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Everything posted by Mattyb

  1. Yep.. was hoping to see my guy (Carson Brewer) ranked. He has wins over #3 (at super 32) and #12 at 182 (since the end of the high school season). But he lost a dec to #9. It is what it is. Just gonna have to go to Fargo and do work. Well deserved for our ranked guys!!! Looking forward to more Indiana kids making this list soon!!!
  2. Mattyb

    Cadet National Duals

    In Greco mind you. Would not read too much into this loss.
  3. We have a very tough team (mostly state placers and qualifiers) looking for one more stud. Cost is $350 (includes really nice gear, entry, housing, and transportation).   Brewer  317-201-0644 Our team has moved some weights around... this is the absolute last weight needed. Should be a great trip!
  4. We have a very tough team (mostly state placers and qualifiers) looking for one more stud. Cost is $350 (includes really nice gear, entry, housing, and transportation).   Brewer  317-201-0644
  5. Mattyb

    Need 145 (plus 5) for Disney

    Our 152 is going to 145 so we actually need a 152 plus 5. Thanks!
  6. We have a very tough team (mostly state placers and qualifiers) looking for one more stud. Cost is $350 (includes really nice gear, entry, housing, and transportation). Brewer 317-201-0644
  7. Just need a 145 at this point... thanks!!!
  8. Bump!!! we are looking for a 145 or 170 plus 5. Fun trip coolest gear in the planet!!!
  9. Need a tough 170+5 to finish off a great roster. Spot just opened up!!! Call or text Brewer 317-201-0644
  10. Just fell into laces... it happens. Nothing he could do. Tough loss.
  11. Carr gets revenge on Teamer. Lee closed the gap on Berge but came up short.
  12. Mattyb

    Avon RTC - Thursday - Coach Mayabb (USAW)

    Coach Mayabb is amazing! With that said.... Greco city may be moving from the river to the west side of Indy. Super motivating guy!
  13. Mattyb

    Ice Skating on Beat The Streets

    I know that it is for a very good cause so I won’t bash it. But.... that was just silly!!!
  14. Mattyb

    Avon RTC - Thursday - Coach Mayabb (USAW)

    Saw coach Mayabb some yesterday... he has a wealth of wrestling knowledge. With that said, he has some great life lessons for the kids. Really interesting dude. Come check him out.
  15. Honestly the most fun trip that we go on.. I’ve been to a lot!
  16. Mattyb

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    A few years ago, one of our kids said that he hated Greco. We signed him up for state anyway. Ended up getting second and earning a spot on the blue team for schoolboy duals and went something like 7-1 in Greco. Dude is a leg attack monster, but when he wants to, he will toss ya! Btw... loved watching the championship mat at iswa state. It was laid back and lots of fun!
  17. Mattyb

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    I think that the triple crown is very cool for the middle school aged kids and younger. In state, it is about the best that you can do. I believe that we have over 8,000 wrestlers here in Indiana. Only 20 some odd kids actually get this award each year. It is a really cool deal. With that said, I agree with my pistol packing buddy. Once in high school, it becomes a little less meaningful for those kids. While it remains a cool thing to win, the podium at the bank becomes the main focus (in state). Personally my own son won a triple crown this weekend. He really appreciates the ISWA and being able to win it again. With that said, his main focus (in state) is to be on top at the bank. Congrats to all that came away with the ISWA triple crowns today. I know that Contenders had 11 triple crown winners this year. Red Cobra had 3. That’s 14 for TheCounty. Sorry folks had to get that in!
  18. Mattyb

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Qualifing gate slowed up Jesse. But... I’m pretty sure that he still has to have the most???? Davidsons have to be up there too.
  19. Mattyb

    ISWA Freestyle & Greco State

    It should be noted that Rogers is still a cadet. He dominated that age group and challenged himself at juniors. So did Bates. Hats off to these studs!
  20. Looking for some big guys to round out a VERY solid team. All weights get 5 pound allowance. Needing good kids at 195 220 and 285. Can be graduated seniors. Cost will be about $350. Will have to buy own food. Matt Brewer 317-201-0644
  21. Mattyb

    Disney duals open spots

    Our team is full... with this said this was for Disney duals in June... With that said.... I know a guy who would love to have your kid for VA beach. I will be there too. Call me 317-201-0644
  22. Mattyb

    ISWA Freestyle & Greco State

    Looks like the guys will have about 100 more than last year. And... almost 200 more than 2 years ago. The ladies bringing it! Looks like their numbers will just about double (from last year). Seeing this thing growing again is pretty awesome. Maybe 1,000 men and women next year???
  23. Mattyb

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    Dude looks looks crazy!!!
  24. Lloyd was a 4 seed and got smashed. I think it was the round of 16
  25. Berge wrestled in who’s number one a couple years ago (I think). He’s tough.

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