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  1. North Posey was tough last year, coming in unseeded and placing third. Looking at their results from this year, I would say they have to be the favorites. A lot of tough teams at the top of 1A rankings will be in contention.
  2. We have 2 freshmen wrestling 182, and both are light. Calderon bumps up when it makes sense from a team score perspective.
  3. When will seeding results be out?
  4. Due to having to add two duals to our schedule, county tournament, and team state, we dropped it. Definitely going to miss it. Always a great 2 days of wrestling.
  5. Centerville will not be at the spartan this year
  6. 126 Phillips is out this weekend. Which if im not mistaken makes Payne from Lincoln the alternate. Ragle gets moved up to 2 seed, and will not face smiley in first round. Tough break for the Centerville freshman, but he will be back next year and hungry.
  7. I'm going to disagree with at least one of your weight class champs. 126 will be won by Gabreyel Phillips of Centerville. Best lb for lb wrestler in the TEC this year.
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