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Everything posted by jaydee88

  1. IMO, I think it was wrong not to wrestle her; then again that's his choice. We need to look at the situation like this; she is not a girl on the mat; she is a wrestler. I would hit all my moves no different than the next opponent. Also, to give up a chance at winning a state title; not me. It would be no different than a female fg kicker. If there's a bad snap over the holders head and she picks it up and starts to run; she would get tackled no different than a guy. I would also like to tip my hat off to Sara and Kayla this year for an outstanding season. To all you male wrestlers who might be in this situation someday; don't look at her as a girl and be nice because you will be looking up at the lights getting pinned. Like I said before IMO.
  2. I usually get on this site from December to state and team finals. I am quite sure this question has been asked before. Has there ever been a wrestler who was in a 2 day tournament ( example Al Smith invite) and was overweight the 2nd day or do they even get an extra pound the next day or not? I hope this would never happen, but I just wondered....WHAT IF? Also; best of luck to all of the wrestlers at semi-state. THANKS!
  3. Wow sneaker you just gave me chills. I remember that match and almost jumped out of the building when Deron hit his famous move the chilly philly for the pin and did the same in the finals. It seems like yesterday. Talent must run in the family as his 2 daughters were great basketball players at Washington. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info fearless fly.
  5. It has been over 5 months since I have been on this site; I know this topic has been talked about. Will there be a change in the weight classes this year or is it still getting voted on?
  6. I agree with you pin2win1, I have always felt that there is a big gap between 215 and 285. What do you think about 250?
  7. back and forth gnome, you're not the only one
  8. Never thought of that location babamf; good idea.
  9. That is crazy former130, the ihsaa should do something about that. Elkhart which is near Mishawaka and South Bend goes to Ft. Wayne and Warsaw to Merrillville. Maybe someday they will change the format and see how far the athletes and fans shouldn't have to travel.
  10. Let's see or not see. If you advance the top 4 instead of the top 3 from regionals; that would mean 56 more wrestlers. I was at the Merrillville semi-state and stood for the whole 1st and 2nd rounds. It's ashame when the only best seat in the house is on the mats. My son and I were down on the floor moving this way and that way; then some lady told this guy with a rope that he had to bring the rope farther back because it was getting to crowed; go figure. Yes it was better after the bleachers were let out and 2 mats were removed; but still. It has always been crowed; so when the system changed and added 56 more wrestlers; common sense would have told you that it would get more hectic. I talk to Coach Snyder from Mishawaka and mentioned Notre Dame as a spot to host the semi-state and ND said no way. So I just want to know what other people think and how things could be better for next year.
  11. What do you think about adding another weight class between 215 and hwt; like 250 or 260? Just a thought!!!!
  12. Correct me if I am wrong; you got 6 minutes to wrestle....hmmm! I am a big fan of Hall, but he got what he deserves. He get's a lead and wants to stop wrestling for 4-5 minutes. Although it was at the buzzered; he was stalling that whole period. We all remember how tough Andrew Howe was, he would be up by 10 points with 5 seconds left and still score a takedown. Hopefully Hall has learned his lesson and I will be cheering for him to meet Sanderfur in the final 4. Best of luck to all of the wrestlers who have made it to state.
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