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  1. He took one shot and scored. Albeit in the third period. He knows he can score on him and I think will be a lot more offensive in a rematch.
  2. Mine would have to be the Nick Lee and Chad Red finals match. Two warriors going at it. The crowd was electric the building was as loud as ever and what a match. Chads final match and what was at stake against the machine like Lee. I'll never forget it.
  3. I thought Tomasello was first team Brooks and Tsirtsis senior year.
  4. These two young men were selected as asics first team all americans. Way to make the state proud. Have we previously had 2 first teamers?
  5. Just want to congratulate CJ on another first team selection. It's been a pleasure watching you grow into the great young man and wrestler you are. Continue to make us proud and remember several young wrestlers look up to you dont take that lightly but continue to have fun.
  6. Hughes has looked phenomenal. I am super impressed with him. Seems like the loss to marinelli motivated him. Not taking anything away from him i think chad is just on a different tier.
  7. Just about every unbiased indiana wrestling fan in my opinion would concur that chad red is and deserves to be the face of indiana high school wrestling. I think we knew in January that the winner of the red lee match would be Mr Gorilla. Chad not making weight created an opportunity for his critics to take shots. I am not however condoning his lack of making weight but that shouldn't tarnish what he has done for Indiana wrestling. Also if I recall correctly plecther was over at who's number 1. Chad made weight and still wrestled and won. STUD!!!
  8. Lee would beat Yates by 4-6 points. Red would beat Yates as well
  9. Yea he only beats everyone put in front of him but gets beat in just about ever fantasy match. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  10. Lee is a true champion indeed. But if the question is about best modern high schooler, imo we would have to ask ourselves who was the most ready for the next level while still in high school. With that being said I think it would be hard to argue against Howe who wrestled for a championship as a true freshman. Then we have Tsirtis (Jason ) who won as a redshirt. And Angel that aa as a redshirt. I remember watching those guys thinking that they were surely ready. I get the same inkling watching RED. I think his mat wrestling is far and above any of the aforementioned guys at the high school
  11. I've been watching Brayton since he was a toddler it seems. What a great kid, Great family, and as a consultation he happens to be an outstanding wrestler. Been a class act since I've known him and deserves all the accolades that come along with his hard work and success. Congrats to Brayton and the Lee family. The best is yet to come.
  12. Great post. Sounds like your boys will go a long way.
  13. Antoine Neal from Lawrence North. Had to see him to understand what a stud
  14. I would love to see how well samuels would fair against parris. I'm sure parris wins but smauels doesnt seem to get intimidated.
  15. First off congrats to Chad Red. He proved why he is where he is. Fought his way back into a match against a top 10% wrestler in the country. C.J. you are a true great in our sport. Nick Lee, what a classy kid!!! Shook hands kept composure and was ever so gracious in defeat. You win like a champ and lost like a champ because you are one. Great job boys thats what our sport is missing.
  16. If Coy is not 100% I'll take Lee by major
  17. We get what we want at 132 Red/Lee final. Top half of 170 bracket is brutal. Wish we could've had Rypel/Davison in the finals but we'll get to see it nonetheless. Excited about a Woods/Paris final as well as B.Lee/Coy. Will be a great weekend. I wonder if Flo will be there. Plenty of nationally ranked kids going at it. #INDIANAWRESTLING. Oh yea Hudkins/Bailey has my interest as well.
  18. Agreed... I do however think it will be a similar type match as Micic-Lee. Good position and scores off of Lee's aggressiveness. Although I dont think it will be as lopsided. 7-4 Red
  19. Red is on school year older but I believe they are the same age. The year they won at Fargo they were both second year cadets. Couldn't have taken him down several times if Molloy only scored one point or am I missing something? Couldn't have taken him down several times if Molloy only scored one point or am I missing something?
  20. I guess the same could be said for Floyd as it was his second to last fight and signs of age began to show. Either way I'm extremely excited and intrigued by this match as I was for the aforementioned matchup.
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