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Everything posted by BeastMode#31

  1. Did you pick Egli and Black? Taking credit for picking Egli, but the next statement saying Black will win state? Ok Did you pick Diaz over Weimer? Weimer won Did you pick Sturgill over VanCamp? VanCamp won Did you pick. Kleimola over Parris? Parris won 6/10...not awful
  2. This young man showed why he was champ last year. Tough as nails. He looks like he just ran the gauntlet with his knee and shoulder problems, but he just keeps going! Nice work.
  3. Impressive showing by the Hendricks County Schools. Lots of solid wrestlers from Avon, B-Burg, Danville.
  4. Illinois has double the schools/population that Indiana does. It makes sense/works for them...great for them and their tech fall quarterfinal matches (I know Champagne is a great wrestler). I hope you enjoy your single class Indiana State Wrestling Tournament tonight and tomorrow....it is one of the best in the country. P.s.- Indiana is on TV this year too!
  5. Rule #1 at state finals; never underestimate a Mater Dei wrestler (or a Schurg).
  6. "Get on your feet and make some noise if you think your school brought a state champion here tonight!"
  7. 1.Caliboy 2. RegionRat 3.Donnie Baker 4. ManvsWild 5.*#% da Irish That should be some quality entertainment. Moderators may get tired of censoring/deleting posts.
  8. Good luck to all the wrestlers tonight. You have already made your friends, families, and communities proud for advancing this far... So go out there tonight and tomorrow and leave it all on the mat and walk of the mat with your heads held high regardless of the outcome. -Inspired Fan
  9. Ahhh...me too. Everyones got a shot this weekend (see Larry Owings). Shannon Stout was a tough dude. Gil Journey one of the best to not win. And I always thought Randy Baker was one of the best to not win it. One of the Bellmont faithul once said, "Randy Baker puts his singlet on in a phone booth!"...lol...he was pretty super wrestler though.
  10. Same guy (kinda), different media outlet. I guess this is the calm before the storm, or everyone is on the road heading to Indy. Safe travels to everyone and good luck to all the wrestlers tonight/tomorrow.
  11. Or the RegionRat... Or Donnie Baker...
  12. Definitely a mild year on the discussion board. Where is my buddy CaliBoy? We need him to liven this place up with some predictions.
  13. Great article. Got a couple more Gil Journey vs Robert Miller Dan Pleak vs Will Hill Josh Hardy vs Jared Williams Steve Minton vs Robert Rosbottom
  14. #1 in the world, undisputed. Possibly #1 Ohio. 1974 145 pounds Class AAA Mike DeAnna Bay High School 1974 145 pounds Class A-AA Leroy Kemp Chardon High School Not knocking Ohio, if it works for them and their population (much > Indiana) then great. Just opposed to it in indiana. FYI- Karl started it! Lol
  15. Proved he was the best in the world, but didn't get the chance to prove he was the best in his state...what a shame.
  16. Take your team out on the mat before the tourney begins and pull out your tape measure and measure the mats in front of them...then say, "I think you will find these are the same size as our mats back in Hickory" ( or Lawrenceburg/North Posey/Cass/Northview/Manchester/Praire Heights/Centervillw, etc.) Seriously though. McGill is right...enjoy the festivities but dont forget why you are there and what got you there.
  17. He looked significantly smaller than the Carmel wrestler in the first round at New Castle Saturday. He wrestled his tail off though and was fun to watch.
  18. I was very impressed with Schaefer. He is as mentally tough as they come. I also loved watching South Dearborns 113... By looking at him, I assume he only weighs 100lbs? If so, he would obviously be behind Schaefer on the depth chart. He was very tough too.
  19. A few tough dudes who could "make some noise" Will Egli Ngun Uk Jason Crary Conner James Tristen Tonte
  20. Easy now...the quality of your website speaks for itself. There is no need for you to make fun of someone else's site. The Indianamat Rankings were very good this year, as usual. It is impressive how accurate they are considering the impossibility of watching/evaluating/comparing all wrestlers in all corners of the state. Keep up the good work.
  21. Good luck. Do you anticipate any nice lateral drops this weekend? Wow!
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