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  1. Crawfordsville Middle School has a Social Studies opening. Wrestling coach needed, as well as openings for other sports. Please contact athletic director Brett Motz at bmotz@cville.k12.in.us if interested. This spot will be filled quickly, so contact Brett ASAP if interested.
  2. LittleGiant91

    New Purdue Head Coach

    1. Terry Brands!!! Head coaching experience! STUD! Iowa guy! He would bring AWESOME intensity to the state! PU should ante up and pay the man! 2. Cody Sanderson !! 4 National titles in a row! Head Coaching experience 3. Schwab from Northern Iowa He's done an amazing job turning that program into a contender in a short time!
  3. LittleGiant91

    2010 Coaching Changes

    Congratulations, and welcome to Montgomery County Coach Swain! You were always a class act as a wrestler and as a coach at Highland. I'm sure you'll bring the same thing to North Montgomery. Chris Ervin
  4. LittleGiant91

    2010 Coaching Changes

    Drooke, Yes, I hung it up at the end of the season after 19 years as head coach at C-Ville. Basically, I'm just tired. I still love the sport, but I don't have the time and desire to do all of the out of season things anymore that are needed to develop a program. Both of my kids are at an age (9 and 14) where they are involved in lots of activities and I don't want to miss them. I will still be coaching the elementary wrestlers in our club (and also coaching youth baseball and football), so I will be involved in the program. I plan to get my officials license and stay involved as much as possible. It is not official yet, but it looks like my long time assistant, Roger Tribbett, will be the head coach next year. He is committed to the program and to the kids and he will do a great job! Thanks for asking. Chris Ervin FORMER head coach - Crawfordsville High School
  5. LittleGiant91

    285 mat 1

    I am the coach of the opposing wrestler, and I have to say, we were confused by the call as well. Just before that call happened, West head butted McBride (I'm not saying it was malicious, but there was definitely a head to head contact) and there was no call. Dylan was visibly shaken and the refs even gave him a few seconds to clear his head. When they re-started, they hit heads again, and that is when the DQ happened. I didn't realize what they were calling, and when I asked the official, he said that the opponent (West) had intentionally led with his head and he called it a flagrant foul. Dylan felt like it was accidental on Jim's part, and wanted to continue to wrestle. He stated to me "Coach, I don't want to win that way. I want to finish the match!" I told him to tell the offcial, which he did, and he was told that the call had been made and it couldn't / wouldn't be changed. I too, feel bad for Jim. It was a strange situation and one that no wrestler or coach wants to have end his season. I don't know Jim, and we had never wrestled him before, but I will say that he handled that situation very well and showed great sportsmanship after the match towards Dylan and myself. I feel that at the least, he should be recognized as a medalist and awarded the 8th place medal. Without naming names, I saw worse behavior after a semi final and final match and those wrestlers were allowed to stand on the podium. I want to wish Jim the best of luck in the future and congratulate him on a great season. Chris Ervin Crawfordsville H.S.
  6. LittleGiant91

    Chesterton coach suspended

    PHS coach, I totally agree. The "weight loss plan" is convoluted and confusing. In fact, on the online rules meeting this year, there was an example showing a weigh in sheet for one date and another for a date where the kid had lost more than 1.5% in a week. It clearly stated that the wrestler was NOT ineligible, but this was not a qualifying weigh in. From that example, it is easy to believe that Coach Joll (or any other coach that this happened to) might have thought that it was not illegal for the athlete to weigh in that much lighter, but simply that it did not count toward his qualifying weigh ins. The rule (or it's ever-changing interpretation) is very confusing. Personally, I feel that the old rule of having to make a weight for half of your total weigh ins (with a minimum of 5 at that weight) was a better way to insure that kids are keeping their weight regulated. Here's another thought: When all of this weight control started after the deaths 10-12 years ago, my former college coach told me " the only way to stop weight cutting is to put a scale next to the scoring table and have the wrestlers step on it as they check in and make weight in their full uniform." It may sound crazy, but he's right! Adjust all of the weights 5 pounds higher to account for a uniform. No wrestler in his right mind would step on the mat to compete if he was dehydrated or hadn't eaten in two days! Thus, if one really wanted to drop a weight class, the way to do it would be to eat healthier and exercise more so you could make that weight fully hydrated. With today's technology and portable scales, it is becoming a more viable option. I say let's try it!
  7. Congratulations to Trent on being named Coach of the Year. He is a tireless worker for both the Yorktown program and for Indiana wrestling in general. Congratulations also to all of the regional coaches of the year. This was a great addition by the IHSWCA this year. It gives several coaches around the state the chance for themselves and their programs to be recognized. Good luck to all participants and coaches at the state tournament. I'll see you at Conseco. Chris Ervin Crawfordsville H.S.
  8. LittleGiant91

    121 Teams Represented at State

    I guess I was misinformed. It's not the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Thanks, Steve, for setting me straight! By the way, good luck at Conseco. I'll see you on Friday. Chris Ervin C-Ville
  9. LittleGiant91

    121 Teams Represented at State

    Tin Can, I agree that Tri West has some good wrestlers, and i wish them the best of luck. I could be wrong, but I believe Tri West has had a state placer in the past. Danville Coach Steve Pugliese and his older brother were both state qualifiers (or so I've been told) in the late 1980's for Tri West, and I believe one, if not both, placed. They were both outstanding wrestlers for the University of Indianapolis in the late 80's and early 90's as well. Regardless, it has been a long drought for the Bruins, and I agree that they have a great chance of breaking it this year! Good luck to the Bruins at state!
  10. LittleGiant91


    I thought the officiating at New Castle was good too. We had a solid crew and they did a great job from what I saw. Nice job, stripes!
  11. LittleGiant91

    Dylan McBride

    Congrats to Dylan McBride of Crawfordsville on winning his second straight New Castle Semi State at HWT! 3 pins out of four matches, including one in the finals. You were a BEAST today! Dylan is the only 2x Semi State champ in C-Ville history. Let's have a great week and finish under the lights next weekend! Coach E.
  12. LittleGiant91

    Get Well Soon Coach O'Neal (Westfield)

    Terry, I'm sorry to hear that you are banged up. Take care and get well soon. I hope to see you at New Castle or at least at Conseco next week! My prayers are with you! Chris Ervin
  13. LittleGiant91

    State Ranked Multisport atheletes

    Dylan McBride #17 HWT - Crawfordsville H.S. State Qualifier and Semi State Champ - 2 way starter in football: O-Line / D-Line; played baseball last 3 years. Not sure if he'll play this year or not. Pretty talented big man!
  14. LittleGiant91

    What this board needs...

    midget5589, FYI: LittleGiant91 refers to the fact that I graduated from Wabash College (mascot = Little Giants) in 1991. Yes, the mascot name is oxymoronic, but there actually is a story behind it. I won't bore you with that right now, though. Chris Ervin
  15. LittleGiant91

    What this board needs...

    Just for the record, I am for class wrestling. I think it would be great for the growth of our sport. However, just because there are people who think we need it, doesn't mean we should take it to the IHSAA as an association yet. The topic has been polled several times among IHSWCA members and just like on the discussion board, there are vehement supporters on both sides of the issue. As I remember it, the polls have historically been around 50/50, with a slight edge going one way or the other from time to time. (Perhaps it IS time to discuss it / poll it again amongst coaches?). The IHSAA has repeatedly told our representatives that they want to see overwhelming support from the coaches (like 85-90%) for a proposal before they will consider it. So, even if we get 60%, 65%, or even 70% of coaches in favor of class wrestling, the IHSAA will shoot it down because we don't have all of the coaches on board. Furthermore, the IHSAA has set the precedent that they don't want to talk about taking the "individual" sports to classes. Even if 95% of wrestling coaches were in favor of it, the IHSAA would not change JUST wrestling to classes. To them, it's all or nothing, meaning that they would also change track, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, etc. In order to really get the IHSAA's attention, there would probably have to be a coalition of coaches' associations from the "indidvidual" sports show support for classes in their sports and promote the idea together. I'm not saying that this can never be attained, but it's not as simple as just deciding that we as wrestling coaches want class wrestling so it's going to happen. That is why, wrestlebacks, for instance, have been proposed several times (in different forms) by the IHSWCA. Most coaches agree that this would improve our sport and our state tournament. Even WITH overwhelming support of high school coaches, the IHSAA has repeatedly shot us down (why, I don't really know, other than the fact that they don't like change!). Class wrestling may one day come to Indiana, but if and when it does, it will happen in stages: 1) a large majority of coaches in Indiana need to be convinced that there is a need for class wrestling (judging from the discussions that I have read, we are a long way from this right now). 2) once wrestling is solidly in favor of classes, we would need to get to work with other coaches' associations of tennis, golf, swimming, track, etc. and try to convince them to support classes for their sports as well. 3). Finally, if 1 & 2 are achieved, the IHSAA MAY listen to a proposal, but I would still be sceptical of it passing until the powers that be were convinced that it is THEIR idea. I know this may sound like a defeatist attitude, but my point is that it is pretty clear from the historical stance of the IHSAA that proposing class wrestling right now would be something akin to "peeing in the wind" for lack of a better description. Therefore, the IHSWCA has been focusing on changing / improving the system that we DO have to work with. I agree, though, that class wrestling is a hot topic and this discussion board is a great place to debate the virtues / vices of classes and to begin convincing those non - believers that it would be good for our sport. Chris Ervin Crawfordsville High School Head Wrestling Coach

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