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  1. Undefeated????

    That's What She Said
  2. Undefeated????

    Most people pay extra for this!
  3. Undefeated????

    That's the gift that keeps on giving the WHOLE year round!
  4. Undefeated????

    Thanks, there isn't much to comment on the topic. What is a honorary #TheCounty sponsored social membership?
  5. Undefeated????

    I agree with this but, Correct me if I am wrong in Indiana there's no seeding criteria going into the last tournament to determine who is the best. Therefore wins and loses mean nothing, everything is practice up-to the big dance.
  6. Undefeated????

    You ask and you shall receive. It's pretty simple in my opinion, if a kid is 5-0 and loses then the kid is 5-1, no matter if the lose occurs in CA, KY, or Planet Mars!
  7. Cathedral vs Perry

    The rule is literal but what I mean is it refers to control and not necessarily an exact position. Its an example of control, but if in that exact position than yes its 2 points and therefore literal.
  8. Cathedral vs Perry

    What is an IP?
  9. Cathedral vs Perry

    That's a fact!
  10. Cathedral vs Perry

    This would change quite a bit of scrambles but also may allow some clock run-outs, don't you think?
  11. Cathedral vs Perry

    Use my same email address I use for banking is your suggestion? Thank you for pointing me to the place to become a referee, I agree with you there!!
  12. Cathedral vs Perry

    Yes and you are correct but the rule is not literal. But it shows a situation where the bottom wrestler has an ankle, and the top wrestler has more than an ankle like in this scenario.
  13. Cathedral vs Perry

    I get it. A kid having some fun. Are there a lot of kids posting on here? I was hoping this was legit and love weighing in with other wrestling fans!! Not to say kids don't know wrestling just typically biases.
  14. Cathedral vs Perry

    I had to. Only other email addresses I own are for work. Wouldn't ever put any personal information on forums duh... And when you don't have the facts on your side you attack the person. With your sarcasm are you saying the officials were good? And that the discussion is a bad one?
  15. Cathedral vs Perry

    Very Nice! Will this be televised also? That was great broadcasting btw. Very knowledgeable commentators!