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  1. toddlockyear

    Who's in,who's out

    Did they? I was to busy admiring the 10 robes lined up for the finals... anyway it is castles 50th year and the boys wanted to wear them to commemorate the 50! I loved them, Todd Lockyear... a fierce defender of the robes!
  2. toddlockyear

    Head gear

    Can the straps on the headgear be crossed? I know the rule states that it must be worn in the manner the manufacture intended. This was my first year as an official, and I've asked other officials that I've worked with and I always seem to get the same response.....a funny look, a smile and then a "that's a good question"
  3. toddlockyear

    Castle Regional: Central vs. Castle Sectional Realignment

    Come on Man... Reitz has injuries, Memorial has injuries .Heritage Hills is Down. That doesn't help the Castle sectional. Just a few years back when the first realignment occurred , everyone was talking about how much tougher it made Castles Sectional. What do we do... Seed all 20 teams and seperate the Sectionals that way?
  4. toddlockyear

    Hook's SIAC Recap

    If this happens at Regional, please notify someone from Castle, or the Deputy Sheriff.........Castle peeps aren't normally allowed in "that" end of the Gym
  5. toddlockyear

    SIAC make ur picks...

  6. toddlockyear

    Good Luck to all State Finalists

    This was supposed to be a good luck post for the southern Boys... But you seemed to muck it up ... Nice job ! And thanks you have proven your ignorance !
  7. toddlockyear

    Good Luck to all State Finalists

    Just to get here takes talent, drive, passion and a bit of luck... Good Luck to all that have EARNED the right to compete for a state Championship .... Good Luck to our 3 Schnell Jeffress and LaMarr Along with all SIAC PAC AND BIG 8 participants....( Dirty South) A special shoutout to Tristan McDaniel ... Good Luck Kid!! We Are behind you! HunterStrong!
  8. toddlockyear

    Ford Center/Evansville Semi-state arena info

    See you there markio... I will be BOOOOOING you,
  9. toddlockyear

    Castle regional picks

    Wow That was first round match that Jefress nearly lost.. Then regroups and wins a regional title...
  10. toddlockyear

    Castle Sectional- Pick 'Em

    You already said that IU89
  11. toddlockyear

    Individual State Champs By School

    I thought Lance Ellis was 177-0.. Did something change?
  12. toddlockyear

    Castle Sectional- Pick 'Em

    Wasn't tryn to be snappy... ... . I hope Casle wins the sectional back, Castle is clearly the Favorite but that only make the other teams wrestle harder against us. Predictions #1 There will be some upsets! #2 I won't sleep Friday Knight.. #3 semi-final at 138 will likely end someone career
  13. toddlockyear

    Castle Sectional- Pick 'Em

    The courier and press guy came back today to get some interviews... Coach Harmon had him running stair laps within 5 mins...when he finally got to the interviews... The guys all said they thought MD would win both the Central and Castle Sectionals....along with placing ahead of IU in the Big Ten wrestling Tourney!... But thanks for the write up!
  14. toddlockyear

    Evansville Central Sectional Preview

    Earlier in the season I saw Nick Sellers wrestling for GS... Anyone know where he went?...
  15. toddlockyear

    Evansville Central Sectional Preview

    . Just a guess

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