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  1. Congrats..... Great kid and great family!!!
  2. Announcement Wednesday at 8:30pm

    Great job Joe and crew. Looking forward to going. #TheCounty will pack the gym. I do know a few families in the town which starts with "A" would be willing to help host wrestlers. How bout a #TheCounty vs. The Region dual as an appetizer?
  3. Middle schoolers who could place

    I coached the middle school national team at folkstyle national duals the last handful of years (including the team that took 3rd this year). With this said, very few middle schoolers and incoming freshmen have been able to place in the top 4 at the ihpo. Saw some really good kids come up short yesterday. But... I assure you that a handful of freshmen will place at state this year. The growth of these studs from November til February is typically amazing to see. With that said... I will say it again... Jesse is born ready. Look forward to seeing him being our next 4 timer (unless he goes to Blair or something like that).
  4. Is this dude really a kid... and why is he posting at midnight on a Sunday? Your a funny kid and make me laugh.... but dude!!! Go to bed and school young fella.
  5. ISWA meeting/Trip Crown/Election this Sunday

    Look forward to seeing what the meeting brings. All parties involved are great people and will do right by the kids. I have no doubt, that the kids best interest will remain the focus of our state organization. Win or lose... I see all parties continuing to help make things better and better. I really don't see a split coming. More importantly!!!..... I'm going to be in Fort Wayne and my youngest is picking up a triple crown award. Can someone give him a hug or a punch for me and tell him that I'm proud of him?
  6. Gotta love the #! Pretty sure that's what won it.
  7. Echos of the elder

    I thought that Ryan Parrish had some copies???? I know that the Elders family took him there to watch kids wrestle from time to time.
  8. New Cathedral addtions

    Great kids, great parents, great people. Whatever they decided is going to be the best for all of them (as all people should). Look forward to seeing all of those kids kick butt.
  9. Upcoming ISWA Elections

    Y2 is going to be busy that day!
  10. See full fight here. It was close. Takedowns won it for Brooks on an off night. https://www.mma-core.com/videos/Eric_Shelton_vs_Jarred_Brooks_Full_Fight_UFC_214/10186540
  11. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    I thought Garrett was at ASU. Nebraska has James Green.
  12. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    Ran into Nick Simmons up in Lansing a couple weeks ago. He kinda said the same thing about IU (without really saying it). Simmons has a really cool pub up there and just opened a wrestling academy. Cool guy... hate that he left IU.
  13. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    Because NC state is awesome. They have a great team and their facilities are second to none. I have personally saw coach Pop and his staff in the Red Cobra room multiple times over the last year. Great man, great coach, great location, great school, and great facilities. Pretty sure that is why Swank is going there.
  14. Fargo Greco

    Dude has always been a stud. I think that he won multiple iswa triple crowns as a little guy. Pretty sure that he won a usaw national title also. He then rolled around with the New Jersey scorpions national team from about 5th grade to high school. The kid has been a force at the national level for a long time. Great kid that doesn't say a whole lot. Just kicks butt.
  15. Grand River Rumble

    Took out Wisconsin 4th placer also... yes..... he had a solid weekend. Super proud. Lots of kids did well. Thanks buddy. Look for big things from Hall next year. He is got a tank on him. Really nice kid too.
  16. This event is being broadcast on Flowrestling. 12 solid matches. Should be a good one. Cmon out going seniors... get one last high school dual in. http://www.flowrestling.org/event/255467-2017-mid-summer-mat-bash
  17. Grand River Rumble

    My research reflects that the team champs in the middle school and 6th grade and under divisions had Indiana kids on those teams also. Middle school champs had Cheaney Schoeff and Evan Bates. 6U had Big Nate Rioux. All world 3rd grade and under coach Triple B just came up short with the Indiana boys in the 3rd grade and under division.
  18. Grand River Rumble

    Indiana boys bring home 5 of the 13 titles in the high school individual tournament today. Jesse Mendez 108 Dawson Combest 138 Jacob LaPlace 155 Carson Brewer 167 Brady Shepherd HWT
  19. Grand River Rumble

    Many of the Indiana based teams had kids from other states on them. Hey... its summer wrestling. It's more about having fun and doing stuff with other kids and other teams. You know how it was with Tallented son. Studs like him get to meet cool kids along the way. Just kinda neat to see kids that typically wrestle against each other on state based teams (like scholastics) come together and have fun. I really think that is what the "off season" stuff is all about. With all of that said, Indiana as a whole did very well up here.
  20. Grand River Rumble

    Great day of wrestling. This is a very tough tournament to win. Proud of all the Indiana / Ohio boys. More importantly is the friendships and bonds that have been made. The whole team earning all-American honors (in the gold bracket) at this very tough tournament is an amazing feat. The mafia organization is a class act. Not sure of everyone's records. I'm sure that sig40 can give us all a great breakdown as he was the table worker all day. His son Jesse is a beast. I'm sure that he will be out next 4 timer (if he stays around). #TheCounty was represented by a few guys. All went 6-1 and wrestled well.
  21. EVille Semi State Rankings Startup Help

    Garcia is right about Hubner. Kid has put on about 35 pounds of muscle. Look for him to continue the tradition of tough big men for the Orioles. Predicting a break out year for this kid. Look for Justice Cash of Bloomington NORTH to take a huge step forward at 120ish this season. He has put in some work over the summer. Nick South of Columbus East will be a top contender at 152 (had to sit last year out).

    Montgomery is going to be at Brownsburg. Ben Dalton will be a Monrovia. Look for Tyler Conley, Jaden Reynolds, Brady Mckivitz, and Clayton Peters to be very tough at Avon. EMD have another very tough in coming class with Fitts, Boarman, Ross and Freeman (I think). Chesterton has Ellis and Bates coming in. Perry has Little Cottey and Little Warren. I would love to know if any of the Region kids are going to make their way over to Crown Point.
  23. Juniior Duals (Greco - FreeStyle)

    Yes.. I have spoken to many other National team leaders also. The majority of the most successful team hand pick their teams. With this said, a handful of years ago I was given the task (by the ISWA) to create and develop the ISWA Elementary National Team. Knowing that this group included multiple age groups, I realized that we could not simply take our state champs. I figured a first year 6th grade schoolboy that finished 4th at state would smash our novice state champ (in most cases). With this said, I developed the ISWA elementary wrestle offs. I knew that multiple studs could show up at the same weight.. so I built in the opportunity to wrestle off at multiple weights (did the wrestle offs in sessions). This process has led to our elementary team being one of the best in the nation (year in and year out). They always make the gold pool and wrestle the best in the USA at nationals. Here is the process that I think would produce our best team: 1. Make up a committee to hand pick our very best teams. This committee would be made up of academy coaches and team leaders who have a vast knowledge of the talent within our state. This committee would be tasked with having consistent communication with our elite wrestlers. They will inform them of the national team opportunities which may present themselves to them. They will also collect national team applications from our elite athletes. These applications will be due the weekend of folkstyle state. The committee could meet the week after state. At that time, the committee would choose our proposed national teams. 2. Members of the proposed team will be encouraged to attend the state tournaments. If members of the prosed teams win state, then the spot is theirs. If someone other than a member of the proposed team wins state in a weight class, then the member of the proposed team shall wrestle off the champ for the spot in a best of three (world team style) for a spot on the team. If that member of the proposed team loses the wrestle off, then a alternate spot will be offered to that wrestler (we need alternates anyway). So basically hand pick a team, and build in a process to allow a better wrestler to take a spot (if your hand picked guy doesn't perform as he or she should). I think that this process would get us back in to the gold pools. The most important part of this process will to be to stay in contact with our wrestlers and keep them interested and informed. When I was taking the elementary teams to kick butt at nationals. I would contact families and coaches to ensure that they knew how great the tournament was going to be, and to ensure that they showed up to wrestle offs. I would even share with them which weight classes I though that they would fit best at.
  24. Juniior Duals (Greco - FreeStyle)

    I have been around for a while. I have also coached and been a team leader for national team duals. This is how I see it. Most of our studs continue to wrestle folk style well past our state tournament. They do little to no freestyle or Greco practices or meets leading up to our freestyle and Greco state tournaments. Most of our studs win because they are just better all around athletes and better wrestlers (all styles). Once they make the team they do little to no freestyle and Greco until they get to camp. That brings us to that..... camp! I do think that it is very important, but the timing (especially for the schoolboys) is not good. These kids do this camp for a few days, spend one night at home and spend the next four days wrestling the best kids in America. Come the last day of competition... they are done. And the add in the fact that alternates are not allowed... this makes it hard. Most of the top teams bring extras to keep their studs fresh for when it counts. No way states like Utah should be consistently be killing us. They wrestle these styles more, and prepare better than us. Here are my suggestions.... Continue a 1 day team camp if need be (to organize and hand out gear). Make it a couple days prior to the trip. That way the kids can prepare themselves mentally at the best place possible... their own bed. As soon as folk style state is over... do state team RTCs (one in each iswa section). These will be for those who plan on making a team or wrestling these styles at the national levels. These can take place once a week until state and twice a week after state (once teams are determined). This will also help fill teams and build depth (for alternates). Mandate these workouts to be two hours. One full hour of freestyle and one hour of Greco. Oh yeah.... two state team RTCs would count as one qualifier. Make it mandatory for team members. Weekend tournaments are great, but you can learn soooo much more in a good RTC. As a part of the national team, you should be mandated to attend central regionals if you do not have seeding points. Our seeding is killing us. Look into corporate sponsership or fund raising to help with cost. Just my thoughts. And yes..... I would be willing to help. I'm not the type to complain or suggest stuff, and not help fix stuff.
  25. Juniior Duals (Greco - FreeStyle)

    Seems like our freestyle and Greco national dual teams took it on the chin (all age groups). It seems that we can compete with the big dogs in folkstyle (closing the gap). Not sure what is up with the other two styles. Hate to see this.