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  1. Mooresville Holiday Classic

    The predictions above are pretty good. I try not to lean to heavily on my home team (Delta) but I think there’s a few wrestlers from Delta that will place a little better. #132 Blackburn should do better than 8th. #145 Love should do a little better than 6th. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will see Pease @ 195wrestle today. ?? Regardless, I think we’re in for a really good day of wrestling!! Good luck to all wrestlers.
  2. 2017 ECIC Jay Co.

    I also thought the Young/Leazier match was a good, solid match. Just when you think Eliseus was gassed out....then he one of those oh so Quick takedowns that he can hit fro anywhere. I believe we will see big things out of Muncies Andrew Abbott in real near future. I, for one, hated to see him leave us after Freshman season to go to MCB. Good kid though!!
  3. 2017 ECIC Jay Co.

    ECIC at Jay County was well ran again this year. We got to watch some really solid wrestling matches. Few surprise upsets as well. It’s a couple days rest (yea right with Christmas hustle) then we’re off to Mooresville Holiday Classic.. This tourney should have some really solid wrestling as well. Everyone have a great Christmas!!
  4. 2017 ECIC Jay Co.

    What team, what wrestlers to watch for in 2017 ECIC at Jay Co?