn, Shenandoah.
      13. Mooresville: Feeder Sectionals: Avon, Mooresville.
      14. Bloomington South: Feeder Sectionals: Bloomington North, Southridge.
      15. Jeffersonville: Feeder Sectionals: Jeffersonville, Jennings County.
      16. Castle: Feeder Sectionals: Castle, Evansville Central
      1. East Chicago Central: Feeder Regionals: Crown Point, Hobart, Logansport, Penn.
      2. New Haven (Allen County War Memorial Coliseum): Feeder Regionals: Carroll (Fort Wayne), Goshen, Jay County, Peru.
      3. New Castle: Feeder Regionals: Frankfort, Pendleton Heights, Perry Meridian, Richmond.
      4. Evansville F. J. Reitz (Ford Center): Feeder Regionals: Bloomington South, Castle, Jeffersonville, Mooresville.

      3364 12 18

      2023 Evansville Semi-State Preview

      By Dustin Bentz
      It’s that time of year!!! Triple B feels like WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, he’s walking down the streets of North Vernon and Madison Yelling, “CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCCCKKKAAAHHHHH”
      It’s me, it’s me, it’s TripleB and I’m here to deliver the World Famous TRIPLEB EVANSVILLE SEMI-STATE SPECTACULAR PREVIEW!!!!!!
      With good old 3B’s birthday being the Friday before, is there a better gift than the GREATEST SEMI-STATE IN THE STATE OF INDIANA??
      Evansville will be popping off Saturday, I’m actually negotiating with the IHSAA to go ahead and send us the state medals b/c we all know that THE DIRTY SOUTH SEMI-STATE is the GOLD STANDARD!!!
      House keeping items - 
      Here is the link for the Indianamat Semi-State Hub - 
      From our former inside man Markio - Ford Arena info:
      Parking and general information about the arena can be found at www.thefordcenter.com Wrestlers can enter the arena at 7:30am for weigh-ins. Wrestlers and coaches will enter at the interior ticket office lobby (to the far right of the main lobby doors) to check in and head back. You will pick up your credentials here. The only coolers allowed are for wrestlers and must enter at the check in table through the interior ticket lobby. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK for anyone else is allowed inside unfortunately. Not my rules, just standard building policy.  Public doors open at 8:00am CST. Enter on Main Street through the main lobby. We will look to create a separate door/entrance for those that already have tickets. $12 dollars for all session ticket, $10 for finals only.  There is NO onsite parking. Please do not have any team vehicles attempt to park in the loading dock or attached outer lot. These are reserved spots. There is no public Wi-Fi.  Please do not jump over the dasher walls to access the floor. They try to control access to the floor, so you need to enter from the lower level hallway under section 103. You wouldn't jump the wall at Gainbridge would you? lol The hospitality room for officials, etc. will be in the Corner Club. Enter from the main lobby and hang a right at the lower level hallway. If you are going to set up a camera please do not have the cord running across the aisle. You will be made to unplug any cords running across an aisle. We will have full concessions available throughout the day. Coffee and hot chocolate are also available all day as well. (get the bbq pork nachos, huge and awesome) There is no smoking on or in the Ford Center property, this includes e-cigarettes. Brackets will be updated throughout the day and posted on several of the 170 or so TVs located all over the arena. The brackets end up kind of small, but hey, they are everywhere and pretty cool. Lastly,if you are a wrestler that loses please don't kick,throw,or punch Ford Center property. We had a kid break off a door handle last year.Sent the bill to the school.   
      Nestled between two days of absolute Love (3B’s birthday on Thursday and Valentine’s Day on Tuesday) 224 grapplers will be battling to GAIN 56 tickets to the Bridge in Indianapolis next weekend!!
      Let’s not pull any punches, Evansville is the toughest Semi-State in the state. There were kids getting sent home at regionals that could have placed at state and the same will happen this weekend. It will be absolute Carnage, Chaos, and Heartbreak. 176 Semi-State ranked wrestlers, 107 of whom are also state ranked will take to the Ford Center Saturday  with more excitement than the pre-teens at the Jo-Jo concert the night before. We have the potential to feature, 4, yes 4 #1 vs. #2 state ranked wrestlers. We also have 7 of the 14 #1 ranked wrestlers in the state in our semi-state. 
      How does this work - The exclusive Evansville Championship Selection Committee (ECSC) spent 2 days in hard deliberations over their Ford Fab 4 picks. Each member selected their ballot, points were accumulated, and from there the picks started falling into place.
      Article features: 
      The Charles Barkley “Turrible”  Draws - ticket round matches that shouldn’t be happening in the ticket round!
      The Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Best first round matches!
      The Built Ford Tough Locks - Any weight class where the pick for champion was unanimous, makes it a Ford Tough Lock. This year we have, what may be a record, 10 yes 10 FORD TOUGH LOCKS!
      Ford Fab 4 - After the picks were gathered, points distributed, and the dust settled, we’ll have the Ford Fab 4.
      A big shout out to Navy80, BigToe19, a mystery guest picker, and The DONNIE BAKER for their contributions. I will add some commentary throughout from our great pickers.
      What if I didn’t agree with the ECSC or I thought they made a terrible error? Then have no fear - The TripleB Guarantee will help you sort out the madness. 
      Before we get started….. Is this the year for siblings??? Or are some cousins??? Or maybe Uncle/Nephews??
      BigToe did some digging and came up with the following families, good luck this weekend!
      Ash Brothers - Monrovia
      Bell Brothers - Ev North
      Haines Brothers - BBurg
      Heaston Brothers - Indian Creek
      Henderson Brothers - Vincennes Lincoln
      Rioux Brothers - Avon
      Rose Brothers - Switz County  
      Schoeff Brothers - Avon
      Smith Siblings - Heritage Hills  ( Brother/Sister ???)
      VanOver Brothers - EMD
      *Clement Brothers- Merrillville/Edgewood
      BigToe Regional Breakdown based off his predictions (will slightly differ from the selections ahead):
      Bigtoe19 Regional Breakdown:
      Mooresville - 25 to State, & 7 EVSS Champs
      Bloomington- 11 to State, 3 EVSS Champs
      Jeffersonville- 6 to State, 1 EVSS Champ
      Evansville- 14 to State, 3 EVSS Champs
      Without further ado—--------LET’S FREAKIN’ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
      106: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 7/9
      All 10 SS ranked wrestlers have navigated the waters! Every year we talk about future hammers and blue bloods filling out 106. This year is no different as names like Bloomington High School South, Avon, Brownsburg, Columbus East, and Floyd Central all litter the bracket. But there are some schools hoping to be bracket busters!
      106 also welcomes our first of record 10 Ford Tough LOCKS!!! 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Freshman from Columbus East Talon Jessup has had a great year, Brennan Leonard has been lurking in the shadows w/ an injury and brings 6-3 record to SS. This match will kick things off Saturday!! Another rising program, Indian Creek, will bring Jude Heaston to the Ford and a first round match w/ Brady Byrd from Washington should be the caffeine everyone needs Saturday morning!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws -  LET THE MOORESVILLE CHAOS BEGIN!!!  The Mooresville Regional, or the fifth semi-state as those #County folks have started referring to it, which always causes death draws. #4 SS ranked and returning State Participant Cameron Meier from Bloomington South will take on Monrovia’s Super Sophomore Gavin Ash. Could they both punch tickets if in a different bracket? Don’t know but this match will be great!
      Don’t sleep on…. Gavin Ash, as mentioned above. Nate Rioux, he’s wrestled Dickman approximately 1000 times and both are Contender trained. But keep an eye on  The Castle Regional duo of Ty Henderson from Vincennes Lincoln and Brady Byrd from Washington. Both are battle tested and compete on the national level. Byrd and Dickman aren’t strangers and that match could be entertaining!
      Ford Fab 4 - Our first Ford Tough Lock - Revin Dickman of Brownsburg hopes to get Bulldogs from Brownsburg going early!
      1st - LOCK Revin Dickman  Brownsburg, 2nd - Nate Rioux  Avon, 3rd - Isaac Campbell Floyd Central 4th - Cameron Meier Bloomington High School South
      113: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 6/8
      A returning LOCK that is ranked #1 in the state and #1 in the semi-state…. And he’s not a lock, nor is he favored! 5 top ten state ranked wrestlers will look for top honors at 113 and up until a week ago returning SS champ Preston Haines of Brownsburg appeared to have it locked up again. Then the Trojans of Center Grove came a’callin, and Charlie LaRocca helped pull the weight class and regional upset! This weight class is loaded and 3 different wrestlers all got votes to win it; Haines, LaRocca and Avon’s Luke Rioux. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #9SS ranked and regional champ Gavin Wheeler from North Posey got a Curtain Jerker and turrible draw as he gets #8 state ranked Isaac Ash from Monrovia. Wheeler is tough and North Posey wrestles a great schedule, don’t expect him to lay down for Ash!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Sound the FLIPPIN Sirens…. Call the EVPD, actually don’t, I follow a page called Evansville Watch and they need their own TV show, anway…. We got 2 returning state medalists going at it in the ticket round!!! #6 ranked Jackson Heaston has gone out and got challenges all season at whatever weight he wanted. #4 Luke Rioux comes from the battle hardened Contender Academy and Rioux family….. Someone really has to go home?!?!?!
      Don’t sleep on…. Hold on, I’m still gathering myself…. Don’t sleep on the dream dashers known as the IHSAA!!!
      Ford Fab 4 -  It’s the first Mooresville Sweep!!! LaRocca gets the nod and the rest play out like last weekend
      1st - Charlie LaRocca  Center Grove, 2nd -  Preston Haines Brownsburg, 3rd - Luke Rioux Avon, Isaac Ash Monorovia
      TRIPLEB_GUARANTEE - Preston Haines gets the W back and gets another SS crown. 
      120: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 7/9
      120 features a returning semi-state champ, state champ, who hasn’t lost in the state of Indiana in over a year, has to be a lock right? NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!! Jake Hockaday is the presumptive favorite but some pickers think a Wildcat can take out a Bulldog. This weight class features 4 top ten ranked wrestlers not all are favorites to get out!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker: Lane Gilbert has lots of state, national and even world medals. He definitely has his eyes set on finally climbing that podium next weekend, but will that cause him to overlook Cascade Cadet #23 ranked Logan Bickel? Another great first round match will feature SS #8 ranked Quinten Q Schoeff vs #10 ranked Cameron Fogle from Southridge. Fogle is a sectional champ who dropped a decision loss to Gilbert last weekend. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - See below….. 
      Don’t sleep on…. Switzerland County wrestling has been quietly putting together the pieces for a run for a few years now. Freshman Peyton Richards comes into Semi-State undefeated and has collected a sectional and regional championship. Trips has been trying to tell people but no one will listen!!
      Ford Fab 4: Hockaday gets enough to cover followed by Mater Dei’s Isaiah Schaefer (we didn’t even mention him, he did get a vote to knock off Hock), Gilbert, and Richards
      1st - Jake Hockaday Brownsburg, 2nd - Isaiah Schaefer, Evansville Mater Dei, 3rd - Lane Gilbert Sullivan, 4th Eddie Goss Center Grove
      DONNIE BAKER AND TRIPLEB’S BET THE BOAT - Peyton Richards becomes Switzerland County’s first ever state qualifier… and won’t be the only Pacer going. 
      126: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 7/10
      Our 2nd LOCK at 126 and is 2x state medalist, 2x semi state finalist and a champ 2 years ago, Evansville Mater Dei’s Evan Seng. Seng has been rolling through the state tourney w 4 falls, 1 tech and 1 major. He is the heavy favorite Saturday. Yearly 126 is one of the deepest weight classes and 2023 is no different as there are some absolute hammer matches in the both first rounds and the ticket round. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Both #8 Josiah Dedeaux of Terre Haute South and #7 Keith Parker of Ben Davis didn’t like how their seasons ended a year ago and went to work. They’ve wrestled all over the country. They have grown leaps and bounds. Dedeaux was knocked out of regionals last year by Floyd’s Vince Kessinger and this year he knocked off Kessinger for third place. Parker has flip flopped matches w/ Landen Haines the last two weekends. This match has all the makings of a barn burner, unfortunately the winner gets the LOCK Seng. 
      Another lights out curtain jerker features returning state qualifier Dominic McFeely from Cascade taking on super soph from 3 time 1A state champs Tell City Chase Stephens. Can the Marksmen keep rolling or will the Cadet triumph?
      ANNNNDDD Hold on one more match!  Brownsburg’s Landen Haines will go at it w/ Vince Kessinger from Floyd. Throw the rankings away, these dudes wrestle w/ multiple siblings. I can’t even imagine what Thanksgiving looks like at either of their houses. The Kessinger Kids, the Haines Bros…. Battles and that will come into play Saturday. Kessinger has home run capabilities and Landen can’t wait to get his Haines on…wait, bad joke, nevermind…. Don’t miss this match!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - The winner of McFeely/Stephens won’t have long to rest b/c CE’s returning state qualifier Liam Krueger waiting for them. Krueger has wins over both, though just a 2 pt decision over Stephens.
      Corydon’s Zane Schreck has been on a mission all year, last weekend he beat Krueger convincingly, Krueger has Dub over Yeager. One of these two are going home!
      Don’t sleep on…. Hell is there anybody I haven’t mentioned?? Yeah there is, Remember the headlocks heard around the world last year? I guarantee Seth Cowden does, he was winning 11-0 heading into the 3rd period when Jarred Dunn dropped the boom. Last weekend Cowden lost in OT to Chase Stephens. You think that dude is happy right now? He could send Yeager and Schreck packing Saturday!
      Ford Fab 4: A grinder of a bracket after Seng, Krueger, Haines and Schreck all still standing at the end
      1st - Evan Seng Evansville Mater Dei,  2nd Liam Krueger Columbus East, 3rd Landen Haines Brownsburg,  4th Zane Schreck, Corydon Central
      132: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 8/8
      Here’s what we know about 132 - It’s Joey’s world and we are just trying to keep up, and after that all bets are off. Joey Buttler from Whiteland is our next LOCK as the 2x state medalist and returning Semi-State champ looks to rule the bracket. The bottom half bracket is insane. Past turrible draw recipients from last year Coy Hammack from Tell City and Justice Thornton from Columbus North both hope to avoid being on the bad side of the draws. 
      Hammack is a 2x qualifier, 1x medalist and was upended last year. 
      Thornton is now a 2x regional champ for Columbus North. 
      Both have Mooresville Regional draws in the form of Seth Syra and Brady Ison. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers -  Floyd Central Freshman Hunter Banet and Jennings County’s Lane Kirchner is a homer pick for old 3B, two HHC foes going at it! Kirchner won the HHC in January, Banet took third but they didn’t cross paths. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Coy Hammack has a celebrated career, but the grinder of Evansville doesn’t care about celebrations. In what might be one of the worst (or best??) ticket round match ups ever he gets Brownsburg 2x State Qualifier Brady Ison. It’s a shame someone’s season and possibly career ends here Saturday. This is also what makes Evansville the absolute best SS in the state. 
      Don’t sleep on…. Seth Syra, Avon. He was a ticket rounder last year and has a 1-0 win over Thornton this year. The pickers went w/ Thornton but can Seth Syra put a stamp on his earlier season win?  Also Odin Fortune from Reitz has never been able to punch his ticket, the pickers say he will do just that this year, but will his fortune reveal more than just a state finals birth?
      Ford Fab 4 - Buttler, Hammack gets the nod, Thornton gets the nod and Fortune 
      1st - Joey Buttler Whiteland, 2nd - Coy Hammack Tell City, 3rd - Odin Fortune Evansville Reitz, 4th - Justice Thornton Columbus North. 
      138: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 8/10
      Cheaney Schoeff is the star of this weight class. He’s a 3x state semi-finalist, defending semi-state champ is looking to finish off his career with a state ‘ship next weekend. He’s also LOCK #4! 
      With all 10 ranked SS wrestlers in the bracket there are a number of bangers to open this weight class and some possibly good Ticket round matches. Another Pacer punching his ticket and WildCat helping out a Bulldog?!?! 138 is LOADED!!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Interesting 1 vs 4 to get things going Trevor Hott is ranked 18th in the state but not ranked in the semi-state. Gabe Rose is ranked 10th in the state, has beaten everyone he’s wrestled as he’s walked through the state tourney but isn’t ranked in the state! 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Not really turrible draws, but some great blood round matches here - Rose/Hott winner vs #8/#4 Branson Weaver. Weaver has had tough L’s in the state tourney, but not an impossible draw here. 
      Skip down to #12/#5 Kelby Glenn, a tough 2 loss senior from Tell City and Freshman Phenom from Brownsburg #3/#2 Parker Reynolds. This match will be good, and a turrible draw!!!
      Don’t sleep on…. Evansville Mater Dei’s Tyler Vanover has a “Dub” over Reece Courtney in a barn burner at Team State. This is another ticket round match. 
      Ford Fab 4 - Schoeff is a LOCK, two upsets on paper as Rose edges out Weaver and Vanover gets one on Courtney, Parker Reynolds punches his first ticket
      1st - Cheaney Schoeff Avon, 2nd - Parker Reynolds Brownsburg, 3rd - Tyler Vanover Evansville Mater Dei, 4th - Gabe Rose Switzerland County
      145: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 6/9
      Center Grove’s Wyatt Krejsa was one of the highlights last year when he won his ticket round match by fall in 30 seconds. There’s no surprises this year as Krejsa is our 5th LOCK. 
      After that there are some great first round and ticket round matches as this weight features all 10 SS ranked wrestlers, w 9 being ranked in the state. Can my boy, TripleB Trained Braedon Spears come out of one of the toughest quarter brackets and finally punch his ticket?!?! 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - State ranked wrestlers right out of the gates!!! #18 Alex Smith was winning his first round match a year ago when he got cradled with under a minute to go. Braedon Spears was up 3-2 w/ 14 seconds to go in his ticket round match when a shredded knee and reversal ended his season. With heartbreaks on their minds, these grapplers have each other in this highlight Curtain Jerker! The winner gets tough Jeffersonville Senior Bradley Owen. They both own wins over Owen but Owen is on fire right now. This will be a great ticket round match!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Cash Turner just became Edgewood’s first ever 4 time regional champion, a 2x state finalist and would be a three timer if not for Brownsburg…. Who he happens to have this year in Bulldog Sophomore Mason Day. They are both ranked top 4 in Semi State and top 12 in the state. 
      Don’t sleep on…. Bradley Owen as mentioned above and Tell City Senior Brayden Lain. The pickers like Luke Robards from Evansville Central but Tell City’s season has been magic, don’t count Lain out!
      Ford Fab 4 - Another weight, another LOCK - Kresja, Spears, Turner ekes out Day, and Robards
      1st - Wyatt Kresja Center Grove, 2nd Braedon Spears Madi…err.. Plainfield, 3rd - Cash Turner Edgewood, 4th - Luke Robards Evansville Central
      TRIPLEB_GUARANTEE - My man crush on Mater Dei is well documented, but what has stayed hidden is my affinity for my boy JMILL and Brownsburg - Give me Day over Turner. 
      152: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 8/9
      3 returning state qualifiers, another LOCK, and what could be a wide open quarter bracket highlight 152. 
      2x state medalist and a semi-finalist last year, Mater Dei’s Hunter May is the next WildCat LOCK joining teammate Wyatt Seng. The WildCats aren’t being heavily talked about which is weird, but these two LOCKS hope to pull off some hometown magic!
      The rest of the bracket will feature 3 great ticket round matches and another school hoping for their first ever state qualifier. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Terre Haute South Senior and 24th state ranked Luke May is making his first trip to Semi-State, Jeff’s Senior Hayden Bartle is making this third trip to Ford, well Jasper/Ford, whatever. These seniors would both like to keep their seasons rolling into the quarters!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - 2 turrible draws - Greencastle Senior Chase Carrington is probably underranked (17/7) as he won the always tough Mooresville Regional. Tyce DuPont is a returning state qualifier that ran into Evan Roudebush last weekend. That leaves these two dudes duking it out here w/ a trip to Gainbridge on the line. 
      Speaking of Roudebush and that tough Mooresville Regional, Silas Stits of Center Grove hit a road bump last weekend named Gage Eckels from Ben Davis. Now we get the turrible draw of two top ten ranked wrestlers in the state as Stits will take on Roudebush for a chance to advance!!
      Don’t sleep on…. And speaking of Gage Eckels, the Giant might be already making plans for state but West Washington Senior Wyatt Johnston along w/ teammate Mason Jones gave the Senators their first wrestling regional championships last weekend. Don’t sleep on Johnston punching that ticket!
      Ford Fab 4 - LOCK Down May, Dupont in a nailbiter, Eckels, and Roudebush gets the nod
      1st - Hunter May Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Evan Roudebush Bloomington South, 3rd - Tyce DuPont Tell City, 4th - Gage Eckels Ben Davis 
      TripleB GUARANTEE: Center Grove shocked the state last weekend when they upended Brownsburg for a regional title. If the Trojans wanna add a SS title, they need Stits. Give me Stits!
      160:  State ranked/Semi State ranked = 5/8
      Jeb Prethcel has put himself together a season - 33-0, Bo Henry Champ, SIAC champ, Spartan Champ and has made it unscathed to Evansville. Will Evansville be his undoing? NOPE, ANOTHER LOCK FOR THE JASPER WILDCAT!! 
      Outside of that there is what might be the most fun quarter bracket in the tourney and some great blood matches
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Just highlight this quarter bracket as anything can happen - Charlestown’s Braden Moore, Mooresville’s Corbin Scott, Cale Hickok from Bloomington North, and Peyton Bell from Evansville North. The votes for the winner of the quarter bracket were split between Hickock and Bell, which means this first match could feature a state qualifier!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - 2 years in a row Cascade’s Michael Hutchinson has shown he has all the tools to be a medalist and now 2 years in a row the bracket gods have not been kind. This year he gets Jeb Pretchel, the weight class LOCK. Great kid, Great family (his dad introduced me to Hey Dudes like 6 years ago!) Come On HUTCH!!!
      Don’t sleep on…. Decatur Central  Junior David Oybode spent some of the year at 170 before coming down, Luke Kemper is a stud. But don’t count out Oybode!
      Ford Fab 4 - LOCK Precthel, Center Grove’s Andre Merritt (The reason Hutch has the death draw), Kemper, and Hickok gets the nod
      1st - Jeb Prechel Jasper, 2nd - Andre Merritt Center Grove, 3rd - Luke Kemper Evansville Central, 4th - Cael Hickok Bloomington North
      TripleB GUARANTEE: Give me Peyton Bell, he has SS experience, tough Evansville area. 
      170: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 5/8
      Hey we finally don’t have a LOCK….. Just kidding, Delaney Ruhlman is as close to LOCK as one gets. He’s a 3 time state qualifier and returning two time runner up. He’s on a mission… Gold medal in his sight. 
      There’s an interesting quarter bracket brewing as rumors swirl about Noah Clouser and his knee. How bad is it? Will he give it a go? Will he pull out? How does this affect the weight and quarter bracket?
      A freshman looking to make a splash, Heritage Hills Jett Goldsberry has had some good wins and puzzling losses. Can the frosh put it together and become a State Qualifier? 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - SS #6 ranked Noah Sumner from Martinsville and #7 Spencer Turner from Mater Dei will be competitive, unfortunately the winner gets Ruhlman. 
      And watch the quarter bracket featuring Regional Champ Teagan Trotter from Jennings Co, Maddox Vernon from Southridge, Austin Bell from Evansville North, and Noah Clouser from Center Grove. If Clouser pulls out, all bets are off and it’s a free for all. Man, maybe even if his knee is banged up bad enough it might be  free for all. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - SS ranked #3 Vincent Tinoco from Whiteland and SS ranked #4 Noah Terry from Tell City will hook up in the Quarters. Winner goes to state, the loser goes home. Turrible, Turrible, Turrible draw!!!
      Don’t sleep on…. Noah Clouser, yeah he’s picked to get through but w all eyes on him and his coaches planning all week, the Trojan might just figure out how to get through and survive!
      Also don’t count out Teagen Trotter from Jennings County. Trotter is a Regional Champ and w/ Clouser banged up, can an unranked Trotter be the beneficiary of the bad luck?
      Ford Fab 4 - Lock Lock Lock Denlany Ruhlman from Bloomington South, Clouser figures it out, Tell City gets another and Goldsberry JETTS through!
      1st - Delaney Ruhlman Bloomington South, 2nd - Jett Goldsberry Heritage Hills, 3rd - Noah Clouser Center Grove, 4th - Noah Terry Tell City
      Donnie Bakers Bet the Boat Shocker of Saturday - Jasper’s Victor Peter gets to workout w/ Jeb  Precthel every day….. Victor will be the VICTOR over Goldsberry and advance. Take that Randy!
      182: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 7/12
      After a run of 7 straight LOCKS, Navy80 said naaahhhhh enough of that. The LOCK wasn’t top SS ranked Caden Brewer but rather Highlander Bray Emerine, Navy likes Brewer. 
      This weight class does appear to be a 2 horse race w/ Emerine and Brewer, but there could be several spoilers littered throughout the bracket. Jackson Fox made his 182 debut at sectionals and promptly knocked off always game Van Skinner two weeks in a row. Speaking of Skinner, a two time ticket rounder who took John Purdy to the limit last year in the first round of SS. This is Skinner’s last chance, can he knock off Emerine in the ticket round?
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - This is the first weight class were nothing really jumps off the page. The only opening match between two ranked wrestlers is Emerine vs. #9 Alex Ramsey of Ben Davis. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Call me a homer…. Van Skinner is a stud that has shown multiple times he could be on the podium. His SS draw has gone - Gabe Sollars, Gabe Sollars, John Purdy. This year he gets Bray Emerine. It’s a turrrrrrrrrilble draw….. for Emerine as the Madison Cub finally punches that ticket (*Warning those thoughts are those strictly of TripleB)
      Don’t sleep on…. Richard Alexander, on paper, would be the favorite over Jackson Fox. It’s more of an issue that the Olympian dropped late and I just wasn’t sure where to place him. Fox is the favorite, Alexander has big moves and has had a great year. Don’t sleep on Alexander getting one over Fox here. 
      Donnie Baker was either in a meat coma by this point of just sleeping but he stirred and started yelling “Johnson, JOHNSON I SAY!!” I asked him what he meant and like a bear he arose and bellowed “I SAID CALE JOHNSON OVER WEEMS!!”
      Ford Fab 4 - Despite Navy 80’s Pleas, Donnie’s Demands, and TripleB Guarantees - Emerine is the favorite, followed by Weems, Brewer and Fox
      1st - Bray Emerine Floyd Central, 2nd - Julian Weems Center Grove, 3rd - Caden Brewer Brownsburg, 4th - Jackson Fox Columbus East

      195:  State ranked/Semi State ranked = 5/10
      After taking a small detour of a weight class without a lock, we have resumed our normal activities with our 9th LOCK, Castle’s John Purdy. Purdy is pretty good and a 2x time state medalist. He’s currently ranked #1 in the state and SS. 
      Purdy might be a lock, but weight class features the #1, #2, #3 and #7 state ranked wrestlers. 
      Brownsburg’s Gunnar Henry is a returning state semi-finalist, Purdy is a 2x medalist,Southridge’s Reid Schroeder is a 2x qualifier and a medalist last year. Kaden McConnel from Center Grove knocked off Henry last weekend! The semis here should be lights out!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - SS#5 Blake Driver from Whiteland vs SS#8 Parker Hart from Heritage Hills will be entertaining. The only other first round match of SS ranked wrestlers is #7 Stevie Drake vs #1 Purdy. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Another homer selection - Scottsburg Sophomore Bryson TANK Mata is an alum of the Bentz DoJo. He’s 42-1 and won both Sectionals and Regionals in dominating fashion, pinning everyone. Imagine if Gunnar Henry had stayed at Pekin Eastern? These two would have battled multiple times!  Now these sophomores will go at it for a chance to go to state. Turrible draw for……. Henry!!!!
      Don’t sleep on…. It only took 12 weights to get here, but this our first “chalk” weight where the pickers all picked the same 4 kids to advance. There were some disagreements on the order that’s about it
      Ford Fab 4 - LOCK and Chalk - Purdy, Henry, McConnel, Schroeder
      1st - John Purdy Castle, 2nd - Reid Schroeder Southridge, 3rd Gunnar Henry Brownsburg, 4th - Kaden McConnell Center Grove 
      220:   State ranked/Semi State ranked = 6/10
      STOP THE PRESSES… STOP THE PRESSES…. After having everything ready and my TRIPLEB_Guarantee of Clay Martin ready, he’s disappeared!!! Abracadabra!! Gone!! Good thing I was the odd man out and I blame it on my wildcat obsession. We also do not have a lock here, with 3 returning State Qualifiers and no medalists, it’s a 3 man between Tommy 220, Alex Kissed By A Rose, and Nate “Dog” Johnson! Also a dark horse looms at 220 as Tecumseh Senior Mason Hines brings in a 34-2 record along w/ a Old Capitol Classic, PAC, Sectional and Regional. Despite all that, he’s not ranked in the Semi-State…. Yeah I messed up…
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Give me #9 Spencer Watson from Tri-West and #10 Malachi Rios from Charlestown. Both have 30 plus wins, the winner gets Mason HInes and they both have to feel like that was the best draw possible. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws -Eli Henshaw is a2 time Semi-State Quarter finalists. He’s battled all year w/ Alex Rose - They both have 2 wins over each other. But Rose’s wins have came at Sectionals and Regionals. This leaves Hinshaw, ranked #8 in state and #3 in Semi State, taking on #8/#2 Nate Johnson from Center Grove in the ticket round. Two big boys going at it, this is Hinshaw's last shot… Trips says FIREWORKS BABY!!!!!
      Don’t sleep on…. Jakarrey Oliver of Whiteland has been in the talks of being a state qualifier for a few years. This year he just hasn’t been able to solve Nate Johnson. Good news is, he doesn’t have Nate Johnson, he has Alex Rose. I wouldn’t look past Oliver, he’s tough and capable of grabbing the Dub.
      Ford Fab 4 - Tommy 220 was almost a lock, but Alex Rose got some gold love. They are followed by Johnson and Hines
      1st - Tommy 220 Morrill Columbus East, 2nd - Alex Rose Terre Haute South, 3rd - Nate Johnson Center Grove, 4th - Mason Hines Tecumseh
      Joe, Joe, Joe don’t ya know - Secret guest picker says Hinshaw over Johnson!
      285: State ranked/Semi State ranked = 6/10
      Let’s just get this out of the way, Leighton Jones should be going for his third state championship. I refuse to acknowledge 2 years ago and I wasn’t around last year. So in Trips eyes, he IS a 2x state champ. He’s a 4x sectional, 3x regional, 2x SS and now a 3x LOCK! 
      This is also a weird bracket where one wrestler got more people votes, but another got more points. That’s the only time this happened in 2023. HWT also had 7 unique individuals get votes, also the most of any weight class in 2023. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Don’t run to the bathroom yet… there’s some matches here worth sticking around for. #6 Hunter Kolley from Heritage Hills and #10 Ben Land from Jeffersonville will feature two big dudes looking for big moves. Land was an ISWA Cadet Triple Crowner a year ago. 
      Here’s another interesting one - SS #7 Ben Craig has two losses, both to Patrick McMahon from Columbus East. He’ll take on State ranked #15 (but not ranked in SS) Austin Vanover from Mater Dei. Some like Vanover to move on!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Columbus East Heavyweight Senior Patrick McMahon is in his first year of being a varsity wrestler and he’s done okay, just kidding he’s done phenomenal. He’s won the Columbus East Invite, Hoosier Hills Conference, Sectionals, and Regionals. He’s currently ranked #19 in the state and #3 in the semi-state. He will go to battle w/ State ranked #16 and #4 semi-state ranked Tyler Schott from Center Grove. Both have good wins this year, this match should be fun. 
      Don’t sleep on…. The already mentioned Austin Vanover and Kelton Farmer as a champ. Kelton is a 2x State Qualifier, Jones has shown he’s not invincible. I could totally see a Kelton Farmer win here and a Leighton Jones 3rd state championship next weekend. 
      Ford Fab 4 - Our last LOCK, Leighton Jones of Brownsburg leading an absolute crew of studs behind him. Austin Vanover had 3 voters rank him 4th, but Bryce Mills had 2 rankers place him 3rd. So Mills gets the nod!
      1st - Leighton Jones Brownsburg, 2nd - Kelton Farmer Evansville Memorial, 3rd - Tyler Schott Center Grove, 4th - Bryce Mills Owen Valley 
      TripleB_Guarantee - Erick Ousley finally gets out of my shadow and gets him a state qualifier that he can claim all on his own, Patrick McMahon will punch his ticket!
      Man we made it…….let’s end w my favorite - food recommendations
      Hilltop Inn - Fried Brain sandwiches. Brains aren’t your thing? Turonis is a local pizza place that’s dynamite. Like German? Gerst Haus is phenomenal. Want to head out for some adult beverages? Go to Franklin St, Gerst Haus is there and a number of other watering holes and great restaurants. I’m never up early enough for Breakfast so I have no clue. I hear the nachos at the Ford are great and worth the $. And a tradition on the way home used to be Stoll’s Country Diner (RIP). 
      It’s been a pretty dramatic year for TripleB. I’m just happy to be here, typing this letter. My life took a huge turn the Monday after semi-state last year. My health bottomed out and for about a week we weren’t sure I was going to see another Semi-State. That being said, I can’t freaking wait to be there Saturday. Have a great time Saturday, I love the Evansville Semi-State experience. I’ll be there slumming around, feel free to say hey, you can’t miss me! Good luck to all my coaching buddies and all 224 grapplers. Use this to pump you up and get mad bc you were slighted and parents have fun with this as we at Indianamat are just trying to bring attention to our favorite sport, wrestling!
      See everybody at the FORD and onto The Bridge!


      Bulldog Breakdown: Mental Side of Hockaday’s Game Propels Two-Time Champ

      By Anna Kayser
      Mere seconds after securing his second consecutive IHSAA State Wrestling title in February, No. 2 Jake Hockaday ran over to his coaches’ corner, hugged assistant coach Kyle Ayersman… and flipped him down onto the mat.
      “We planned that far before,” Hockaday said. “I had to win it first, but right after I won I called him over and we had to do that. That was the first time [I had ever done that], I saw it on TikTok, so I thought I had to hit it.”
      With his Saturday night victory over No. 1 Ashton Jackson of LaPorte, Hockaday became Brownsburg’s second two-time state champion following now-Minnesota standout after being the first freshman in school history to win it all in 2022. As part of a cohort of a program-record four finalists, Hockaday’s win followed freshman 106-pounder Revin Dickman’s title, marking the first time in school history that Brownsburg has crowned multiple champions in a year.
      As someone all too familiar with the spotlight on the center mat at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Hockaday’s confidence shined. He looked strong and light on his feet all still sets that are vital to coming out on top following a grueling wrestling season.
      “First of all, we were thinking of going 113 [before the season], but I decided to make the jump to 120 to not cut and just train as hard as I could all year,” Hockaday said. “I felt pretty good not cutting a lot of weight. I felt like I was quick, I was strong, and I had a huge advantage over the other guys who were cutting weight.”
      Hockaday looked strong, light on his feet and in his mind – all skillsets that are vital to coming out on top following a grueling wrestling season. Leading up to his 2022 run to become Brownsburg’s first freshman in school history to win a state title, that confidence wasn’t always there.
      At the Avon Sectional a year ago, Hockaday rolled through the bracket to the title match against conference rival Luke Rioux of the host school, an opponent he was beyond familiar with. He lost that match, 10-6.
      “He looked like a deer in headlights, he had no facial expression, and his face was just pale,” head coach Darrick Snyder said. “He had the pressure of the world on him. So we did a lot of work with him the next few weeks about getting his head right and trying to get him to understand that those feelings are normal.”
      As the No. 1 ranked wrestler at 106 pounds during the 2022 season, all eyes on the Brownsburg side were on him to win the title as a freshman. All eyes on opposing sides, however, were to take him down.
      “It was kind of hard being ranked No. 1, everyone was kind of giving me their all,” Hockaday said. “After that [loss] we had to turn the jets on, and I had to get my mental right. That’s really all we looked forward to, winning the state title.”
      The mental side of wrestling is something that Snyder and his coaching staff continue to put an emphasis on with their wrestlers, setting them up for success as they start to wrestle on the biggest stages not only in Indiana, but in the country.
      This past season, they took a number of wrestlers to the Walsh Ironman tournament to face some of the best nationally ranked competition.
      “The longer I coach, the more time we spend on the mental side of [wrestling],” Snyder said. “For a lot of our kids, it’s not physical. They’ve got the skills and the ability… a lot of times it’s just dealing with the pressure.”
      Snyder preached the same thing throughout the state series, so much so that when asked about it, Hockaday nearly recited it word-for-word: It’s just a wrestling match, that doesn’t change regardless of the scenario.
      “It’s helped me realize that it’s a match – I’ve wrestled thousands of them,” Hockaday said. “The only thing that’s changing is they put it in a cool venue and call it the State Finals. Really, I just had to wrestle my match and win.”
      And it paid off. He took what he learned last year with that lesson this season and used it to his advantage again, staying confident in himself no matter what the situation.
      He’s an electric wrestler when he’s on his game, and now there’s very little that makes him forget it.
      “I learned that I can’t wrestle [other] people’s style,” Hockaday said. “I just have to stay calm, breathe, force my style and not do anything stupid.”

      2985 2 8

      Indiana, It’s Time to Go Bigger

      By Anna Kayser
      I guess the best way to start this off is with a story – my favorite wrestling story to tell, actually, and one that tells you all you need to know about where I came from and why I’m here.
      There’s no pretty table-setting for this story, except that I’m an Iowa Hawkeye through-and-through. I’ve been attending Iowa football games at Kinnick Stadium since I was a kid, attracted to the sports world from a young age. Wrestling, however, wasn’t on my radar. Not even as I moved up to one of the biggest wrestling high schools in the state of Iowa.
      Fast forward to college, my junior year in Iowa City. I don’t remember what the weather was that day in October or how I felt as I walked into Carver-Hawkeye Arena for my second ever experience with Iowa wrestling. I was blissfully unaware of what the next year or two of my life would hold for me.
      My introduction to the Hawkeye program had come just a few weeks earlier – yes, two and a half years into my college career, roughly 20 years into growing up in the middle of wrestling country – but that one’s not important. I was informally introduced to Hawkeye head coach Tom Brands, it was chill.
      It was less chill on media day as I sat facing the press conference podium at CHA, watching in fear as Brands tore apart – for lack of a better term – a reporter sitting on the other side of the room. I don’t remember what question was asked, I don’t remember the exact response. All I remember was feeling VERY in over my head.
      I wasn’t a fan of the sport. The opposite, in fact, bored and completely unaware of the rules in high school. So, when my editor approached me about covering Iowa wrestling a year prior, I wanted none of it.
      Thankfully, I changed my mind. But as I sat in that room, I couldn’t help but wonder if I made the wrong decision.
      Following the press conference in which I doubt I dared to even think about speaking, the cohort of Iowa media made its way downstairs to the “Room that Gable Built” for interviews with athletes.
      As I attempted to get my bearings on the room, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, and there was Tom Brands: The guy that just barked at a reporter not more than 10 minutes ago.
      He asked me how I was doing and if everyone was treating me okay – a complete 180 in demeanor from what I had witnessed upstairs. I felt… at home.
      The first Iowa dual I went to was the nail in the coffin. I have no idea who they wrestled (UT-Chattanooga, maybe?) or what the score was (I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut their opponent out completely). All I remember was feeling in complete awe of the spectacle, the lone mat in the middle of thunderous applause and the deep rumble of 15 thousand fans yelling “TWOOOO” in unison.
      I covered Spencer Lee’s second NCAA championship, traveling out to Pittsburgh by myself with one photographer to survive only on midnight IHOP and press meals. I felt CHA rumble as Michael Kemerer defeated No. 1 Mark Hall to lead the Hawkeyes to a win over Penn State in early 2020.
      So, why am I here now? Because there’s nothing I love more than being able to tell the stories of tremendous athletes and what it takes to stand atop a field of excellence – and I believe Indiana is full of these stories.
      Wrestling is growing here, exponentially. The first dual meet I attended in Indiana blew me away, from the invested crowd to the spotlight highlighting all of the action. The State Finals, my first experience of finals action in Indiana, brought a number of separate communities together in a way that celebrated each athlete’s achievements.
      I saw Jake Hockaday look unbeatable as an on-paper underdog in the 120-pound state finals. I witnessed future Hawkeye Leighton Jones finally tackle (nice use of a football pun here, don’t ya think?) the walls in his mind and stand atop the heavyweight podium in February. Spending my first year covering wrestling in Indiana immersed in the Brownsburg program opened my eyes to the tight-knit community this state never fails to disappoint.
      The IHSAA State Finals showcase the best the state has to offer in the best way – center stage, on a single mat with a lone light on the middle circle. It’s a best-of-the-best battle. The fans are enthralled.
      But there’s room for growth, as there always is from youth to professional sports, and Indiana’s wrestling community has the chance foster it. The more wrestlers that have their chance at a state title – hell, even just a chance to wrestle in that arena – the more will crave that experience. The more families that come out, the more siblings, cousins or friends will want to try their hand at wrestling.
      As the sport grows, so do the number of powerhouses. No longer is there one powerhouse for the state of Indiana, but multiple at different levels of competition and school size, growing the sport exponentially and the exposure to smaller schools often overshadowed.
      And as the years progress, as the word spreads about how Indiana puts on a show for its wrestlers, the more will pack that house year after year in anticipation for the greatest spectacle in amateur sports.
      Those stories are here. Those kids are here. The opportunity is here. Trust me – I’ve grown in my wrestling career surrounded by the best fans, the best environment wrestling has to offer. It’s time to emulate that in the state of Indiana.


      Bulldog Breakdown: Brownsburg’s December Gauntlet Continues Following Walsh Ironman

      By Anna Kayser
      Following a weekend at one of the most difficult high school wrestling tournaments in the nation, the consensus among Brownsburg’s wrestling staff and athletes is likely what one would expect: That was one tough tournament, but the lessons taken from it and how individuals move forward will prepare them for their biggest test come February.
      On Saturday, the Bulldogs saw their two bookends each place at the Walsh Ironman Invitational in Ohio, representing Indiana along with Crown Point as the first teams from Indiana to compete in the gauntlet. With three losses each, 106-pound Revin Dickman (8th) and heavyweight Leighton Jones (6th) took to the podium in success stories of one weekend of incredible wrestling.
      “It was impressive, very humbling throughout most of the tournament,” Brownsburg head coach Darrick Snyder said. “The competition is incredible; I’ve never been in a tournament where I’ve seen so many guys knock off nationally ranked dudes and then the next round they’re getting knocked off. These dudes are big. It was incredible competition and definitely made us question some of the things we’re doing and what we need to do right. It was a fun tournament, just incredible wrestling.”
      Along with Dickman and Jones, wrestlers from Brownsburg to make the trip included Preston Haines (113), Jake Hockaday (120), Brady Ison (132), Parker Reynolds (138), Caden Brewer (175) and Gunner Henry (190).
      And when they say the tournament is tough – they mean it. Among the second-ranked team in 4A, Jones (No. 5 seed) was the lone wrestler with a single-digit seed in Ironman, with only Preston Haines (10) joining him in the top 10.
      “The competition is super, super tough, a bunch of ranked kids,” Dickman said. “Coming into this I was kind of nervous with how I was going to do and stuff, and I feel like I competed pretty well.”
      Following a technical fall and pin in his first two consolation matches after being booted from the championship bracket by No. 2 seed Ayden Smith from Notre Dame, Pa., the No. 14-seeded Dickman slotted himself into a placement with a 1-0 win over Stillwater, Okla.’s Ayden Thomas.
      For Dickman – and all the representatives from Brownsburg and Crown Point – competing at the Ironman was a chance to not only level up individually, but to showcase what programs from Indiana are capable of.
      “It just put Indiana wrestling on the map,” Dickman said. “We’re not really looked at for wrestling, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”
      Dickman, Haines, Hockaday, Ison, Henry and Jones all won their first matches on the day, with Jones pinning his first opponent in less than one minute.
      For Jones, this tournament is a good measuring stick to how he is able to compete at this point in the season. Due to his football schedule and opponents not being prepared to wrestle him in the opening weeks of the season, it’s been a slow start to the 2022-23 season for Brownsburg’s heavyweight.
      “My goal right now is just to get more in shape. I think I had five matches and less than 20 practices [coming into this weekend], which wasn’t ideal. I just want to get in shape and get a lot better, win Brecksville, win team state and everything in between.”
      Jones’ largest match of the weekend – not seeding-wise, but in terms of what lies ahead for the heavyweight and Brownsburg – came for a bid to the consolation semifinals. In a battle of Indiana heavyweights, Jones defeated Crown Point’s Paul Clark by a 5-1 decision. It was his third full-length match of the tournament after winning by two sub-minute puns and a medical forfeit.
      “It went really well. I came in with expectations just to get better and then I ended up placing,” Jones said. “It’s obviously a pretty prestigious tournament, I came in here and wanted to place and I’m pretty happy with that, even though I took three losses.”
      A pair of Jones’ losses came against Richard Thomas, the No. 12 heavyweight seed from Oklahoma. After earning a 6-3 decision to bump Jones to the consolation bracket, Thomas turned Jones for a first-period fall in his final match of the tournament.
      So far this season, Brownsburg has run through its opponents with very few wounds suffered by some of its best wrestlers. If anything, the Ironman gave a chance for those wrestlers to measure up to some of the best in the country and learn how to get better and move forward from losses.
      “[A tournament like this] gives you some things to work on,” Snyder said. “We know our guys are battle tested and are going to continue to be, but we also have to make sure they don’t get down on themselves. Some of these guys are not used to going to a tournament and not placing and being done a few hours into it.”
      And for Jones specifically, being able to test his endurance was important as Brownsburg gets into some of its biggest competition this year.
      “It’ll benefit me probably for the rest of my life,” Jones said. “Most of the dual tournaments we go to, people forfeit against me which is kind of annoying. I came into this tournament with five matches, none of them going past a minute. It was definitely a difference.”
      Shining the spotlight on athletes this early in the season has indications for where they’ll be come February and the state series. Snyder has built Brownsburg’s schedule with that in mind – to get better, each and every day, working toward their end goals this season.
      This upcoming weekend, the Bulldogs travel to the Crown Point Invitational to continue a month of hard-fought wrestling and impressive competition. To round out the 2022 calendar just before New Years, another big tournament across state lines.
      “If you look at our next month, next week we go to Crown Point and there’s nine nationally ranked teams there, then we go to Brecksville and I think that’s got 40-some teams, multiple nationally ranked teams,” Snyder said. “We hope after that month of a gauntlet that it’s going to help us make a run during the postseason, but we’ve got a lot of guys taking a lot of losses.”


      Bulldog Breakdown: IHSWCA Dual State on Deck for Tough Bulldog Squad

      By Anna Kayser
      After a month of individual focus for the Brownsburg wrestling team with the Walsh Ironman, Carnahan and Brecksville-Broadview Heights Invitationals alongside few one-on-one duals in December, the team focus returns on Saturday as the Bulldogs look for their first IHSWCA Dual State championship since 2019.
      “This weekend isn’t the official IHSAA state champions, but to me whatever team wins dual state any year, that’s the best team,” head coach Darrick Snyder said. “I love it when you go into it and the best kid on your team is just as important as the least talented kid on your team.”
      Over the past month, the Bulldogs have taken strides from top to bottom in individual performance to prepare them for the switch to a team mentality and having a strong lineup through all weight classes.
      At the Ironman Invitational from Dec. 9-10, Revin Dickman (106) and Leighton Jones (HWT) each earned a spot on the podium to in one of the toughest high school tournaments in the country, leading the Bulldogs to place 20th out of 119 teams. One week later, they finished in third place of the Carnahan Invitational at Crown Point with Gunnar Henry (195) winning his bracket and three others reaching the finals.
      To round out December, seven Bulldogs took to the podium on another tough stage, with Brady Ison (132) being crowned as a champion of the Brecksville-Broadview Heights Invitational and Dickman and Jones following in second place of their respective weight classes.
      And in the middle of the gauntlet of tough, nationally ranked competition have been practices mapped around these wrestlers peaking at the right time and keeping their bodies fresh for a run at the postseason. Dual meets have gone by the wayside, with Brownsburg’s last dual coming exactly one month ago on Dec. 6 vs. Avon.
      “Our schedule is so much different with being able to go to Ironman and Brecksville… we’re just doing a lot of individual tournaments,” Snyder said. “Which, I think if we’re trying to get our guys national exposure and knock off some nationally ranked guys, that’s probably the best route.”
      That improvement during the season – and even the strides they make in the summer and in the school months leading up to wrestling season – ultimately strengthens the program to a point where they are in the running for state titles in any arena.
      Now that they’ve faced some of the toughest competition in the country, both the mental and physical aspects of wrestling have been strengthened to set up Brownsburg for a run this weekend and in February.
      “I always tell the guys to get as good as you can and keep improving, and that helps the team,” Snyder said. “Whether it’s in a dual meet or it’s at individual state, if you get to a point where you can compete for [an individual] state title in Indiana, you’re going to help us win an Indiana [team] state title and you’re certainly going to help us in a dual meet. We just focus on them continuing to improve.”
      The team mentality comes into play when looking at the scoreboard and the overall team race in an event like this weekend, and that’s the biggest difference between wrestling for an individual title and taking the mat in a dual meet.
      There’s also the ability to pick each other up following individual losses, scoring bonus points to offset opponents’ points on the scoreboard.
      “I think our guys are very unselfish and that’s something I think we’ve kind of created within our culture,” Snyder said. “Our guys know that if they’re the clear-cut better wrestler, they can’t go out and win 5-4, they’ve got to score bonus points. They don’t always do it, but that’s their goal. And our guys that are kind of getting beat up on and falling behind, they know they have to fight off their back and survive because it’s all about the team.
      “There are some rounds where my best kids walk out and I’m like ‘Get me bonus’ and they’re like, ‘Got you, coach.’”
      The 4A bracket of the IHSWCA State Duals tournament will take place on Brownsburg’s home turf as they look to battle through a bracket of strong competition.
      As the No. 2 seed, the Bulldogs open with No. 7 Indianapolis Cathedral and will have to get through either No. 3 Center Grove – a tough opponent to battle in half of the bracket – or No. 6 Evansville Mater Dei. On the other side of the bracket awaits No. 1 Crown Point, which won the tournament in 2022.
      “I’m excited to compete as a team with everybody right there,” Snyder said. “I know our guys are too, we’ve had a great week of practice. We don’t need to say anything, do anything – we talk about winning dual state and IHSAA state, and they were locked in on Monday. They’re ready to roll.”


      Bulldog Breakdown: State Finals Consolation Medal Round Recap

      By Anna Kayser
      Two Bulldogs win third place matches
      The Brownsburg Bulldogs emerged victorious in two of their three consolation medal matches to begin the third session of wrestling at the 2023 IHSAA State Finals at Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Saturday afternoon.
      Ahead of four finals matches by Bulldogs tonight, Preston Haines and Gunner Henry each earned bronze medals in the center mat of the consolation matches. The two wins brought Brownsburg (117.5 team points) within 10 points of Center Grove, which is currently in second place with 127 points. Crown Point leads the team race with 145 points.
      No. 1 Preston Haines – Third Place Finisher at 113 Pounds
      Following a heartbreaking loss with a last-second reversal in the semifinal round, No. 1 Preston Haines dominated in his final match to finish in third place at 113 pounds in the 2023 IHSAA Wrestling State Finals on Saturday afternoon.
      Haines started on his offense early while facing No. 8 Isaac Ash of Monrovia and never let up, tacking on takedowns in each of the three periods for a 7-1 decision.
      The bronze medal finish by the junior follows his first, second and third place finishes at conference, regionals and semi-state, respectively. During the 2022 state series, Haines broke through to the finals and lost to 2023 120-pound finalist Ashton Jackson – a dominate opponent who will face Brownsburg’s Jake Hockaday later tonight.
      No. 17 Landen Haines – Sixth Place Finisher at 126 Pounds
      No. 17 Landen Haines finished in six place at 126 pounds in the 2023 IHSAA Wrestling State Finals on Saturday afternoon to cap off an impressive freshman campaign full of ranked upsets this weekend.

      In his final match against No. 6 Jackson Bradley of Cowan, Haines fell behind 3-0 early in the second period and trailed for the remainder of the match, dropping the battle for fifth place 5-3.
      No. 2 Gunner Henry – Third Place Finisher at 195 Pounds
      With a win over No. 3 Reid Schroeder of Southridge on Saturday evening, No. 2 Gunner Henry earned his second third-place finish at the IHSAA State Finals in two seasons with Brownsburg’s wrestling team.
      Henry was dominant in his 9-4 consolation victory, never surrendering his offense through the final seconds of the match. In the final minute of the third period, Henry grabbed a single led for a strong takedown to finish off the match.

      1163 1

      Brownsburg Breakdown: Dickman Overcame Injury in State Final Run

      By Anna Kayser
      Freshman Revin Dickman wrestled through rib pain for two weeks prior to state championship
      On the Monday leading up to the Evansville Semi-State, freshman and 106-pound IHSAA state champion Revin Dickman suffered an injury to his ribs.
      When a guy is hurting in the Brownsburg wrestling room, there’s a series of check-ins that head coach Darrick Snyder goes through in tailoring practices following an injury. Depending on what level the pain is on a scale of one to 10 and if things are progressing positively from the day before, action can be limited.
      Over the first few days of practice, Dickman was limited. And then at the end of the week, when Snyder followed up to gauge how the pain was either improving or not, Dickman made a decision that would lead to his dominate run at the state title just over a week later.
      “It’s kind of a cool story about him,” Snyder recalled. “I was like ‘Alright, how are we doing and how do we feel?’ And he’s like, ‘I’m done with that coach… I’m fine. I’ve just got to wrestle with it. I’m done talking about it and I’m done adjusting my practices.’
      “A rib injury is no joke and he literally just didn’t want to talk about it anymore. He’s a tough kid. We had people look at him and they [told him] it was going to hurt really bad, but he could wrestle with it. He got better over the week [leading up to State], but he was definitely in some pain.”
      Dickman took home titles in the Hoosier Crossroads Conference and Mooresville Regional and Evansville Semi-State – the latter of which came during his injury – with a number of wins against State Finals opponent Nate Rioux.
      The freshman was a large part of Brownsburg’s success throughout the season, reaching the finals in all but one tournament since December. He was one of the Bulldogs’ only placers at the Walsh Ironman tournament, placing eight on Dec. 10.
      The adjustments that came from a number of losses on the season propelled him to success when it mattered most.
      “He just has very few flaws in his game,” Snyder said. “He’s a kid where getting out of state to the Ironman and Brecksville, he took losses there. He’s the type of kid that’s like ‘Okay, I lost. What did I do wrong? What do I have to improve on?’ He was a contender at the beginning of the year, but he’s not the same dude because he took those losses and learned from them.”
      Those larger tournaments not only improved his physical game, but the mental side of wrestling as well.
      Throughout the state series, Snyder reminded his wrestlers that regardless of the arena or the stakes attached to the tournament, it was just another wrestling match.
      The State Finals was no different.
      “I’ve been to other pretty big tournaments equal to this, so it had kind of already prepared me for this big tournament,” Dickman said. “I had to keep a good mindset going into this and I was excited. My mindset was good so I wrestled good.”
      Dickman was the first of three Brownsburg wrestlers to win their respective brackets at the State Finals, setting a school record.
      “We just ran out of room in our wrestling room for our wall of state champions, so that will be a fun problem to figure out,” Snyder said. “We wrestled lights out, and overall, it was an outstanding tournament. Any time three of your guys accomplish their goal, it’s pretty awesome to be a part of.”


      Bulldog Breakdown: State Finals Session II Recap

      By Anna Kayser
      Four Brownsburg wrestlers punch finals tickets on Saturday
      The Brownsburg Bulldogs competed another session of successful wrestling on Saturday afternoon, sending four wrestlers through to the championship round at Gainbridge Fieldhouse tonight at 7:30 PM ET.
      Joining the four finalists in the third session are Preston Haines and Gunner Henry wrestling for third place and Landon Haines wrestling for fifth. The consolation matches are set to begin at 4:30 PM this afternoon.
      106 – No. 2 Revin Dickman
      Revin Dickman entered Saturday’s competition as the highest-ranked wrestler still alive at 106 pounds with No. 1 Layne Horn losing his first match of the tournament yesterday, and easily proved why he’s at the top of the weight pack.
      After a first-period fall to kick off his tournament yesterday, Dickman made quick work of unranked Matt Baylor of Milan in the quarterfinals to secure his place on the podium with another fall in 2:51.
      Just a few hours later he took to the mat for what would be his second of three matches on the day and again put on a strong display of offense with an 11-1 win over No. 3 Ayden Bollinger of Delta in the semifinals. The Bulldog freshman dominated on top and executed his shots late in the match to continue to pile on points for a major decision.
      The 106 IHSAA Finals match to kick things off at 7:30 PM ET tonight will be a battle of two highly ranked freshmen: Dickman and No. 4 Nathan Rioux of Avon, two wrestlers who are about as familiar with each other as you can get. The two conference rivals have faced off five times this season (according to IndianaMat’s records), with Dickman narrowly emerging victorious in five decisions ranging between 1-3 points.
      Dickman and Rioux last faced off in the Evansville semi-state title match, with Dickman edging Rioux 1-0.
      113 – No. 1 Preston Haines
      With a 1-2 matchup to begin the final day of official IHSAA competition, Preston Haines made his way to the semifinals with a 3-1 decision of Gavin Jendreas of Crown Point in a match with implications for the team title race.
      The semifinals, however, were not so kind to Haines as he lost a heartbreaker to No. 6 Jackson Heaston of Indian Creek in the waning seconds of the match. With Haines holding a 1-0 following a second-period escape, Heaston scored a reversal in the final three seconds of the third period to advance to the finals at the buzzer.
      Haines will represent Brownsburg in the third-place match tonight against No. 8 Isaac Ash of Monrovia, a wrestler he has already faced twice during this season’s state series. Haines’ last defeat of Ash came at semi-state by an 8-0 major decision.
      The Bulldog junior will land on the podium for the second consecutive season after losing in the finals last year.
      120 – No. 2 Jake Hockaday
      An electric 120-pound finals matchup is set for this evening between reigning state champions as Jake Hockaday will face off against No. 1 Ashton Jackson of LaPorte, an undefeated senior and back-to-back state champion at 106 and 113 pounds, respectively.
      Hockaday, the 106-pound champion last season and Brownsburg’s first freshman state champion in school history, made quick work of No. 12 Carter Fielden of Garrett with a pin in 51 seconds. His semifinal battle against No. 5 Neil Mosier of Delta was much closer than each of his first two bonus-points matches to begin the tournament, with Hockaday emerging victorious with a narrow 3-2 decision.
      126 – No. 17 Landen Haines
      After losing his quarterfinal match against No. 5 Tylin Thrine of New Castle to begin the day, Landen Haines battled back to secure his spot in the fifth-place match later today.
      Haines took an early lead over No. 6 Jackson Bradley of Cowan with a takedown in the first period and never trailed, pulling off the upset with a 4-1 decision.
      132 – No. 3 Brady Ison
      Brady Ison’s fight to the finals match wasn’t an easy one, but he’s taken it in stride with victories over two top 5-ranked opponents in his quarter and semifinal matches.
      To begin the day, Ison handed No. 4 Eleazar Walker of Mishawaka just his second loss on the season to advance to a matchup with No. 1 Kyrel Leavell of Warren Central in the semis. Ison held a narrow 3-2 lead in the third period, but with one minute left to go in the match scored a takedown to extend the lead he would need for the win.
      Ison’s fight doesn’t get easier as he’ll face No 2, undefeated Joey Buttler of Whiteland in the finals. The Brownsburg junior has lost to Buttler twice by two-point decisions during this state series.
      195 – No. 2 Gunner Henry
      Gunner Henry will vie for his second consecutive third-place finish tonight after losing to No. 1 John Purdy in the semifinal this afternoon, 10-3.
      Henry’s day for the Bulldogs began strong with a 10-4 decision over No. 6 Alex Deming of Rochester. The undefeated Purdy then proved why he’s the best 195-pounder in the state, scoring two takedowns following a scoreless first period and mounting more offense in the third for a big win.
      In the third-place match, Henry will face No. 3 Reid Schroeder of Southridge, who lost a heartbreaker in overtime in the semifinals. The two wrestlers faced off at semi-state, with Schroeder taking the matchup via 10-8 decision.
      285 – No. 1 Leighton Jones
      After a quick pin to begin his tournament and a 5-2 decision in the quarterfinals this morning, Leighton Jones and No. 2 Paul Clark of Crown Point battled again today for a bid to the finals.
      Jones, who lost a heartbreaker in the semifinals last season, fought hard on defense and executed his shots on offense to defeat Clark, 6-4. He scored via a single-leg takedown in the first period and fought off a similar shot on defense to go up 3-0 in the second. Jones nearly gave up takedowns on the edge of the mat to end the second and third periods, but was able to secure the victory.
      The senior will face off against No. 5 Kelton Farmer of Evansville Memorial, who was pinned by Jones earlier in the state series.


      Bulldog Breakdown: 2023 State Finals Championship Round Recap

      By Anna Kayser
      Brownsburg Crowns Three Individual Champions
      After sending its most wrestlers to the IHSAA finals round in school history, Brownsburg crowned three individual state champions for the first time in program history on Saturday night.
      Revin Dickman and Jake Hockaday started things off for the Bulldogs in the final round of the tournament, with Hockaday earning his second state title in as many years. Leighton Jones capped things off in a big way with the final match of the 2023 season and his high school career.
      106 Title Match – No. 2 Revin Dickman over No. 4 Nathan Rioux (Avon), 3-0
      Freshman Bulldog Revin Dickman secured Brownsburg’s first individual state championship on the night with a 3-0 win over friend and well-known opponent Nathan Rioux. Dickman, who had won the previous five meetings between the two wrestlers, jumped on his offense to score all the points of the match in the second period.
      A takedown in the second period secured the win, and Dickman didn’t let up, nearly turning Rioux for back points as time expired. Defense was the name of the game in the third, and Dickman rode out to become the second Brownsburg freshman to win state in school history – just one season after teammate Jake Hockaday became the first.
      120 Title Match – No. 2 Jake Hockaday over No. 1 Ashton Jackson (LaPorte), 6-3
      Sophomore Jake Hockaday became a two-time state champion with a strong showing of both offense and defense to defeat Ashton Jackson, 6-3.
      After an outpouring of offense in the first period with  Hockaday leading, 4-1, the two wrestlers leaned on their defense in a gritty battle through the second period. The third period featured more fireworks, with Hockaday tacking on a takedown to offset two escapes.
      132 Title Match – No. 2 Joey Buttler (Whiteland) over No. 3 Brady Ison, 6-3
      In a match that came down to one four-point move by Joey Buttler, Brownsburg’s Brady Ison battled and never let up to place second in the 132 state title match on Saturday evening.
      Ison had a one-point lead in the second period before Buttler scored a takedown and back points to turn the tides, 4-1. The Brownsburg junior was able to execute his shots in the final 30 seconds of the match to narrow the score.  
      285 Title Match – No. 1 Leighton Jones vs. No. 5 Kelton Farmer (Evansville Memorial)
      After a heartbreaking loss in the semifinals last season, Leighton Jones made it look easy as he defeated Kelton Farmer for the heavyweight state title in his final high school match, 7-2.
      Jones got on his offense early, taking Farmer down twice to jump out to an early lead. The offense continued throughout the match, and Jones fared off shots by Farmer to hold his opponent to just two escapes. 


      Bulldog Breakdown: State Finals Session I Recap

      By Anna Kayser
      Brownsburg advanced five of six wrestlers in the first half of the Round of 16
      After a successful start to the State Series, the Brownsburg Bulldogs didn’t falter in the first round of the State Finals at Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Friday afternoon. With six of nine qualifiers wrestling in the first half of the Round of 16, five punched their tickets through to the quarterfinal rounds and a marathon of Saturday wrestling.
      In terms of the team race, Brownsburg advancing five wrestlers from the first half of the session just boosts its chance at being a strong contender for the team title. Crown Point advanced four of six wrestlers to the quarterfinals tomorrow morning.
      “Every point matters and it comes down to how many guys you can get onto the mat on Saturday, then we have to have a couple of guys make runs throughout the day,” Brownsburg head coach Darrick Snyder said. “There are a couple powerhouses here and it’s so top heavy – we scored 180 points at semis and got 2nd, when only a few years ago we would have won with 130.”
      The second half of Round of 16 bouts will feature three Bulldogs: Caden Brewer at 182, Gunnar Henry at 195 and Leighton Jones at heavyweight.
      “On paper, we feel like we’re the favorite. We’ve got two semi-state champions and we feel like we’re better at all three weights,” Snyder said. “Even Gunnar at 195 after placing third at semi-state, we had a stacked semi-state where any of the top four guys there could end up winning this this. Now we just have to go out and execute.”
      106 – Revin Dickman
      After compiling a 37-5 record throughout the season, Revin Dickman made quick work of Rex Moore of Manchester with a first-period fall, kicking off what would be a successful day for the Bulldogs in downtown Indianapolis.
      The freshman’s been dominate throughout the State Series thus far, taking home titles at the Mooresville regional and Evansville semi-state over the past two weekends to earn his place in the State Finals Round of 16.
      To open up Session II for Brownsburg, Dickman, who is ranked as the No. 2 106-pounder by IndianaMat, will face off against Milan’s unranked Matt Baylor. Baylor, also a freshman, is coming off a third-place finish at the New Castle semi-state after securing sectional and regional titles. Baylor’s lone State Series loss came via fall to Perry Meridian’s Hruai Lian, who Dickman defeated via 1-0 decision in a dual on Jan. 18.
      113 – Preston Haines
      No. 1 Preston Haines dominated on top against Carmel’s No. 18 Jackson Elliot to prove why he’s the top-ranked 113-pounder in the state and continue Brownsburg’s strong Friday showing. The junior jumped out to a 5-1 lead in the first period and turned Elliot in the second for additional back points. He went on to beat the senior by a 14-1 major decision.
      Haines is set for another battle against No. 2 Gavin Jendreas of Crown Point in tomorrow morning’s quarterfinal after defeating him twice already this season at the IHSWCA 2023 Team State Duals on Jan. 7 and Hoosier Crossroads Conference tournament on Jan. 14. Crown Point’s sophomore is one of a record-setting12 qualifiers for the state tournament.
      120 – Jake Hockaday
      Brownsburg’s first freshman state champion in school history continued his school’s roll of bonus points during his sophomore State Finals on Friday, defeating No. 10 Peter Nguyen of Guerin Catholic 15-3. Jake Hockaday, who is ranked as the No. 2 120-pounder in Indiana, went 29-4 this season with first place finishes at conference, regionals and semi-state over the past month.
      To secure his place on the podium, Hockaday will face off against No. 12 Carter Fielden of Garrett tomorrow morning. Fielden, a freshman, is 33-8 on the season and defeated Crown Point’s Sonny Sessa to advance. Sessa had defeated Fielden earlier this season and lost to Hockaday by technical fall at the HCC tournament in January.
      126 – Landen Haines
      Freshman No. 17 Landen Haines knocked off Garrett senior No. 10 Hayden Brady on Friday afternoon with a tight 8-7 win. Haines entered the tournament with a 23-10 record following a third-place finish at semi-state last weekend.
      Haines will look for another upset tomorrow morning as he faced off against No. 5 Tylin Thrine of New Castle, a freshman who has yet to lose a match this season.
      132 – Brady Ison
      No. 3 Brady Ison, who has been a foundational member of Brownsburg’s lineup all season, dominated in his opening match of the State Finals with a 15-0 third-period technical fall over unranked Essiah Kamer of Fremont.
      After rolling over his first opponent, the junior’s battle for a spot on the podium gets tougher tomorrow morning as he is set to face No. 4 Eleazar Walker of Mishawaka in the quarterfinals. Walker, who has lost one match this season, hasn’t lost a match yet during the state series while Ison is coming off back-to-back runner-up finishes at regionals and semi-state.
      Ison, however, has excelled against tough opponents all season. During Brownsburg’s toughest stretch of nationally-ranked competition in December, Ison placed third at the Crown Point Carnahan Memorial Invitational and was crowned a champion at Brecksville.
      145 – Mason Day
      Facing a 1-0 deficit to No. 10 Mason Day in the second period, Indianapolis Cathedral’s No. 9 Dillon Graham tied the match and scored a third-period takedown to advance to the quarterfinals tomorrow.
      Day, a sophomore who entered the tournament with a 29-11 record, was Brownsburg’s first wrestler to lose in the Friday afternoon session.

      1511 3

      Bulldog Breakdown: Rout vs. Avon Rolls Brownsburg Into Ironman

      By Anna Kayser
      As the rumble of the crowd simmered following a palm to the mat in favor of acting 126-pounder Jake Hockaday on Tuesday night, the usual boom of speakers announcing 132-pound No. 4 Brady Ison took the tone of another.
      With nine points already on the board in favor of those joining him in the purple and white singlets, the smoke cleared to reveal freshman Tommy Gibbs – winner of Brownsburg’s coveted “pin chain” following last week’s dual vs. Westfield as he boasted the second of three consecutive falls by the Bulldog lineup.
      “It was a big confidence booster,” Gibbs said of his season-opening win by fall. “I thought I was going to win, but I didn’t think I was going to win that fast and make a statement.”
      Facing Avon’s No. 11 Seth Syra, Gibbs’ confidence rolled him to a 6-1 win via decision.
      “Tommy’s a coach’s dream, he just does everything right – in the hallways, in the classroom, and then in his approach,” head coach Darrick Snyder said. “He doesn’t care about rankings… or anything like that. He’s just trained so hard that he can wrestle the entire match and he feels even better in the third period than he does in the first.”
      Behind Gibbs’ standout win, a gritty 3-1 decision by No. 2 Revin Dickman over No. 4 Nathan Rioux and five pins, the Bulldogs clinched their seventh consecutive victory over the Orioles, 62-3, continuing the tone they have set and elevated to a now 7-0 record through the first week of official competition.
      Dickman’s 3-1 decision put an exclamation point on a strong dual performance in which Brownsburg took 13 of 14 bouts for their second-largest victory over Avon since Snyder’s coaching career with the Bulldogs began, second only to last season’s 65-3 win. Since losing to Avon, 28-26, in Snyder’s first year as a coach, the Bulldogs have outscored the Orioles in regular-season duals, 326-91.
      “They’ve wrestled 100 times and they’re both really talented,” Snyder said. “Revin’s always been able to kind of gain the advantage – he did get away from Revin, and not many people can get away from him so I know that bothered him.
      “Fortunately or unfortunately, I think we’re going to see that match several more times throughout the year.”
      Brownsburg’s lone loss on the evening came from the weightiest battle of the dual at 138 pounds, featuring No. 4 Parker Reynolds against No. 3 Cheany Schoeff, freshman against a senior.
      Reynolds kept his pace with Schoeff, dropping the match by a 5-2 decision.
      “We told him, he’s going to come out and bully you,” Snyder said. “Parker gave up that early takedown and then did a nice job battling for positions. I liked how he responded – that kid’s going to get some more mat time in high school varsity matches so we’re going to try to correct some things, but I liked his energy and effort.”
      Rolling through the dual with falls were Hockaday, 145-pound Mason Day, 170-pound Tyler Jones, 182-pound Caden Brewer and 113-pound Kye Callahan. The Bulldogs put up bonus points in nine total matches, including a forfeit at heavyweight against Leighton Jones.
      This weekend, eight representatives from Brownsburg’s lineup will take on arguably their biggest competition this season at the nationally recognized Ironman Invitational in Ohio. With representatives joining the gauntlet from across state lines, the highly-ranked Bulldogs are set to battle some of the best high school wrestlers in the nation.

      2370 2 9

      Bulldog Breakdown: Key Pieces Help Elevate Brownsburg Wrestling Under Snyder

      By Anna Kayser
      If you’ve been an unfamiliar passerby in the town of Brownsburg, Ind. over the past seven years, one of the first things that might catch your eye are the purple street signs – deep purple markers adorned with a bulldog, two on each corner if you’re lucky.
      At least, that’s what I noticed as I drove through the small – but not too small – suburb of Indianapolis en route to the fourth official practice of the 2022-23 IHSAA wrestling season, with no prior knowledge other than what was scribbled on the notepad next to me.
      One thing I hadn’t taken note of prior to passing the “Welcome to Brownsburg” sign on Highway 139, and something that might give any other small-town Midwesterner the same familiar wave of recognition: The residents of this town about 30 minutes northwest of downtown Indy live and breathe Brownsburg High School athletics.
      The 2021-22 Brownsburg wrestling team was nothing to snub at. The Bulldogs went 18-1 in duals and extended their program-record streak to eight consecutive Hoosier Crossroads Conference championships. Jake Hockaday led the lineup with the first state title by a freshman in school history, continuing Brownsburg’s reign of crowning one champion each year since 2016. More on him later – I promise.
      But that was last year, and while the result is indicative of the journey to get to where they are now, it’s not the full story. What better place to begin than at the beginning – when the Bulldog wrestling program transitioned from a bottom-of-the-barrel finish to an HCC Championship in two years, to an IHSAA State Championship in four.
      “Regardless of what it is, I have high expectations,” Brownsburg Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Jim Snapp said. “My experience has been if you want to have a state contending team, you [hire a coach] who has done it before.”
      After beginning his head coaching career at Mishawaka High School – a time in which he led the program to three consecutive top-two finishes and a pair of championships in 2008 and 2010 – Darrick Snyder found himself as the subject of a coaching inquiry almost 150 miles dead south of the place where he was a Northern Indiana Conference champion and state place winner.
      From Snyder’s point of view, there were a number of perks to coming to Brownsburg. And when his wife asked him about the wrestling team’s recent lack of success, he saw the potential to upgrade the team to something special.
      “Yeah – but there’s no reason [for that lack of success],” he said. “All the pieces are there.”
      Immediately, things began to shift. During Snyder’s first two seasons, the Bulldog program went 36-12 in duals and was crowned 2015 HCC Champions. Of course, that success comes not entirely from the corner but from the center of the mat itself – it’s a combination of what happens behind the scenes and the performances under the spotlight.
      That first piece of the puzzle, the one that is encapsulated in the public eye each time the mats are rolled out: The athletes.
      The success of that 2015 team was boasted by a pair of wrestlers that took center stage on the IHSAA State podium come February – Ty Mills (106), Brownsburg’s first finalist since Mark Meunier’s title in 1977, and Nathan Walton (170). As four-year place winners at the state tournament, they were two of four key athletes named by Snapp as being difference-makers in raising the heights of the program.
      None was more instrumental under Snyder’s tutelage, however, than All-American and two-time NCAA Division I Championships qualifier Brayton Lee, Minnesota’s current starting 157-pounder. A leader that, without Snyder’s drive to create a pipeline from younger levels into a high school program the town could be proud of, might never have donned the purple Bulldog in the first place.
      “[My family] knew that [Snyder] was a good coach and had a lot of success, but we weren’t that familiar with him,” Lee said. “We went to Brownsburg for a high school tournament to meet up with him when I was in middle school, and we just talked. He was just supportive and said that he would help me to become the best wrestler I can possibly be. We were really excited about Snyder, he pretty much sold us [on where the Brownsburg program would go].”
      Not only is building the high school program a key part in escalating success, but also what feeds into it. The implementation and management of a strong program for middle school students ensures that development and love for the sport occurs at a younger age.
      “We were fortunate enough to get some kids [like Lee] that came here because of him, and he’s worked on [building up] the middle school program – kids want to come here, kids want to stay here,” Snapp said. So, we’ve got this interaction of developing the feeder program and kids that, if they’re going to wrestle in the Indianapolis area, they [want] to come to Brownsburg.”
      With two established wrestling academies nearby – Contender’s Wrestling Academy in Brownsburg and Red Cobra Wrestling in Avon – growth through both the school program and external coaching elevates athletes even higher.
      Lee, a product of Red Cobra, was a good example of how development can skyrocket through that extra effort and help outside of a school program. What the Bulldogs standout star lacked early on, however, was the team aspect.
      “It was definitely different, just because I had never been on a team before – I had just wrestled on my own,” Lee said. “I had grown up going to our very intense wrestling club and on both sides, practices were tough. I appreciated and respected that. [Snyder] was always making us do lots of tough stuff intertwined with wrestling.”
      Prior to Lee’s first of three IHSAA state titles in 2016 – a year in which he, along with five other state placers, led the charge on Brownsburg’s IHSWCA Dual State championship and IHSAA state runner-up finishes – the Bulldogs had only crowned two individual champions in school history.
      “We were always focused on the next day,” Lee said. “The first time I won, it was awesome, and I was grateful for it – but there was always a team aspect. I wanted to win with our team, and that idea of winning definitely pushed us. I think me winning helped bring other guys along. Knowing I was kind of a leader, knowing that my success was inspiring other guys on the Brownsburg wrestling team made me want to keep pushing.”
      For Lee’s career specifically, the results of the drive to win as a team came quickly. His second title at 145 pounds saw seven Bulldogs on the IHSAA podium and a franchise-high three finalists – Mills and Blake Mulkey included as runners-up – to lead Brownsburg to its first IHSAA state championship in school history.
      That influx of high-performing athletes jumpstarted Brownsburg’s rise to the top of high school wrestling in central Indiana.
      “You put those kids together – we had a core of four, good kids – and Darrick coached up other kids around them,” Snapp said. “That started [a stretch] of us winning the conference every year for the last eight years, we’re in the strongest athletic conference in the state of Indiana. Our wrestling team has dominated. It hasn’t even been close.”
      The second piece to the puzzle, where Snapp, the administration and coaching staff as a whole come into play, is the support Snyder continues to have behind him.
      The best example? The wrestling room at Brownsburg High School, built during Snyder’s reign as head coach and designed by Snapp to help raise the standard of the program and accommodate the growing numbers of the extracurricular.
      “I knew I was going to have [Snapp’s] support on just simple things,” Snyder said. “My first year here, I wanted to take a fan bus to individual state… and I was told no [by the athletic director]. I said, ‘This is a really important to the program. These guys need to watch this event, it’s incredible.’
      “I called Jim, and every year [since], just like most teams, we get to take a team bus to state.”
      The backing from Snapp and the administration is a means to an end in shifting the culture not just in the Brownsburg wrestling room, but in the town that loves its high school athletics.
      “That first year, there wasn’t really anyone there for the kid that was wrestling [at state]. When you win, you want to look up and see a bunch of purple and sit with those people between rounds,” Snyder said. “We’ve really tried to change that around, anything like that.”
      It also extends to the actual competition and helping those wrestlers reach the mats at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.
      In order to develop the athletes coming to Brownsburg or growing through school programs the Bulldogs support, the level of competition needed to continuously be raised.
      “When I first got here, no program did any overnights or anything out of state,” Snyder said. “I went to [the athletic director] and told [them], ‘I’ve got to get out of Indianapolis’ – I was tired of wrestling the same teams over and over again, and then we got to the point that there weren’t many teams in our area that would be competitive.”
      This upcoming season, the Bulldogs’ schedule includes the Walsh Jesuit Ironman Wrestling Tournament from and the Crown Point Invitational – Crown Point defeated Brownsburg 178-105 in the 2022 finals, setting an IHSAA record for the largest margin of victory by a team champion by over 20 points – on back-to-back weekends in December.
      That elevation in competition level allows wrestlers to face some of their biggest challenges early and prepares them for high-pressure situations come February.
      “I always tell [our guys] that our schedule is not meant for them to go undefeated,” Snyder said. “If you do, that’s great, but we’ve set up a schedule where we’re going to take some losses. That took administrative support to be willing to allow us to do overnights, to allow us to go out of state.”
      Pushing athletes beyond their comfort zone to prepare them for future career hurdles is a common theme in Snyder’s coaching style, something that is on record in helping wrestlers reach their full potential.
      And, well, maybe no one can attest to that better than a Big Ten starter.
      “I think just his competitiveness and him pushing us every day helped me,” Lee said. “He helped push me past my comfort zone a little but more than maybe I would myself, and that’s really the main purpose of a coach. Snyder knew I wanted to be great, and he helped me move into a little bit more uncomfortable territories which is important for any athlete, especially when you’re trying to go to the next level.”

      1945 1 3

      Bulldog Breakdown: The Football Player, Part 2

      By Anna Kayser
      If you’re on the outside looking in as Brownsburg wrestling approaches the 2023 State Series, you may not know or see that there is a lot different about Leighton Jones now compared to last season.  
      For one, his bathroom mirror is covered in words written in dry erase marker.
      To explain how Leighton has grown into who he is today, we have to go through what happened in the IHSAA State Championships last year.
      As the No. 1 ranked heavyweight in the state, Leighton was the odds-on favorite to win the championship after losing his ticket round match during his freshman year and placing third at state as a sophomore. However, the viewpoint was a lot sunnier from the outside looking in on a kid who had high prospects for his future and a solid season on the purple Brownsburg mat.
      Internally, he was exhausted.
      Following his official, game day visit to the University of Iowa in which they secured a statement win over Indiana University in early September 2021, nothing slowed down for Leighton. His recruitment was peaking, with multiple football and wrestling programs looking to woo him into a commitment.
      However, the offers weren’t coming from football programs, not yet. Indiana had offered Leighton a full scholarship package to wrestle for the Hoosiers in Bloomington. So, he had options, but there was only one option that he was really looking for.
      “In the back of his mind, he was still wanting football but knew that he was going to have more control over his own destiny with wrestling,” Marshall Jones, Leighton’s dad, said. “So that added much more pressure.”
      Leighton’s quiet, describing himself ‘lead by example’ type of figure until his senior wrestling season when he really strived to fill the ‘senior heavyweight’ shoes and instill accountability in his teammates. So, when the stress started creeping up, it didn’t present itself until the toll became physical.
      “[Leighton] internalizes a lot, doesn’t say too much, so we didn’t really see too much stress until a tournament up in Crown Point [in December],” Marshall said. “He was just so tentative, lost [by one point] and Leighton should have beaten him, probably should have majored him if nothing else. You could tell that he wasn’t wrestling like Chad [Red] had taught him to wrestle.”
      The next weekend, he was beaten again – this time by a takedown with five seconds left in an overtime period.
      “You could see in Leighton’s face, ‘I don’t know if I want to do this,’” Marshall recalled.
      The pressure from both his sports colliding over the winter months was beating down on Leighton. His schedule was packed, moreso than any normal high school junior beginning the college search. It wasn’t just academics he was looking at; he was reaching for a place that would help him grow toward the next level of athletics. A place that would help him reach his goals of the NFL.
      In the back of his mind, Leighton had already found the perfect spot: Iowa City. But without the offer on the table – without many offers on the table at all – he was still an overly active recruit.
      “I would come home from wrestling, and I would eat and get on the phone with four different programs,” Leighton said. “By the time I got off the phone every night, it would be 10:30-11 [at night] and I would have to do the same thing over again the next night.”
      Leighton was actively texting in the Jones family group chat almost every single day – someone called him, wanted to talk to him, or followed him on Twitter. It was constant.
      He was being bombarded from all sides. Schools were calling about both wrestling and football, people around him were continuously reminding him of their expectation for an individual title in February, and his drive diminished with mounting stress placed on his shoulders.
      “I just wasn’t having fun,” Leighton said. “I was kind of in my own head.”
      In seeing all of the stress and anxiety bubble to the surface in a physical way, the Jones family sought help from a sports psychologist, recommended by a friend whose son was in a similar boat.
      For six weeks through the end of the wrestling season, Leighton was taught coping skills to handle all the weight on his shoulders. He was also taught to narrow his focus in on what was right in front of him.
      “Just that six-week period that we sought that professional help was huge,” Laurie said. “Leighton is a big picture kid – he would look at the big picture, he would look at the challenges ahead and he would kind of overwhelm himself. We got him seeing someone who had him focus, step-by-step, on what he needed to accomplish things and have that focus and mental strength to handle the stress.”
      The family also allotted some down time, a window for Leighton to have no responsibility and hopefully avoid burnout. That free time came in the form of Sundays at home.
      “We made sure he had time, especially on the weekends, just to have complete down time because if he didn’t, then he couldn’t have given too much more,” Laurie said. “Just giving him that amount of time that we had on those weekends, we tried not to talk about anything as far as any stress of any sports especially after he was done competing on Saturdays.
      “On Sundays after his workout, he had very little responsibilities because we just wanted him to still be able to manage and be a kid.”
      They also got Leighton back into the Red Cobra wrestling room, bringing him back to his wrestling roots with something Marshall felt like he was missing.
      Leighton had the physical tools he needed to succeed on the mat, but the mentality of wrestling always dominates.
      “It was just more of a mental thing of keeping his mind set and getting him to believe in what he’s capable of doing,” Red said. “Me personally, I thought he was a state champion his sophomore year, I thought he was capable of it his junior year and now we’re in his senior year. That’s our plan, that’s definitely his plan, and hopefully we’ll get that job done coming into February.”
      Meanwhile, the Jones family watched as other recruits around the Midwest began to collect offers and commit to schools, creating their own timeline in their minds.
      They were looking for the shoe to drop, that offer from the University of Iowa that would – finally – solidify Leighton’s future.
      “That’s what [Leighton] really wanted,” Marshall said. “He fell in love with the campus the first time we stepped foot on it. Every place we went, he compared it back to Iowa.”
      Come January, the official offers began to ramp up: Eastern Kentucky, Kent State, Illinois State, Toledo, Miami (Ohio), Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Ball State, Bowling Green and Ohio.
      He already knew where he wanted to go, but he was made to wait for it. Iowa was locked in on him – as was Purdue, which would officially offer him around the same time – but knew he had a state championship run to focus on during the time.
      As the influx of offers came in, so did the high-pressure tournaments designed to award only the best-of-the-best with a bid to Gainbridge Fieldhouse in February.
      For those around him, wrestling season was leading up to a hopeful heavyweight state title – again, he was ranked No. 1 in the state. For Leighton, it was a countdown.
      “I came into state and was like, ‘Alright, I have four matches left.’ And after Friday night, I was like, ‘Alright, three matches left.’ And then it was semifinals, and I was like ‘Alright, two more matches and I’m done.’” Leighton said. “I just wanted to get it over with. I was confident, but I wasn’t having confident feelings just going into the whole thing.”
      Leighton won his first two state matches by three and two-point decisions, respectively. He was then defeated in the semifinals by an 8-5 decision and dropped to the third-place match.
      “I think he, just like all of us, was devastated. We felt like we were the best heavyweight, and it was hard to watch him lose because I know how bad he wants it,” Brownsburg head coach Darrick Snyder said. “Honestly, I just gave him a hug and we didn’t really immediately talk about it. There’s nothing to be said, especially the guys who have trained the right way and they really want to win it.”
      He bounced back from the loss with a shutout of his next opponent for third place, 6-0, adapting his goals to accomplish what ended up being right in front of him.
      With wrestling season in his peripheral mirror, the waves of relief came in a rush for Leighton.
      “The coaches told him they did not want to offer him during wrestling season because they knew it was hard enough, and once Iowa offers an offensive lineman… that recruit just starts to blow up,” Marshall said. “They didn’t want to do that to him while he was still on the hunt for the state championship.”
      On Monday morning, less than 48 hours after his junior wrestling season came to a close, Leighton got the call he had been waiting for from the George Barnett, the Hawkeyes’ offensive line coach, with one message: ‘Don’t forget why you liked Iowa.’
      As promised, the programs started calling. The Jones family even had a visit set up to go visit Notre Dame, Leighton’s favorite school growing up.
      Despite the increased attention and pressure to open his mind to somewhere other than Iowa, the answer didn’t change: Thanks, but Iowa’s the place.
      “He was like, ‘I don’t want to go,’ and we were like ‘You don’t want to go to Notre Dame? You don’t just want to go see?’” Laurie said. His answer was the same, as his mom remembers it: “No, I don’t. I feel like I’m lying to these people pretending that I’m interested. I’m not interested.”
      On Feb. 26, mere days after receiving his call from Iowa and tons other from programs now eyeing him, Leighton announced his commitment with a tweet saying, “Iowa City, I’m coming home.”
      From the beginning, he knew that’s where he wanted to be. On Dec. 21 when he signed his national letter of intent, he officially became a Hawkeye.
      “Every place we visited just never quite checked all the boxes like Iowa did,” Laurie said. “It’s got this feel that makes you want to go back.”
      It goes back to the list of accomplished Iowa football players who wrestled in high school, too. Iowa has a strong resume of building former wrestlers into forces to be reckoned with on the offensive line and seeing the success of Hawkeyes in the NFL was a sticking point for the Brownsburg heavyweight.
      “I’ve always wanted to play in the NFL – that’s always been there,” Leighton said. “And then when I got offered to Iowa, I was like ‘Alright, I can make this happen. If it’s anywhere, it’s here. Right when I committed, I realized I could be something special, and they told me that too.”
      Now, that eight-, nine-year old kid who Chad Red called “NFL” has a real shot at continuing to make his dreams come true – as long as he doesn’t look too far ahead of where his feet lie.
      Although Leighton is now removed from regularly seeing a sports psychologist, he still puts into practice coping mechanisms to keep his stress and anxiety at a low level. The things that stuck with him will also take him through to his first year as a student-athlete at Iowa.
      One of the biggest things he learned is to write all his goals on his bathroom mirror, so he has a visual each day of what is in front of him and can see all that he’s accomplishing each day.
      “Once he started to focus on the small things, it was so much better,” Laurie said. “That’s going to be a tool he’s absolutely going to have to use next year and we see him still using it now. I mean, his bathroom mirror is all covered up and written on with everything he wants to accomplish this year in wrestling.”
      It’s not uncommon for football players to forgo their second semester senior year to join their college programs for spring practice. That wasn’t an option on the table for Leighton, and the Iowa coaches wanted to see him accomplish his goals on the wrestling mat.
      “There are a lot of kids that wouldn’t be wrestling right now – he’s on a full ride to go play football at Iowa,” Snyder said. “It would have been real easy for him to say, ‘I’m going to Iowa,’ but he wants to help us win and wants to try to win a state title.”
      So, that’s where he’s headed. He’s received his meal plan and workout program in the mail from Iowa, but the first step is to tackle what awaits him at sectionals, regionals and then state at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.
      “I can definitely tell I’m embracing it this year, my last season,” Leighton said. “I’ve put in so much work since third grade to get to this point, and I just want to finish it out on the right note.”

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      2023 Fargo 16U Preview

      Another stellar group of young wrestlers will head to Fargo with the hopes of bringing back some hardware. Last year’s All-Americans have all moved up to the Junior age division so we’ll have plenty of fresh faces looking to make their mark on the national scene. Many of the wrestlers that will be highlighted have had an immense amount of success in the state of Indiana along with some national accolades that will help them navigate the toughest tournament in the country.
      Indiana has always seemed to have a ton of success at the lower weights. This year youngsters Case Bell and Jensen Boyd will be in the mix for spots on the podium. Bell was 9-0 at 16U duals and Boyd was 7-2. State placer Seth Aubin will be in the mix at 120lbs. At 126lbs Indiana will have some great representation in state qualifier Dominic Brown, state placer Eddie Goss, and tough incoming freshman Clinton Shepherd.
      Evan Stanley went 9-0 at 16U duals and will come in wrestling well along with state qualifier Elijah Broady. Landon Hawkins and Matthew Staples have both had a lot of national success in the past and will look to make a big splash this year.
      State placer Jeffrey Huyvaert and Illinois state qualifier Jairo Acuna will both be in the mix at 145lbs. State qualifiers Silas Stits and Griffin Van Tichelt will both enter the fray at 160lbs. Miguel Rojas has a few Tulsa titles to his name and will look to bring back his first Fargo hardware. Waterloo’s finest James Hartleroad has had a fantastic off-season that saw him go 8-1 at 16U duals.
      Full 16U Roster
      16U Boys freestyle
      94- Karson Bachelder
      100- Case Bell, Jensen Boyd, Jackson Frahm, Joseph Hamilton, Elijah Ogle
      106- Caleb Schaefer, Peyton Schoettle, Justin Williamson
      113- Isaac Campbell, Ty Henderson, Colin Strayer, Bradyn Volz, Samuel Westfall
      120- Seth Aubin, Gunner Butt, Lucas Day, Jett McGuire
      126- Nicholas Anderson, Dominic Brown, Edward Goss, Braylon Reynolds, Quinten Schoeff, Clinton Shepherd
      132- Elijah Broady, Brason Schortgen, Evan Stanley, William Vander Luitgaren
      138- Camden Baumann, Landon Hawkins, Kegan Jochim, Matthew Staples, Owen Trimpe
      145- Jairo Acuna, Wyatt Cooksey, Jack Davis, Thomas Gibbs, Jeffrey Huyvaert
      152- Cale Bonenberger, Corinthian Tonte
      160- Conner Hoar, Silas Stits, Griffin Van Tichelt, Zach White Jr.
      170- Coy Bender, Corwin Fuller, Xavier Smith
      182- James Dozier, Miguel Rojas
      195- Austin Reading
      220- Kaden Lambert, Everett Mcclelland, Hayden Smith
      285- Carson Andreas, Noah Fugate, James Hartleroad
      16U Greco-Roman
      94– Karson Bachelder
      100– Case Bell, Jensen Boyd, Jackson Frahm, Joseph Hamilton, Elijah Ogle
      106– Caleb Schaefer
      113– Ty Henderson, Aidan Smalley, Bradyn Volz
      120– Lucas Day, Jett McGuire
      126– Nicholas Anderson, Dominic Brown, Quinten Schoeff
      132– Brason Schortgen, Evan Stanley, William Vander Luitgaren
      138– Camden Baumann, Kegan Jochim, Owen Trimpe
      145– Jairo Acuna, Wyatt Cooksey, Jack Davis, Thomas Gibbs
      152– Corinthian Tonte
      160– Conner Hoar, Griffin Van Tichelt, Zach White Jr.
      170– Corwin Fuller, Xavier Smith
      182– Miguel Rojas
      195– Austin Reading
      220– Kaden Lambert, Everett Mcclelland, Hayden Smith
      285– Carson Andreas, James Hartleroad
      16U FARGO COMPETITION SCHEDULE (Central Standard Time)
      Monday, July 17th 
      Session VI -
      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Championship (1 Rd) and Consolation (1 Rd) 
      Session VII -
      3:00 PM to 8:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Championship (1 Rd) and Consolation (1 Rd) 
      Tuesday. July 18th 
      Session VIII –
      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Championship (1 Rd) and Consolation (1 or 2 Rds) 
      Session IX -
      3:00 PM to 8:00 PM  
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Championship & Quarterfinals (2 Rds) and Consolation (3 Rds)  
      Wednesday, July 19th 
      Session X -
      10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Semifinals and Consolation (3 Rds)  
      Session XI -
      2:00 PM to 5:00 PM  
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Consolation Semifinals, and 3rd-8th Medal Matches  
      Session XII –
      5:30 PM to 8:00 PM  
      16U/JR Boys Freestyle:  Parade of Champions and Championship Finals 

      Friday, July 21st 
      Session XIII -
      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Championship (2 Rds) and Consolation (1 or 2 Rds) 
      Session XIV –
      3:00 PM to 7:30 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Championship (2 Rds) and Consolation (2 Rds) 
      Saturday, July 22nd  
      Session XV -
      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Quarterfinals, Semifinals (2 Rds) and Consolation (3 or 4 Rds)  
      Session XVI -
      3:00 PM to 5:00 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Consolations, Consolation Semifinals, and 3rd-8th Medal Matches (4 Rds) 
      Session XVII -
      6:00 PM to 8:30 PM 
      16U/JR Boys Greco-Roman:  Parade of Champions and Finals    
      2023 PIN Ranking (Top 15)
      100- #3 Jensen Boyd
      100- #5 Case Bell
      106- #7 Caleb Schaefer
      113- #15 Colin Strayer
      126- #4 Braylon Reynolds
      126- #13 Dominic Brown
      145- #13 Thomas Gibbs
      160- #6 Silas Stits
      170- #10 Xavier Smith
      182- #7 Miguel Rojas
      220- #8 Everett McClelland
      285- #15 James Hartleroad
      100- #5 Jensen Boyd
      100- #6 Case Bell
      106- #6 Caleb Schaefer
      145- #9 Thomas Gibbs
      145- #15 Jack Davis
      160- #6 Griffin Van Tichelt
      160- #7 Zach White Jr.
      170- #9 Xavier Smith
      182- #5 Miguel Rojas
      195- #9 Austin Reading
      220- #14 Hayden Smith
      285- #10 James Hartleroad
      Total 16U Fargo All-Americans in the past 10 years
      2022 - 3 Freestyle/ 5 Greco-Roman
      2021 - 4 Freestyle/ 2 Greco-Roman
      2020 - No Tournament
      2019 - 3 Freestyle/ 2 Greco-Roman
      2018 - 6 Freestyle/ 1 Greco-Roman
      2017 - 4 Freestyle/ 3 Greco-Roman
      2016 - 3 Freestyle/ 1 Greco-Roman
      2015 - 3 Freestyle/ 2 Greco-Roman
      2014 - 5 Freestyle/ 2 Greco-Roman
      2013 - 4 Freestyle/ 6 Greco-Roman

      18631 4 4

      2023 State Finals Info Center

      Friday, Feb. 17, 2023
      Session 1
      Gates open at 12:30 pm ET
      Parade of Champions at 1:30 pm ET
      First Round Weight Classes 106 - 145 begin at 2 pm ET 
      First Round Weight Classes 152 - 285 begin at 5:30 pm ET
      Saturday, Feb. 18, 2023
      Session 2
      Gates open at 8 am ET 
      Quarterfinals begin at 9 am ET with Semifinals to follow
      Fieldhouse cleared of all spectators following Semifinals
      Session 3 
      Gates open at 3:30 pm ET
      Consolations at 4:30 pm ET with State Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET
      Gainbridge Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis 
      $15 per session; $25 all sessions. Reserved seating only (no general admission). Tickets are not available yet but tickets will be digital only through your mobile phone and may be purchased via Ticketmaster.com (service fees apply). Show your ticket purchase verification on you mobile phone at the admission gate. 
      Saturday's state championship bouts in each weight class will air live on Bally Sports Indiana.
      All matches on Friday and Saturday, including Saturday night’s championship round, may be viewed via live stream for a subscription fee of $15 via IHSAAtv.org.  If you have a FloPro+ plan, you may also view the livestream at FloWrestling.com.  Saturday night’s championship round can also be found on the Bally Sports+ app.
      State Finals Pairings Show
      Click here to watch the pairings show
      Social Media
      IHSAA on Twiiter
      IndianaMat on Twitter
      IndianaMat Brackets with both State and Semi-State rankings
      IndianaMat Brackets with State Rankings only
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      Semi-State Results
      East Chicago Semi-State Results
      Evansville Semi-State Results
      New Castle Semi-State Results
      New Haven(Fort Wayne) Semi-State Results
      Pick'em Contests
      Pick'em Standings after semi-state
      State Pick'ems

      Gorilla Radio
      High School Wrestling Weekly State Preview
      Gorilla Radio episode 154 bracket breakdown
      Featured Articles
      State Finals by the Numbers
      State Finals #WAYL2
      State Finals Media Guide
      Who do you want in your corner?

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      2023 Semi-State Information Center

      Date: Saturday February 11, 2023
      Admission: $12 per person. Children age 5 and younger admitted free.
      Advancement: The top four place winners in each weight class advance to the state finals.
      Streaming: A bundled package that includes access to all four semi-state sites, as well as next weekend's state finals, is available via IHSAAtv.org for $25. Access to all four semi-states only is available for $15. If you have a FloPro+ plan, you may also view the livestream at FloWrestling.com.
      1. East Chicago Central (John C. Baratto Athletic Center) | 9 am CT
      Feeder Regionals: Crown Point, Hobart, Logansport, Penn.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      2. New Haven (Allen County War Memorial Coliseum) | 8:30 am ET
      Feeder Regionals: Carroll (Fort Wayne), Goshen, Jay County, Peru.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      3. New Castle (New Castle Fieldhouse) | 9 am ET
      Feeder Regionals: Frankfort, Pendleton Heights, Perry Meridian, Richmond.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      4. Evansville F.J. Reitz  (Ford Center) | 9 am CT
      Feeder Regionals: Bloomington South, Castle, Jeffersonville, Mooresville.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      All-Time Pick'em History
      Click here to see where you stand in the all-time history of IndianaMat(and even BEFORE) pick'ems
      High School Wrestling Weekly
      Gorilla Radio #151 East Chicago along with 106lbs and 126lbs from New Castle
      Gorilla Radio #152 with Dustin Bentz talking about Evansville
      Evansville Semi-State Preview

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      Bulldog Breakdown: IHSWCA Championships Winds Into Final Stretch of Season

      By Anna Kayser
      On Saturday in Brownsburg, fans from the top two wrestling teams in 4A – and arguably the entire state of Indiana – took to the Bulldog gym for what is likely a preview of the 2023 IHSAA State Championship race on the horizon.
      After making it’s way through a tough slate of opponents in Indianapolis Cathedral and Center Grove, Brownsburg clawed it’s way back from a deep and early deficit against No. 1 ranked Crown Point but ultimately fell short in the IHSWCA Dual State championships, losing 39-24.
      “Crown Point’s really good, and we knew they were really good,” head coach Darrick Snyder said. “Our guys fought and battled hard, they have a handful of guys paired up with some of our guys that aren’t quite at that level yet, so we knew they’d score bonus in those.”
      Crown Point jumped out to a commanding 20-0 lead after the first four bouts, sweeping Brownsburg’s 170-220 weights in style with two pins and a technical fall.
      Brownsburg then countered in dominant fashion, taking each of the next four and six of the next seven to tighten the deficit to just one point (25-24). After heavyweight Leighton Jones put the purple Bulldogs on the board, Revin Dickman (106) followed with a third-period fall and off they went. Jake Hockaday’s technical fall at 120 and Brady Ison’s major decision at 132 tallied bonus points for the team.
      “I thought our guys did everything they could to win, Crown Point’s just a better team right now,” Snyder said. “I thought we battled well, I was proud of the effort but never happy getting second place. Just have to refocus, we have conference coming up and then the tournament series so we’ll get back to work.”
      Dickman, Hockaday and Ison all went 3-0 for Brownsburg on Saturday, with Parker Reynolds going 2-0 over the final two duals.
      “You know who’s really clicking for us right now is Brady Ison,” Snyder said. “We went up to Ironman and he went 1-2, and I don’t remember the last time he didn’t place at a tournament, he’s been wrestling his whole life. I told the guys that when you start taking those losses, there’s two roads – you’re either going to go down the road to get better and fix things, or you’re just going to be happy losing.
      “[Ison] went up to Brecksville and won it, and he looked lights out today.”
      With a four-point lead entering the final two matches of a long day of wrestling, Crown Point clinched it’s second consecutive IHSWCA Dual State title with a technical fall to put the red Bulldog out of reach in the final bout.
      The tournament kicks off a season-ending stretch of strong Indiana-based competition for the purple Bulldogs, culminating in the IHSAA State Championships at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in February. On Jan. 14, they again take to the Brownsburg gymnasium for the HCC Championships. Two weeks later, the state series begins.
      In December, the focus shifted into getting some wrestlers national recognition by battling some of the toughest competition across state lines. Now, they’re looking for that hard work to pay off with a strong performance in the state series.
      “Take a kid like Preston Haines, who in Ohio lost some really tough, close matches at Brecksville then lost a close one in overtime in the semis,” Snyder said. “He’s been in that situation 10 times this year, and this was the first time he didn’t get down on himself.
      “You see guys breathing heavy and a lot of times it’s just anxiety and nerves because the match isn’t going their way. He was calm and collected the entire time, and we’re starting to see more of our guys do that because they’ve been in all of these tough matches.”

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