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Everything posted by BeastMode#31

  1. It is up to Y2 because the burden of proof lies with those wishing to change the (excellent) status quo
  2. Great athlete. Randy Baker Gil Journey Joey Strausburg Damon Hummel
  3. Classy gesture. The "purple hulk" was one of my sons favorite wrestlers this weekend. Good luck in college. I love the "never satisfied" attitude and I look forward to watching you smash people at the next level.
  4. Gotta say I was impressed with Laughlin this weekend. Toss loss to Lee but he looked very impressive otherwise. Surprised by his methodical MD of a very good wrestler/athlete Motley from NC. Look forward to watching him again next year.
  5. Congrats to both wrestlers on great careers. I dont know Pruitt but I was as impressed with his actions mentioned in Doyel's Indy Star article as I was with his wrestling this weekend. Sounds like a class act.
  6. Can we please revisit the SAC vs Carroll discussion? It provides good entertainment while waiting for Saturday to get here. Thank you. Major...you have the floor.
  7. Cathedral should pull away in the finals.
  8. "To be honest this match-up has been so hyped up for years I'm not that pumped to see it" Sorry Ursula but this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard you say...and you say some pretty outlandish stuff.
  9. Can we start a petition to IHSAA to ensure Red and Lee wrestle under the lights? And make it the last match of the night while we are at it.
  10. I have a feeling Hook already knows the answer to this post...but he isn't going to kill the suspense.
  11. The guy who started the thread is legit.
  12. Right on Papa John. To all the coaches who support class wrestling: PLEASE do not let your wrestlers hear you say they cannot compete/win against the big schools. There is nothing more demoralizing as an athelete than knowing your coach, who you love and respect, does not think you can win.
  13. Google my Avatar Willie Burton...no excuses.
  14. Take the statistics -- as well as the excuses as to why you cannot win -- to the IHSAA Commissioner.
  15. Schoettle and Richardson are top notch. The Perry program will continue to be a force to deal with. Nice job Falcons on a good showing at team state.
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