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  1. 2008-2018 All-Star Team

    This is my favorite time of the year. So, I’m most active on the message board and I like to propose a lot of “What If” scenarios. Cathedral recently broke the IHSAA record for team points in the state tournament however they lost a dual to Perry Meridian. So, last night, a few of my fellow Cathedral wrestler friends and I proposed a dual between their best of the last ten years vs. Perry Meridian’s best of the last ten years. Here’s our lineups. Cathedral 106 Logan Bailey State 3rd 113 Skylour Turner 4x Placer 120 Brandon Wright 2x Champ 126 John Grey Runner-Up 132 Breyden Bailey State Champ 138 Zach Melloh Runner-Up 145 Jordan Slivka State Champ 152 Vinny Corsaro 3x Runner Up 160 Brian Harvey State Champ 170 Ben Harvey Runner Up 182 Blake Rypel 2x State Champ 195 Ben Stewart 2x Placer 220 Ryan Guhl 2x Placer 285 Wes Bernard State Champ Alternate: Tyler Willis at 170 Perry Meridian 106 A Cottey State Runner-Up 113 J Cottey 2x Placer 120 C. Elliott 2x Placer 126 Ngun Uk State 6th 132 J. McKinley 2x State Champ 138 B. James 4x Placer 145 C. LeCount 2x State Champ 152 B. Johnson State 3rd 160 K. Johnson 3x Placer 170 N. Warren State Champ 182 J. Masengale 2x State Runner-Up 195 T. Tonte 3x State Runner-Up 220 Logan Cooper State Runner-Up 285 Chico Adams 2x State Champ Alternates: Nick Bova, Jacob Tonte, Donte Winfield, Sam Fair, DJ Brookbank, and Riley McClurg
  2. Epic Clash

    I remember Gelen being 6th in his weight on InterMat with Fletcher Miller and Connor Tolley not too far behind.
  3. 2017 vs. 2018

    This match-up is very interesting. They both have a common loss in Bethel by fall. They have a common win in Warren with Brayton winning 10-6 and Joe winning 19-5. However, Brayton has consistently performed better on the national level, placing higher in the same tournaments, and beating wrestlers that Joe has lost to. If they matched up, I would expect the strength to be on Joe’s side but the technique and speed on Brayton’s side. I don’t see either being rode out, but I see B. Lee being able to fluster Joe and staying composed and winning the scramble positions. In my opinion, B. Lee does the little things a lot better which would make a big difference.
  4. Epic Clash

    While another thread is exploding discussing Brayton Lee vs. Joe Lee, I’ve been thinking about another epic clash that will have to remain in the “What If” category. Mason Parris vs. ... Gelen Robinson? They were two of the most dominant 220 pounders in recent memory. Who would win this match-up of multiple-time titans?
  5. 2017 vs. 2018

    I truly do not see that. Brayton is far too advanced of a wrestler to give up bonus points. They’re both great, but this is a match that would be decided on their feet, and on their feet, I’m giving B. Lee the advantage. His attacks, hand fighting, and positioning are incredible.
  6. 2017 vs. 2018

    I have not seen anyone start it yet, so I will. How would this season's state champions fare against those from last season? 106: Brayden Curtis (2017) vs. Jacob Moran (2018) 113: Alec Viduya (2017) vs. Brayden Curtis (2018) 120: Cayden Rooks (2017) vs. Hunter Watts (2018) 126: Alec White (2017) vs. Asa Garcia (2018) 132: Breyden Bailey (2017) vs. Graham Rooks (2018) 138: Brenden Black (2017) vs. Kris Rumph (2018) 145: Brayton Lee (2017) vs. Jordan Slivka (2018) 152: Joe Lee (2017) vs. Brayton Lee (2018) 160: Brad Laughlin (2017) vs. Nicholas South (2018) 170: Eli Stock (2017) vs. Noah Warren (2018) 182: Jacob Gray (2017) vs. Conner Graber (2018) 195: Andrew Davison (2017) vs. Lucas Davison (2018) 220: Mason Parris (2017) vs. Mason Parris (2018) 285: Evan Ellis (2017) vs. Eli Pokorney (2018) Curtis 8-4 Curtis 6-0 Rooks 3-0 White 6-5 Bailey 1-0 Black 7-6 Lee MD 11-1 B. Lee 6-4 Laughlin 7-3 Warren 7-4 Gray 3-2 A. Davison 3-2 LOL Pokorney 3-1
  7. End of an Era

    This is what I was intending to say. I'm good friends with a number of wrestlers who have graduated or are seniors, so it was kind of weird seeing some of them end their careers this past weekend. The wrestlers made such a big impact and were pivotal in what I believe elevated Indiana to more national recognition. Not saying there wasn't any before, but I definitely think that more coaches are on the lookout for Indiana wrestlers. The trend will definitely continue with the bright stars of tomorrow. And regarding the comment of IndianaMat, I understand it existed before 2011, but my point was that Y2, Fabio, Reiser & Co. made it their mission to continue making the site better with their articles, previews, rankings, magazines, etc. They kept expanding and making the flow of information sweeter. It even won an award. In short, I'm appreciative of the IHSWCA, IndianaMat, the programs, coaches, and wrestlers for giving me lots of entertainment over the years. It's truly been a pleasure.
  8. End of an Era

    This state tournament marked an end to one of the finest eras in Indiana wrestling. I’ve been around this sport since 2011, have done extensive research and questioning on past eras, and closely followed the sport since my exposure to it, and I must say it has been one heck of a ride. Seven years may not seem long compared to many, but it’s long enough for an entire sport to transcend its bounds and give birth to a whole new style of itself as well. We went from predominantly solid technique and power based offense with clean finishes to funk and high-risk wrestling. We’ve seen our sport almost eliminated from the Olympic Games, and we’ve seen a resurgence. Honestly, we experienced a revolution. This revolution started thanks to websites like IndianaMat who made it their mission to grow wrestling in our state and make it easy and fun for fans to be connected to the sport. We saw one four-time state champion exit while another one entered. We saw the fireworks, the drama, the duals, and much like Kevin Whitehead said, we watched each other grow up. 2015, though, is the year I want to highlight. We saw the best mesh we’d get from arguably four great classes. Brownsburg became a name. Mason Parris became a name. We saw perennial powerhouses Cathedral, EMD, Penn, and PM slug it out for the title of the best program in the state. We saw perhaps one of the best state tournaments ever with loaded 113, 120, 132, 138, 170, 182, 220, and 285 brackets. We saw history and I will forever be grateful I got to witness it. Keep going, Indiana!
  9. Toughest Semi-State?

    In my opinion, New Castle has always been the toughest semi-state tournament site. It has always stood out that MV/ECC had been the top-heavy semi-state, meaning they always seem to have the most #1 and #2 guys, and the EV semi-state in recent years has really come up over the years with programs like Brownsburg, Avon, and Columbus East coming to prominence. New Castle, though, always seems to have that heavy middle portion of wrestlers that make it the toughest. For example, a crazy weight I remember was 182 in 2015. It was LOADED with I believe eight or nine ranked kids and some under the radar kids. I remember it was led by Conner James, and also included Jonathan Morales, Ben Stewart, and eventual champion, Mason Parris. Stewart, who was as good as any champ in his weight all four years got put out in the ticket by Parris. That was what many of us had to look forward to at New Castle, and if you advanced, you earned it.
  10. Most losses

    If we weren’t limited to mostly Indiana competition, we would see some of our best with multiple losses guaranteed. Not to mention our depth isn’t near that of our neighbors Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. Those states, it’s common to see a champ with 6 or 7 losses, and they’re nationally ranked competitors.
  11. Sam Fair’s Singlet

    It was one of the Perry Meridian Freestyle/Greco singlets. McClurg wore his on the opposite side in 2013 when he won.
  12. most impressive TODAY??

    Yes, and ironically, it was a Merrillville kid.
  13. Biggest upsets ?

    Davis (PM) maj. Lemley 9-0
  14. State predictions?

    Perry Meridian will be in the mix with a legit shot at three champs at 106, 120, and 170, and some placement points at 152, 160, and 182.
  15. Best Weight Ever?

    The talk of this year’s state finals is the depth of the 126 lb. weight class. We’re all expecting some wild results and it could POSSIBLY be the best weight ever, but that’s subjective. It has sparked a discussion in my friend group on what is the best weight ever in Indiana. Here are our results: 2009 103 (Note: 9 state titles & 3 runner-up finishes) 2011 112 (Note: LeCount, eventual 2x State Champ didn’t even qualify) 2012 126 (Note: Featured Nick Crume, Cody LeCount, Kyle Ayersman, and Cody Phillips) 2013 106 (Note: Five state champions in this weight in Red, Hildebrandt, Pepple, Lee, and Smith) 2013 285 (Note: Three Fargo AAs in Bernard, Streck, and Winfield, four nationally ranked wrestlers total with Hemmelgarn) 2014 106 (Note: Colton Cummings didn’t place at this weight) 2014 220 (Note: Four nationally ranked and undefeated champs from each semi-state, two of which were Fargo AAs) 2014 285 (Note: Four nationally ranked heavies in the fray with two as Fargo AAs) 2015 120 (Note: State Champs Brendan Black and Jeremiah Reitz were eliminated Friday night) 2015 285 (Note: Three nationally ranked heavies) 2016 220 (Note: Four undefeated nationally ranked semi-state champs were in the fray.)