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  1. Franklin County HS located in Frankfort KY is looking at options for a 2 day Dual/ Individual tournament format during the Holidays between Xmas and New Years. If any openings email Coach JJ Townsend @ mauigreatwhites@yahoo.com or myself at ryan.arterburn@toyota.com Thanks in advance.
  2. This is what I have so far: W Southmont 70 Covington 3 W Southmont 84 Clinton Prairie 0 W Southmont 66 Western Boone 13 W Southmont 56 Frankfort 12 W Southmont 36 Danville 33 W Southmont 48 Lebanon 21 W Southmont 68 Indy Manual 12 L Southmont 18 Lawrence North 53 W Southmont 60 Highland 21 W Southmont 31 Floyd Central 28 W Southmont 36 Lafayette Jeff 28 W Southmont 48 Lowell 33 W Southmont 42 North Montgomery 16 W Southmont 63 Crawfordsville 12
  3. Southmont is 15-1, at Triacoff finished 4-1 lost to LN. Lawrence North over Southmont (53-18) Southmont 60, Highland 21 Southmont 31, Floyd Central 28 Southmont 36, Lafayette Jeff 28 Southmont 48, Lowell 33 This weekend's Montgomery County Tournament Results: http://thepaper24-7.com/main.asp?SectionID=24&SubSectionID=23&ArticleID=29102&TM=66.746 Chandler Moore 112 Freshman Southmont 15-1, Jordan Phillips 215 Junior Southmont 15-1
  4. Dylan McBride

    Congrats to Dylan and Coach Ervin.
  5. Anyone have any updates or results for North Montgomery regional? I know the start time was pushed back from 9 to noon.
  6. WHO ARE YOU?!?!

    Well Hello David Allen Coe
  7. New Castle Final Results

    Congrats Dylan and Coach Ervin.
  8. New Castle Finals

    Results posted on IHSAA.ORG http://www.ihsaa.org/b-wrestling/2008-09/0809NewCastleSemiState.pdf
  9. Did Frankie Porras get beat?

    I just seen he beat Harper
  10. NC Semis

    Were dying here!!!
  11. NC: Ticket-round matches

    I appreciate what you guys are doing with the updates and results. Im in Bowling Green, Ky...."The Land of NO Wrestling". Hope to make it up next weekend for the Finals.
  12. NC: Ticket-round matches

    What time do they start back up again?
  13. Pre-Match song

    Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols....Shut Up Randy..It's State Law..Swear to G*d it is.
  14. Jason Tsirtsis

    It will be a great match...probally the best one Saturday night. But some ask "Can Jason handle the pressure of being under the spot light?" I do believe this kid has been in the spot light for quite some time. He's nationaly ranked in the top 30 for ALL 125#'s in the Nation as a Freshman. I think he will do just fine against Cashe. We have been talking about how talented the "kid" has been since he was in 6th grade. So I dont think we can take a thing away from him now. Good Luck to all the Wrestlers this weekend and through out the tournament.
  15. Wrestler moving to Indiana

    Im surprised no one has tried to recruit illegally by promising Free Shaved Ice at State?