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Everything posted by Mattyb

  1. Mattyb

    Moves and Transfers

    Plainfield is coming folks... just sayin.
  2. Mattyb

    IHPO Results

    Fabio with some solid interviews that are now posted on trackwrestling. He did a great job. Thanks for giving our champs the exposure Nick. And for the love of God... somebody tell Cornwell to put a shirt on!!! I know he has a couple Dean Mouse Mafia shirts.
  3. Mattyb

    Super 32

    Participation from southern Indiana is not great... cmon get that car pool going! Let’s set the bar for Indiana success at this event. Indiana took a bunch of hammers to FloNationals. It was a blast. Looking for double digit all-Americans. Thank you to pistol. I am one of the few people that have actually met the man. It’s a small miracle that he can type at all. Dem digits look like question marks from all that gun fighting!!! Word on the street is that he is shooting his gun to start the Avon golf outing tomorrow!!!
  4. Mattyb

    Moves and Transfers

    That’s horrible... prayers for the Bell family and the community that they were moving to. Best of luck to those folks. Terrible. Sorry TakeYouDown... thought you were making a bad joke. I apologize to you.
  5. Mattyb

    Moves and Transfers

    I assume that this is an attempt at a joke. If not, I feel bad for the family. If it is an attempt at a joke... it’s in really bad taste. People died and lost everything in North Carolina this weekend. It’s a terrible thing for a lot of people buddy. No more midnight posting for you (if this is not true). Smh
  6. Mattyb

    Rudis shoes

    Been seeing that people all over the country have gotten their preordered shoes. Anyone here, in Indiana, get theirs yet??? Just courious if we were going to see some at the IHPO.
  7. Mattyb

    Rudis shoes

    Got the shoes today... seem to fit like Nike. Single stitch around sole scares me a bit. I hope these shoes can take 40 shots a match! Would like to hear from more of you on preformance of these kicks.
  8. Mattyb

    Rudis shoes

    Still waiting!!!! I swear... I ordered them within the first hour of the sale. Kinda expecting a golden ticket or something at this point. Rudis just said that they didn’t get the 14s is yet. With this said... Checked out the Rudis twitter. They posted Lock Haven’s stash of new Rudis shoes. Wouldn’t you know...... I see a pair of 14 black and red Snyder’s!!!! C’mon man!!! Send some big shoes to the common man.
  9. Mattyb

    super 32 signups

    I think he meant to ask... "who will be allowed in The County VIP camping section this year at the Super 32???" We assure everyone that if our favorite uncle from the North makes the trip to Greensboro, not only will he be allowed in... he will be taken care of with great food and beverages all tournament. #MVPoftheVIP .
  10. Mattyb

    IHPO Results

    Unfortunately ASA was off all weekend. Look forward to him making us all proud at Super 32! Want to thank Joe, Mark, Nick, the refs, and all others for an outstanding event. Full mats all day. Stud vs stud match after match. Great stuff!!!
  11. Mattyb

    IHPO Predictions

    So..... Chris Garcia is getting tossed and we need to be there are 3 for early weigh-ins. Got it!!!!
  12. Mattyb

    Rudis shoes

    Per Rudis, if your wrestler wears a size 14, your order may not be ready yet! #BigFeetProblems
  13. Mattyb

    Rudis shoes

    No doubt.... that’s def a tough call. I bought a couple pairs within the first hour of the sale. Talked to customer service just now and he said that they are just randomly filling orders. What ever happened to first come first serve???? Smh...
  14. Mattyb

    IHPO Predictions

    I predict that I will be crushing a steak at cork and cleaver Saturday night. I also predict that the Czar of running tournaments (Mark Durham) will be making sure that things run smooth. Carson Brewer, Trae (Roy) Reynolds, and Jaden Reynolds are making the trip to Super 32.
  15. Mattyb

    IHPO rumors

    Rumor has it that another Indiana state champ may be coming.... just saying. Reported by TheCountyTMZ
  16. Mattyb

    IHPO rumors

    TheCountyTMZ south is reporting that 2 time state champ Asa Garcia is driving all night from Pennsylvania to win the IHPO at 135!!!! No cryptic Chris just down here at my beach estate eating bacon and French fries! Life is good! May drive over to the lane estate later today to kidnap Trey and Tyson to bring them to the IHPO!
  17. Mattyb

    IHPO rumors

    Sorry folks working from TheCountyTMZ south bureau down in Florida (fighting red tide). Working on the final confirmation of state champ coming. Details to come!!!! #WaitForIt
  18. Mattyb

    IHPO rumors

    I will say that Asa is wrestling for team shutt in Pennsylvania the weekend of the IHPO.
  19. Mattyb

    An Idea to Think About.

    Great point! We have had multiple kids leave Avon to go to smaller schools. Those kids may have never cracked our line up here, but went on to be multi-year starters at other nearby smaller schools. They played football too. They would have never seen the field here. So.. yes it does happen both ways. We just don't talk about those guys because they are not the top talent.
  20. Mattyb

    An Idea to Think About.

    So no need to chime in on anything until someone post the word “liberal”... ha!!!! I want to apologize for saying that the liberals have causes or movements. I guess that liberals don’t start movements! Wasn’t trying to make anyone mad. My bad, little buddy. I would like to apologize to the man who told me to GTFO, but I’m sure that I will never know who you are. Right one proud??? Lol
  21. Mattyb

    An Idea to Think About.

    Seems as though in today’s liberal society we our being hit in the face with movements. These movements have the purpose to save people, places, or things. I propose the “Not here!” movement. This movement is 100 percent do not transfer. If a stud (8th grade and up) moves into your school district, you make them sit a season. “But wait” you say... “what if my AD doesn’t let me sit them?” To that, we at the “Not Here” movement say... “your the coach, you set the line up. Put them on JV for the season.” I propose that all coaches that feel as if transfers are “killing” are sport, join this “Not Here” movement! With this said, how many coaches are willing to do there part in putting an end to this transfer thing?? Anyone.... anyone... ???? Of couse I do not support the movement that I made up. The thing is this... what good does it do to talk about this when not one coach turns away a stud??? No need to talk about it if nobody is will to take action. Anonymous letters to the IHSAA don’t seem to be working either! This is my point... it is what it is. If we as a wrestling community see a neighboring school’s program failing, then we need to step up and help when we can. That’s gonna to help keep wrestling alive in communities way more than harping on 10 or do transfers statewide per year. All this talk and no solutions is solving nothing. Just my opinion. #NotHere! (Who’s with me!!!!)
  22. Mattyb

    An Idea to Think About.

    Great points coach. I would like to add the fact that I have much respect for you all you do. I appreciate all you coaches. I am just sharing why I think that it is what it is. As to your points.... 1) The state champ that I am talking about did not win middle school state. With that said... I coached a lot of kids that won middle school state in club (we had 4 in 2015 alone). But honestly club had much less to do with those championships then the academies and summer travel teams that they were on. I am a big boy and can admit that the additional training is the biggest difference (not community club or middle school workouts). Very few middle school state champs practice at school clubs only. To say that middle school wrestling alone is producing middle school state champs is not a valid argument. And who is anybody to say that what he believes is wrong. Its just his educated opinion. 2) Additional funding does not mean a coach is better. But.... having a large war chest does give elite programs more coaches and resources. Look at the Center Grove hires. That's just life... typically more money equals more resources. It is what it is. 3) God bless all of our coaches. It is such a thankless job. Please know that most of us parents and fans appreciate you all more than you will ever know. Please don't take a family moving on as disrespect. I just don't think that people moving to attempt to put anyone in their family in a better position to reach goals or succeed in life can be looked bad upon. Just like any relationship in life.. sometimes things just aren't the right fit for both parties. 4) Totally agree with this!!! I am a fan of Edgewood wrestling. This brings me to my point about coaches helping coaches. I think that if coaches see other nearby programs struggling, then they should reach out to help. My point was that coaches helping other coaches to keep programs afloat will have a bigger impact on keeping these programs alive, then worrying about a few kids leaving. Just trying to suggest something that we can actually do. We have little or no control over the exits. May as well try to help these programs the best that we can. Not one coach wants a kid to leave the program. It even stings more when you have invested a ton of time in that kid. With this said, it happens at big schools too. Families move for many reasons. Kids go to private schools for a perceived or actual better education. Its not going to stop. Me personally have chose to stay in the same community since my senior started in kindergarten. It was just the choice I made. I just don't see it is up to me or anyone to suggest that another family is to stay put here or anywhere else. Not sure how many wrestlers are in Indiana. The list on the other thread (of studs that have moved) is at 10 (at most). Pretty sure that this is a very low percentage of kids that transferred opposed to those who have stayed put. Could we be overreacting on this whole transfer thing??? Maybe or maybe not??? I really don't know.
  23. Mattyb

    An Idea to Think About.

    So what would you suggest these people do? I was at a meet last year. The school has had multiple state champs in the past. They now have a new staff. Multiple parents from that school told me about how their kids were not getting what they need to get to the next level (these kids have the ability to wrestle in college). So... I spent extra time just watching to see what the fuss was all about. I watched as the kids corner each other many times that day. One of their state quailifier level kids got a good match against another good kid. 5 seconds into the match the head coach starts to yell “throw him in a headlock”!!!! True story!! One of the best kids from this team has left the school. The school that he left for is rated much higher academically also. Again... with alll of this said... are you to suggest that the parents just stick with the course that they were on???? I say no way!!! No way this family sacrifices opportunity for their child to get better coaching, partners, and education just because some other people think that a handful of kids moving is going to “kill” high school wrestling. I also spoke with the dad of a state champ today. His son moved schools right before high school. He is of the opinion that the state championship may not have happened and his colleges offers may not have been there, if they stayed put. Can we blame this family for “killing” high school wrestling??? I really don’t think that these kids moving to get what they need will kill high school wrestling. I typically don’t post an opinion on a topic like this without posting a suggestion to help (try not to complain without helping). With that said, we have a great coaches accociation within our state. The resources that our high school coaches have are abundant. With this said, if a coach or coaches have an issue with kids leaving certain failing programs, then they need to OFFER THEM HELP. I really think that coaches helping coaches could have a much larger impact on our sport then a kid or two leaving a handful of programs for greener pastures. Btw... just heard that Center Grove signed two great coaches. Saw a couple for sale signs in wrestling famliys yards today!!! I kid I kid!
  24. Mattyb

    An Idea to Think About.

    This is how I see it.... I would say 90 percent of the high profile transfers are from families that wrestle year round. They spend money on training, travel, gear, camps, etc.... most of these families had no clue that they would become “wrestling” families when they first got married, and moved into the town that they grew up in or that was near their place of employment. With this said, as these kids are getting to high school age (or begin high school) parents are seeing that their wrestler may have an opportunity to get better training, better exposure, better partners, better coaches (that get paid more!), and for the most part a better education at other schools. Not to mention they are moving to communities where their friends, that they have been traveling the nation with for years, reside. These people are trying to that which is best for the family as a whole. The other 10 percent seem to be job transfers or just kids that got in trouble. No way you can knock anyone for trying to do what’s best for their kids. As far as small schools doing away with wrestling... if by losing 1 or 2 wrestlers the schools program folds, it most likely would have folded anyway. And... do we expect our top wrestlers to be satisfied with any program on the verge of being dissolved (just because they started life there). It is what it is.... I see no issues with what is happening. And yes.... we have lost great talent too (at Avon). We lost two time Florida state champ Trey Lane, Zionsville studs (the williamsons), and others. Just families doing what they thought was best for their kids. No hard feelings and we just moved on. Families doing what they think is right or best for their kids is just a part of life and sports.
  25. Mattyb

    An Idea to Think About.

    I feel a class wrestling debate coming on....... Noooooooo!!!

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