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  1. 6th grade and under 150 and 175 needed

    Any 130 150 or 175 kids want matches Sunday?
  2. Tough team looking to fill some upper weights for some duals. No charge... just show up and kick butt. Matt Brewer 317-201-0644
  3. Toughest SS ?

    Craig has been around for a long time. Just add him to the list at 138 ESS..... Wow!
  4. Toughest SS ?

    Dang... Mills may have me there! I’m sure EMD will have a stud too! So... I would say the two toughest weights will be at ESS.
  5. Toughest SS ?

    The toughest on I know of is Evansville 138. It’s crazy! In no order.... Mulkey- brownsburg- senior Miranda- Avon- senior Campbell- Ben Davis- senior Combest- Columbus East- Senior Matt Lee- EMD and the first three are in the same sectional!!! Dont see a tougher semi-state weight class out there. Prove me wrong.
  6. Who is Daniel Below?

    Look at his track profile. That always helps. Solid kid.
  7. Prediction Time

    I’m thinking he’s #TheCounty Field Mouse... We ain’t got rats down here.
  8. Congrats champ! His grandpa lives down the road from me. Blake is always over there mowing his grass and stuff. Says alot about the kid. Not too many kids do stuff like that anymore. Great kid / great family!!
  9. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Congrats champ!!! I think.... my feed didn't work. For now.... I will just assume that he is not going Aaron Pico on us. Great kid and great family!
  10. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Me personally was good with it, when my son quit football. With that said... I did give him some advice. I told him that he only has one shot at high school. If you have the slightest desire to do something then do it! If you want to play football.. play it. If you think a girl is pretty and nice... then ask her out! Don’t walk out of that school with your cap and gown on, and have any regrets.
  11. WHO You got?

    Did DaRat just break character??? Disappointed..... If people can’t speak rat, then they don’t deserve the knowledge!
  12. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Exactly, Coach P... I agree. But... say if a kid liked both sports equally. The money is Not equal. That was the point that I was trying to make. With that said, there are many other things to factor in. Me personally.. i am scared to death about the brain injuries being attributed to football. Good thread!
  13. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Let’s factor in college dollars also... We have kids here in our town who are solid football players getting full rides. NCAA FBS schools get 85 full rides per team. While wrestling gets 9.9. I know of state champs (best of our best) that are getting 15% to start their college careers. With this said... I would love to say if your son has D1 talent in both sports... then wrestling is the best! You should just do that! But... that is simply not true. Saying this on a wrestling forum is tough for me. But... if your boy has D1 football talent / size and likes football... then he should keep that option open. He would most likely get way more money to play football.
  14. Elementary/MS Dual Wildcards

    I have a 6th grade triple crown winner that would like to do some duals. He is around 105. Text me if interested. 317-201-0644
  15. Flow \ Intermat Rankings

    Congrats to Asa! I’ve been around this kid for a long time and been in his corner for many great matches. This kids lives and breathes wrestling 24/7/365. I assure you that he views this a a start. I know that he is proud, but..... not satisfied. Go get it champ!!!!
  16. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    My son stopped playing football but still has had issues staying healthy. Let’s face it... these top level kids are tough active kids. Regardless if they play football or tic tac toe.... they are going balls out. That’s the nature of wrestlers. They have little fear and push the limits of their physical ability. If he wasn’t playing football, he would be doing something else bad a$$. Basically, what I’m saying... is it all comes down to dumb luck.
  17. Coach Kolat is getting a class act. That’s going to be so cool having him as a coach. Congrats to a great family!
  18. Daktronics Open and Clarion Open

    Flo has moved Red up to number 6 at 141. Big jump!
  19. Done!... cmon... this dude has raised $10. Click and give a few bucks. No way he can’t raise $1000 from this site. Like him or not... it’s a great cause. Dig deep.
  20. Congrats champ!!! Awesome kid.
  21. Awesome! Great kid from an awesome family!
  22. Lefever was very close to pulling out the win in the semis. Just came up short as time ran out. Was in on a DEEP double! Kayla with a fall in the finals. Dominating the field.
  23. 10 of the 22 from #TheCounty. The majority of the rest from Da Region. We need to get that all-star dual going. It looks like it would be good for years to come. Sorry folks.... may be hearing about #TheCounty for many more years.
  24. Man... I thought we were better then that when you got to hang out in #TheCounty vip area (closet) at the Super 32!!??
  25. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I watched this kid! First 8th grader ever to win Super 32 high school division! Think about that. The best of the best have tried and failed. Straight up beast! Ironman will be must watch.