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  1. Loved it ! Funny great kid! Always smiling love it !
  2. I wanna see red fave one of the lee boys next year . If either somehow went the same weight tho it probly won't happen who'd win Face*
  3. Man it got loud in here! Guys on parris to go for the win right there think he coulda just rid him out and went for the in in ot Guts*
  4. What was the score before pin
  5. Are there results and award for just state Pickems? If so where do I find them
  6. I'm just curious about something. Why did forte and lecount stay in the same weight class? I mean I'm all for the competition. Maybe they just wanted to beat the best and I am totally for that. I prefer it that way myself, but if not for that reason I just think either one would have won it at 138 or 152. No offense to anyone in these weight classes. Maybe I'm wrong too maybe they wouldn't have. Just curious what anyone else thinks
  7. I'm all for being confident and having a little swag to ya and whatever your style is. But sure seemed red was REAL arrogant not that he doesn't have the right to be, but glogouski took it to him and a couple no calls in the match that could have made it closer . Fans were booing red. Then at the end of the match red ran into glogouskis coach and dad I believe. Like it looked like he tried to like push him out of the way? Anyone else see this? Did it just look worse than it was ? Was it by accident? If not I thought that was low class. And ya ik he's the best but I think he could show a little
  8. Glogouski gave his all did great. I'm sure red didn't expect it to be that close with that said I would love to habe seen red vs micic. Who'd win?
  9. I do believe he stalled some and believe corsaro was the better wrestler but the better wrestler doesn't always win but hey like everyone's saying hiestand found a way to win so I give him credit congrats.
  10. James instigated it by hitting him in the face multiple times not to say Wilson should have retaliated but James wasn't right here either. If you Watched the slow mo replay. This was a great match tho glad they didn't dq anyone. He didn't throw a legit punch either. Loudest I've ever heard it here! And then the coach threw him it was sick hahah
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