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Evan Dickey
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Indianapolis Cathedral | Sophomore(2022) | 106lbs | State #9 | Semi-State #4

Year by Year Record


2020 106lbs State Qualifier

State Championship Results

Loss vs. Isaac Ruble ( Bellmont ) Dec 7-1

2019-2020 Results

Dec 08 Win vs. Zachary Dray Decision 8-6
Dec 28 Win vs. Cooper Baldwin Pin 4:47
Dec 28 Win vs. Johnny Cortez Pin 1:10
Dec 28 Loss vs. Hayden Brady Decision 8-5 TB-1
Dec 29 Loss vs. Sam Goin Decision 3-0
Dec 30 Loss vs. Josh Johnson Decision 7-2
Jan 04 Win vs. Zachary Dray Decision 12-7
Jan 04 Win vs. Reed Egli Pin 1:23
Jan 18 Win vs. Reed Egli Major Decision 16-8
Jan 23 Loss vs. Bryce Lowery Pin 5:44

Recruiting Information

College Weight:
SAT Score:
ACT Score:
Intended Major(s):
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